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  • If you’re a web developer who wants to build mobile applications in HTML and JavaScript while still taking advantage of the core features in the iPhone, Android and Blackberry SDKs, PhoneGap is for you.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Introduction to PhoneGap Singapore Android Dev/User Group Meetup. Daniel, Dao Quang Minh. 3 rd year IS student, NUS.
    • 2. What is PhoneGap ?
    • 3. What is PhoneGap ? PhoneGap is an open source development tool for building fast, easy mobile apps with JavaScript.
    • 4. What is PhoneGap ? Ajaxian "Ben and I have been promoting PhoneGap as a great solution for Web developers to create applications with the technology they know and love, without having to jump off of the cliff to other proprietary worlds. PhoneGap is still new, but gets more impressive every day."
    • 5. InfoWorld "If I worked at RIM, I'd take a trip out to Vancouver to talk to the Nitobi dudes. This framework is exactly what RIM needs to counter the trend of developers targeting the iPhone/iPod as the premier environment for mobile device applications."
    • 6. Why PhoneGap ? Lets go back to where we all start: Mobile Web Development.
    • 7. Mobile Web ?
    • 8. Mobile Web ?
    • 9. Mobile Web ?
    • 10. Mobile Web ? Is it easy ?
    • 11. Mobile Web ? “ Just plug your data into the app, using whatever available UI (iPhone / Android / BlackBerry ) and you are done !!! “
    • 12. No , It's not !!
    • 13. And back to our original question: Why PhoneGap ?
    • 14. Why PhoneGap ? Today, mobile development is a mess.
    • 15. A Mess ? Iphone SDK ( using Objective-C ) Android SDK ( using Java ) BlackBerry ( using JavaME )
    • 16. Why PhoneGap ? “ We aim to change that by enabling web technologies to work with native device features such as geo-location and accelerometers. In PhoneGap, we're building a cross-platform framework for device-neutral mobile development.”
    • 17. Why PhoneGap ?
    • 18. Why PhoneGap ?
    • 19. What does PhoneGap do ? It wraps the Web view with a container. This container gives the view access to APIs available on the device that may not be available on the Web view alone.
    • 20. Disadvantages - The documentation is not matured enough. - May have bugs somewhere :p - Not really suitable for graphic-intensive application ( for now )
    • 21. But It's Free and Open Source !!!
    • 22. You can fork it, contribute to it, support it. )
    • 23. If there's BootCamp , we can discuss more about PhoneGap and its application :)
    • 24. Sample Applications
    • 25. Thank You. Email : [email_address] IRC: dqminh #linuxnus