IfE Open Day Presentation


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A presentation to showcase the acheivements of the Institute for the Environment

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IfE Open Day Presentation

  1. 1. The Institute forthe Environment: world-class research and teaching
  2. 2. IntroductionThe Institute for the Environment, or IfE, is a rapidlyexpanding research centre within Brunel Universityhousing a strong team of leading experts held inhigh international regard in their respective fields.Although we are a Specialist Research Institute, wealso pride ourselves on the 4 MSc courses that run.These are all informed by our internationallyrespected research.
  3. 3. Major Achievements1993: The BBC Horizon episode “Assault on themale”, which drew heavily on Prof. Sumpter’sresearch, won an Emmy award and was given aspecial screening at the White House.200820112012
  4. 4. Major Achievements19932008: Brunel’s performance in the UK’s ResearchAssessment Exercise cemented its reputation as aleading UK research university, being ranked 37thby Research Power. IfE’s results were equallyimpressive: 90% of our staff were ranked as“internationally recognised” and 10% of ourresearch assessed as “World leading”.20112012
  5. 5. Major Achievements199320082011: IfE wins the Queen’s Anniversary Prize, aNational Honour, for the impact of its work onchemical pollutants, influencing national andinternational regulation of chemicals.2012
  6. 6. Major Achievements1993200820112012: a peer-reviewed paper published in Scienceof the Total Environment finds that the Institute forthe Environment is joint top in the world whenranked by the number of papers published thathave been very highly cited.
  7. 7. Major Achievements
  8. 8. Teaching at IfEWe run 4 MSc courses: Climate Change Impacts and Sustainability Environmental Science: Legislation and Management Environmental Science: Pollution and Monitoring Toxicology and Risk AssessmentMore info: http://www.brunel.ac.uk/ife/postgraduate-courses
  9. 9. Teaching at IfEOur academic staff are all excellent teachers: halfour teaching staff were nominated for the BrunelUniversity Student Led Teaching Awards in 2012 andour student feedback is consistently excellent. Theuniversity as a whole performed remarkably well inthe 2012 National Student Survey, climbing 78places to be raked 45th in the UK.The student to staff ratio within the institute for ourMSc courses is usually around 3.5 to 1, which isexcellent by any standards.
  10. 10. Teaching at IfEOur core teaching is supplemented by guestlectures from external experts and site visits to keyindustrial players. Where possible, we alsoencourage and facilitate students to work withoutside partners during their dissertation research.Our Environmental Science and Climate ChangeMSc courses are accredited by the CharteredInstitution of Water and EnvironmentalManagement (CIWEM).
  11. 11. Research at IfEOur research falls into 6 different areas: Ecotoxicology Chemicals in the Environment Human Toxicology and Risk Assessment Epidemiology and Environmental Health Climate Science Natural HazardsMore info: http://www.brunel.ac.uk/ife/research-areas
  12. 12. PG Research at IfEWe have postgraduate (PG) PhD students workingsuccessfully in all our research areas.Choosing a research topic is usually an interactiveprocess between the candidate and us. Oftenstudents have some idea of the general area theywould like to investigate. We have outlined theresearch areas where we have particular interests.More info: http://www.brunel.ac.uk/ife/research-degrees
  13. 13. Find out more......from our website:http://www.brunel.ac.uk/ife...or from our Institute Brochure.