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Energy Exhibit

  1. 1. “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” - Confucious
  2. 2. About usWe produce experiences that combine the best elements of design,entertainment and education to engage students of all ages andabilities.We are leaders with a strong background in management, award-winning educators who create research-based, ready-to-useinterdisciplinary resources and we are nationally-recognizedexperiential designers who excel at interpreting then solving clientchallenges.We have offices in Denver, Indianapolis and Atlanta.
  3. 3. PrincipalsBrad Nuccio, Co-FounderBrad Nuccio has led teams to success in both private and non-profit sectors,represented government agencies, worked for small organizations and Fortune 500companies. Nuccio has strong project management and leadership experience,having guided disparate staffs through mergers and complex strategic planningprocesses. He spent much of the last decade developing meaningful connectionsbetween U.S. corporations and America’s youth. Nuccio holds an MBA fromWashington University in Saint Louis.Bryan Harris, Co-FounderBryan Harris has spearheaded dozens of marketing initiatives for the top-grossing liveentertainment properties in the world. Prior to co-founding b2, Harris served asVice President of Sales & Marketing for AEG Live, the world’s second largest producerof live entertainment events. He oversaw an annual marketing budget of nearly $10M,revenues of $95M and managed a team of sixteen employees in addition toagencies around the globe. Based on his successes, Harris was selected as anEntertainment Marketer of the Year by in 2006 by Advertising Age.
  4. 4. Creative leadershipTom FrickerTom has nearly 30 years of experience in exhibition design, illustration, and graphicdesign. He excels at interpretive and concept development. His skill as an illustratorallows him to share his ideas with clients. He is able to incorporate a vision with anunderstanding and appreciation of science to produce illuminating design andmemorable experiences. He has conceptualized and designed permanent experiences,including learning labs at science centers, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and SpaceCenter Houston as well as traveling exhibits ranging from King Tut to Genome: TheSecret of How Life Works.Mark LachFrom the Titanic wreck site at the bottom of ocean to the Vatican’s private museum andlibraries to King Tut’s tomb in Egypt, Mark Lach has been inspired by unique settingsto shape the way visitors experience some of the world’s most popular traveling exhibitionsand educational experiences. His work on the two National Geographic King Tutexhibitions has been critically acclaimed and seen by more than 9 million visitorsworldwide. Lach also served as creative director for Real Pirates: The Untold Story of theWhydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship, Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egyptand America I Am: The African American Imprint, a historic touring exhibitionmounted in partnership with broadcaster Tavis Smiley.
  5. 5. Educational leadershipCheryl MureCheryl is a veteran educator with 20+ years in the classroom. She hasdeveloped award-winning resources for student groups of all ages andabilities. Her classroom lesson plans, onsite field trip activities andhome school activities have been used by thousands of teachers to meetand exceed national and state curriculum standards. Cheryl has beenrecognized by the Association of Educational Publishers, the InternationalCommunicators Awards and the National Association for Interpretation.She has appeared as an exhibition education expert on many newssources including The Martha Stewart Show, the Today Show andUSA Today.
  6. 6. Relevant clients and projectsExperience Design Curriculum DesignU.S. Space & Rocket Center The Science of Rock and RollNational Geographic SPY: The Secret World of EspionagePremier Exhibitions Dinosaurs UnearthedU.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame The Human Body ExhibitionArts & Exhibitions International Star Trek: The ExhibitionSpace Center Houston The World of Coca-ColaCenter for Science Pompeii The ExhibitBBH Exhibits Cleopatra: The ExhibitionClear Channel Exhibitions Harry Potter: The ExhibitionEvergreen ExhibitionsKids Space Place …and more.Evergreen Air and Space MuseumMuseo Tecnologico, Mexico CityBlue Cross Blue Shield
  7. 7. Design Case Studies
  8. 8. GENOME: The Secret of How Life Works"GENOME: The Secret of How Life Works"is a traveling museum exhibit that providesan interactive and accessible look at thehuman genome.The 5,000 square foot exhibit explores thehuman genome – a persons entire set ofgenes – and explains the secret codes thatmake us who we are and that influence whowe might become. "GENOME" usesinteractive displays, visually-richenvironments and family-friendly activities toreveal the mysteries of our genes, delineatethe last two centuries of discovery andunravel the implications of gene therapy forthe future of medical science and healthcare.
  9. 9. The Double HelixThe structure of the DNAmolecule, the secret of alllife on the planet, isexplained and animatedthrough a giant model withvideo and programmedlighting effects.Smaller hands-on modelsinvite visitors to un-twistand un-zip the molecule.
  10. 10. Heredity SlotsGenes influenced the traits youinherited in predictable – andunpredictable – ways. Pull thelever and explore the odds.Cookie FactoryHow is a cookie company like acell?A cookie company crankingout cookies is a lot like a cellmaking proteins. Every day ourcookie company makes anddelivers fresh cookies to stay inbusiness. Every day your cellsmust make proteins for yourbody to stay in business. Ananimated set tells the story.
  11. 11. Find a GeneFind the mutation bymatching a geneticprobe, a short strandof DNA, to the testDNA sequences. The Frontier is Here! The frontier of genomic research is not only coming, its already here. This gallery gateway is a marquee of the latest genomic news. DNA Fingerprint DNA fingerprinting looks for similarities in specific sections of DNA samples from sources including skin, saliva, blood and hair. Visitors compare the banded patterns of the samples to find a match.
  12. 12. BRAIN: The World Inside Your HeadThis 5,000 sq.ft. exhibition employs innovativehands-on learning activities and interactivetechnology to delve into the inner workings of thebrain, including its processes, potentials andmysteries.BRAIN literally takes visitors inside the head.They probe the geography of a giant brain. Standin the midst of the brains constant electricalbrainstorm as thoughts and sensations aregenerated.Along the special journey, visitors will discoverhow the brain learns and thinks. They learn thesecrets of sleep and dreams; and the dangers,causes and cures of disorders, diseases andmental illnesses. Plus, the exhibit takes visitorsinto the future of medical and technologicalexploration of the brain.
  13. 13. Synapse PopVisitors learn how a synapsemakes the connection betweenneurons, the brains electricalrelay system.They release a signal ball downan axon tunnel setting off a lightshow that imitates the action ofan electrical signal travelingbetween neurons.
  14. 14. Brain Surgery Simulation with Gamma Knife This exhibit teaches visitors how the brain controls the mind and body, and how it may be affected by diseases and disorders. A gamma knife simulator allows visitors to try their hand at excising a brain tumor.Back and ForthVisitors to "BRAIN: The WorldInside Your Head" can try tobalance on a specially designedplatform to see how the braincontrols reflexes, autonomicfunctions and balance.
  15. 15. Liberty Bell 7 The Lost SpacecraftIt was Americas second mannedspace mission. It was the only NASAspacecraft lost at sea. It sat on theocean floor for 38 years.. The 5,000sq. ft. touring exhibit, Liberty Bell :Recovered" allowed museumvisitors across the nation theopportunity to see the recoveredspacecraft for the first time since itsloss in 1961.
  16. 16. ContactsBrad Nuccio1000 Locust StreetDenver, Colorado 80220303.396.9200bnuccio@b2-experience.comBryan Harris5810 Crittenden AvenueIndianapolis, IN