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Connect Faster And Learn More With Friend Feed
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Connect Faster And Learn More With Friend Feed


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Your online presence is fragmented. Splice the pieces back together with a personal lifestream.

Your online presence is fragmented. Splice the pieces back together with a personal lifestream.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Connect faster and learn more with FriendFeed #BCMem  08-Nov-2008 1pm join in: connectandlearn
  • 2. Welcome to the session!
    • Thanks for attending everyone!  Contact me @dpritchett on Twitter if you'd like to add something.
    • I'm Daniel J. Pritchett.  I write a blog on collaboration and community engagement at .  I work in software engineering for International Paper.
  • 3. So what's FriendFeed?
    • FriendFeed is a lifestream
    • FriendFeed is a social network
  • 4. First glance: Lifestreaming
    • Your online presence is fragmented.  Splice the pieces back together with a personal lifestream.
  • 5. Joe Spake 's lifestream
  • 6. FriendFeed as a social network
    • Subscribe to a few Memphians on FriendFeed and your main page will weave their streams together.  You'll be following multiple people in chronological order.
    • Most importantly, you'll also see items submitted by non-friends.  These show up in your feed when your buddies share them by clicking " Like ".
  • 7. Effortless friend of friend connections
  • 8. Drown yourself in information
    • Read and share to FriendFeed rooms devoted to different topics.
    • Watch rooms or lists in the new real-time view
    • Subscribe  to any FriendFeeder who shows an interest in the topics you care about
    • Create  imaginary friends to track a lifestream for someone who doesn't have their own FF stream
    • Dip into the Everyone page to drink updates from all FF users
  • 9. Now, make FriendFeed work for you
  • 10. Reshape the river of content
    • Use lists to group your subscriptions by content like People who live in Memphis , People who work for FedEx , or People who willingly talk with me about college football on the Internet
  • 11. Curate and publish your own topics
  • 12. Participate in moderated groups
  • 13. Trade ideas with thought leaders
  • 14. Crowdsource your ideas
  • 15. Search your own archives - or everyone's
  • 16. Where do I go from here?
  • 17.
    • Connect on the go with or  
    • Identify interesting people with   and other FriendFeed recommendation tools
    • Become a cool hunter by sharing wonderful things to FriendFeed via bookmarks , Google Reader shared items , YouTube favorites , and more
    • Extend a conversation from Twitter to FriendFeed and back
  • 18. How will you use FriendFeed? Let's talk about some things you'd like to do on FriendFeed and how to make them happen.
  • 19. Add your own ideas here
    • Anyone can contribute to this slideshow. Log in and share your own ideas !
      • Yahoo pipes allow you to splice together feeds in fun ways
      • Feedburner provides good RSS enhancement and tracking options
      • FriendFeed offers widgets as a way to share out the streams you've created
      • Not sure you can suppress comments on FF