Fixed prosthodontics lesson 2
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Fixed prosthodontics lesson 2






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Fixed prosthodontics lesson 2 Fixed prosthodontics lesson 2 Presentation Transcript

  • INTRODUCTION & Types of dental TERMINOLOGY crown Part I: General considerations
  • According to retention*, dentalcrown classified as follows:1. Extra-coronal restorations2. Intra-coronal restorations3. Intra- radicular restorations *Retention: is the maintenance of dental prosthesis in proper position in the mouth.
  • Restorations used to cover the external partof the damaged coronal portion of the tooth. According to the surface coverage, extra-coronalrestorations classified as:1. Full coverage restorations: that means, restorations that cover the entire coronal portion of the crown.2. Partial coverage restorations: cover just a portion of the crown.
  • These are used to restore all surfaces of the clinical crown. an example seen in the picture. And they are classified accordingto the material used in theirconstruction, as: 1. Metal crowns (or restorations) 2. Non-metal crowns (or restorations) 3. Combination of both of the two above. …each of these types will be discussed later.
  • These restorations are used to cover just a portion of the clinical crown. an example seen in the picture. And according to retention, there areClassified as: 1. Retention by grooves : ¾, R3/4, ½, 7/8 crowns (= restorations). 2. Retention by pins (pinledage). 3. Modified type (grooves + pins). …each of these types will be discussed later.
  • Restorations used to cover a part of the internal portion of the damaged natural crown of the tooth.Types: - Inlays, and - Onlays (has been discussed before)
  • These restorations restore the endodontic- ally treated tooth. …….an example seen in the picture.Types: - according to retention: - Retention by post - Retention by post and core -according to attachment: - Attached - Detached - according to material used: - all metal *Post crown: is an artificial restoration retained in position by a post inserted in the prepared root canal and then - combined covered by a crown constructed on full or partial metal core.
  • Full coverage restoration, means: a. restore the endodontically treated tooth. b. cover for the external surfaces of the damaged clinical crown. c. ½ crown.True or False: The intra-coronal restorations are restorations used to cover the external part of the damaged clinical crown.What does dental crown mean? Enumerate its several types.