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dPS funding guidebook

  1. 1. FUNDING GUIDEBOOKQUICK GUIDE(more information in the funding guidebook)DUKE PARTNERSHIP FOR SERVICE
  3. 3. WHAT WE PROVIDE• Financial support • ServeTogether promotes collaboration across student groups and provides up to $1000 toward collaborative student group service events • Transportation grants provide student groups with block grants for transportation needs throughout a semester• Financial advisory • Access to dPS financial advisory team for SOFC funding guidance and dPS representation on SOFC board • In-depth and streamlined process for reviewing and approving budgets during annual funding• Funding resources • Funding guidebook that includes guide to all aspects of student funding • Guide to securing funding sources for student groups both on- and off-campus
  4. 4. dPS + SOFC PROGRAMMINGFUND GUIDELINES• Why should you use dPS when planning your events? • We want to help you understand the funding process and help you get the funding you need to promote social action and service on campus and in the community • We strive to provide you with financial advice on how to plan your event as well as feedback on your budget presentation • We also have a dedicated dPS representative on SOFC that can support your case during meetings
  5. 5. dPS + SOFC PROGRAMMINGFUND GUIDELINES• ELIGIBILITY • All DSG chartered and recognized groups are eligible for funding. • Your event normally must be held on-campus. • Undergraduates must be a primary customer of your event. This is at the discretion of SOFC. • The event must be open to all undergraduate students. • Events that promote a specific politician or political party are ineligible for funding. • See the current SOFC policy document (available on SOFC’s website) for more specific eligibility requirements. • It must be possible for undergraduate students to enjoy your event for free.
  6. 6. dPS + SOFC PROGRAMMINGFUND GUIDELINES• Programming fund checklist 1. Take a look at SOFC guidelines for event funding and find the application here: http://dsg.dukegroups.duke.edu/sofc/event-funding/ 2. Email dpsfunding@gmail.com if you’re planning on applying. Were on SOFC and can help represent your group during the meeting. 3. Submit your budget to SOFC at least two weeks before the planned event at dukefunding@gmail.com i. They have weekly meetings at 7pm on Tuesdays in the UCAE Board Room and the deadline for submission is at 5:00pm the Saturday before the coming week’s meeting 4. Email a copy of your SOFC budget to dpsfunding@gmail.com so we know what’s being submitted and what eventually is funded. i. Also let us know when you will be presenting your budget so we can represent you. 5. Get your event funded by SOFC. You’ll have a chance to explain your budget and event and dPS will also be representing your group in the hearing. Although you might not get fully funded (as is normal for SOFC), we should get all of the essential items for events.
  7. 7. dPS + SOFC PROGRAMMINGFUND GUIDELINES• Given SOFC’s limited budget there are certain items it is UNABLE to fund: • T-shirts of any kind • Fundraising events or any event that sells tickets. • Giveaway items like prizes, party favors, etc. • Alcoholic beverages • Payment between student organizations • Decorations
  8. 8. dPS + SOFC PROGRAMMINGFUND GUIDELINES• PROGRAMMING FUND BEST PRACTICES • Submit your budget request early. (2 weeks prior to the event) • Use detail in your budget line-items. • If your event is large, place dividers in the budget. • Be complete, but be honest. • It is always in your best interest to list every expense related to your event, because SOFC uses this when deciding how much funding to offer. • dPS conducts weekly audits on behalf of SOFC for service- related events in order to promote transparency
  9. 9. ON-CAMPUS FUNDING• Basset Fund: related to the arts, media, and communications, undergraduate publications, and intellectual pursuits • WEBSITE: http://student.groups.duke.edu/Bassett_Fund• Campus Council Fund: $40,000 budget for residential events ranging from large events in the quad to lecture series. • WEBSITE: http://dukegroups.duke.edu/cc/committees/finance/• Kenan Institute for Ethics Campus Grants: $500 to promote ethical or moral reflection, deliberation, and dialogue at Duke and beyond. • WEBSITE: http://kenan.ethics.duke.edu/practice/campus-grants/• Kenan-Biddle grants: $5,000 grants to strengthen relations between Duke and UNC. • WEBSITE: www.studentaffairs.duke.edu/kenan-biddle• The University and Cultural Fund: support programming that benefits undergraduate students and their experience. • WEBSITE:http://www.studentaffairs.duke.edu/mcc/resources/university-and-cultural-fund
  10. 10. RESOURCESContact the dPS Finance team at dpsfunding@gmail.com• Duke Partnership for Service website - http://dps.dukegroups.duke.edu• On-campus and off-campus funding guides - http://dps.dukegroups.duke.edu/organizations/resources-for-campus• Event planning how-to - http://dps.dukegroups.duke.edu/organizations/resources-for-campus• Funding guidebook - http://dps.dukegroups.duke.edu/organizations/funding