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  • 1. Organization- Emirates Aluminium Project- By-Product Utilization Project Started- October’2009 Project End-July’2011 Team-GREEN BEDPlant Greenery with every drop of water at EMAL
  • 2. New dreams to fulfill To grow 25 square feet of GREEN BEDS with the waste water, by products of the chillers, in and around CAST HOUSE premises, with 4 marked water drain trenches.And with other potential tapping points we can make GREEN BEDS of 250 square feet At CAST HOUSE itself. Finally if implemented all over Emirates Aluminium it will be 1000 square feet of areas with GREEN BEDS.EMAL “Largest Producer of Aluminium with GREEN BEDS around”.
  • 3. Emirates Aluminium located at Al Taweelah, Abu Dhabi, UAE.EMAL CORE VALUES:•Safety, first, last and always•Protection of the Environment•Investing in Today, for Tomorrow•Everything Can Be Improved•We Respect Individuals & Their Differences
  • 4. Protection of the EnvironmentExplanation:Our world is small and it is precious, and it is entrusted into our care only for a short periodof time. Our environment is our children’s inheritance.You and I can minimise the environmental impact of everything we do.Aluminium production doesn’t have to cost the earth.Behaviours:Use best available technology (B.A.T) as part of our Environmental strategy.Encourage all employees and contractors to behave consistently with the requirements ofthe EMAL Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Policy.Create a culture of environmental awareness in all EMAL business activities following best-practice.Reduce waste and energy-use every day and re-use and recycle every day.Think before you act.Participate in events that promote environmental care.
  • 5. OpportunityCurrently depending upon humidity and running time, every air conditioner condensate drain in Gulf countries produces 2-10 litres of water everyday. This currently ends up as waste water.
  • 6. The business opportunity•Environment is in the core of EMAL•Aluminium production doesn’t have to cost the earth•Create a culture of environmental awareness by following best-practice•Develop a culture that promote environmental care•Gurner more acceptability from our valued customers and to competewith immediate business competitors.
  • 7. Preliminary Research•During POV activities measured quantity of water drain from foursmall AC’s in EMAL project site.•“Cooling off Global warming”- An article published in October’2009EMAL today.
  • 8. The SUCCESS of PILOT projectA GREEN BED at Ingot Caster GREEN BEDS at Cast HouseMCC Room AC water trench Maintenance building. GREEN BEDS at Cast House GREEN BEDS at Cast House Maintenance building. Maintenance building.
  • 9. Tools Used to accomplish the ideaBrainstorming•Individual Brainstorming•Group Brainstorming
  • 10. There will be no green in the desert without irrigation, it is verydifficult to carry out sand land irrigation.various alternative of sand land irrigation•Moistube irrigation system•Micro Reservoir irrigation system•smart irrigator gardener series•Flooded irrigation system
  • 11. Moistube irrigation systemAdvantages•Large land of ground can be irrigated and gets greenery.Disadvantages•Initial investment, regular maintenance cost is very high.
  • 12. Micro Reservoir irrigation systemAdvantages•Large area’s of field covered with the irrigation system.Disadvantages•Initial investment & regular maintenance cost is very high.
  • 13. Smart Irrigator Gardener SeriesAdvantages•Domestic irrigation system with minimuminvestment and very effective in Gulf regions.Disadvantages•Sweet water utilisation cost and regular manualirrigation.
  • 14. Flooded irrigation system for Green BedAdvantages•Autogeneous Irrigation system.•No maintenance cost.•No wastage of opportunity.Disadvantages:•Limitation of choice of plantation, togrow very near to a chiller drain point.
  • 15. Team Group:•Aknath Mishra Leader•Rodolfo Cano Member•Manoj P V Member•Saeed Mohammed Khalifa Member•Kamal MemberFacilitator: Mr.Amit Parikh
  • 16. Management Support:•Environment is in the core of EMAL policy. The idea was recognizedthrough publishing in the internal magazine “EMAL Today” and thengranting permission to carry out the pilot project inside plant periphery.•Accepting as one of the nominee for best Suggestion of EMAL.Sponsorship•Provide all resources from Men, Material and Machinery to make thepilot project a success story.Budget•Pilot project cost was about 100 AED, which has been borne byteam itself.•Final budget for company wide application has been taken care byEMAL Environment department.
  • 17. The feasibility study was evaluated by EMAL business Systemsdepartment. A detailed report through Suggestion scheme submitted forimplementation and has been accepted for plant wide implementation. In2nd phase, just started, the “GREEN BED” concept will be placed in thetender paper for implementation during commissioning phase throughvendor.A concept similar to Quality Project’s to be launched plant wide ,wheregroup of people will be judged as per best practices in “Green Bed”project in the respective operational area’s.The departments like Business System, Corporate communication ,Environment has been informed and chalk out a plan for implementation.The concept will be monitored by EHS coordinators of the respectivedepartments and the award judgment will be taken care by Environmentaldepartment.
  • 18. Results•Planned to convert 25 square feet barren land into Green Bed butactual achieved 20 square feet Green Bed’s.•Accepted the idea to implement from beginning in 2nd phase.
  • 19. BenefitsTangible•AED 100 x 20= AED 2000.•20 square feet of Green Beds.•Savings through Sweet water cost: approx AED 50 per square feet ofgreenery per year; AED 50 x 20= AED 1000.Intangible•EMAL active participation in sustainability plan.• Respect the environment.• Reuse every drop of water.•Promoting environmental awareness among employees.•Enhancement of quality working environment.•Proactive approach to fulfill ISO 14000 standards.
  • 20. Feedback•Positive feedback received from higher management through awardslike EMAL Employee of the month and EMAL EHS employee of themonth.Perception•Global warming is not added by air-conditioning; has been changedafter our dream project “GREEN BED”. The perception has beenchanged and due accolades were showered for the work.•In EMAL we can not reduce drastically greenhouse gas emission but byinitiating some sort of green approaches might down the rise oftemperature and sea level, it will reduce the damage to ecosystems andhuman health.•Individual action does not work for large changes, so it for collectiveaction to make green bed’s around EMAL.
  • 21. Learning lessonsThe impacts of Aluminium production are air pollution, climate change, liquid effluent likelyto have an impact on the patch coral reef and generation and disposal of industrial waste.The environmental impacts of our smelter will not harm the society.As we can anticipate, By the next few year, our earth will become 4 degrees hotter thanwhat it is now. Our glaciers are melting at rapid rate. So let all of us lend our hands to fightthe WARMING.-Plant more Trees.-Dont waste Water & Electricity.-Dont use or burn Plastics.It costs 38 Trillion dollars to create OXYGEN for 6 months for all Human beings on earth."TREES DO IT FOR FREE""Respect them and Save themAlthough the idea took some time across rest of EMAL to get recognized and replicated inrest part of EMAL but now such improvements are getting recognized regularly & gettingreplicated.
  • 22. Way ForwardTeam members recognized through:•Publication of the Article.•EMAL Employee of the month.•EMAL EHS employee of the month.•Nominated for best suggestion of EMAL.Parallel deployment of the concept:Future development of the idea into automobile condensate utilization inpreserving tyre treads life, minimize road accidents due to tyre burst andbest utilizations of the waste water from auto air conditioner.
  • 23. Q&A
  • 24. Thank You