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WPLAR 2010 - RPL in Workplace Learning: International Update
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WPLAR 2010 - RPL in Workplace Learning: International Update


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • 1. RPL in Workplace Learning International Update WPLAR Conference “Reframing Manitobas Workforce: Uncovering Hidden Skills” December 2, 2010
  • 2. Learning AgentsAccelerated learning systems E-learning resources & services Learning community support Consulting
  • 3. Business drivers for change• Global competition: products and services – Flat world, rapid innovation, continuous improvement (“lean thinking”)• Human capital needs – Skills shortages • Demographic shift, technological change, soft skills deficits – Workforce adjustment (up and down) – Succession: finding future leaders• Changing Technology and the Internet – Internal software tools and business methods – Web 1.5: the Google effect – Web 2.0: social software Image is creative commons
  • 4. Key questions• Where do I find good people?• How can I retain good people?• How can I develop our people to become happy, productive employees?• How can I build effective teams, and an effective company as a whole?• Where do I find future leaders? How do I prepare them?
  • 5. Soft skills deficits Source: CIPD 2010
  • 6. Leadership development needs
  • 7. The workplace learning paradoxJay Cross
  • 8. The power of informal learning
  • 9. Changing models of learning Bersin & Associates © July 2009 Bersin03 p4
  • 10. Changing models of learning
  • 11. Undesirable metrics & examples• Cost of a bad hire• Cost of losing a good hire – Before and after…• Waste in training and development• Estimated untapped human capital• Examples of poor succession
  • 12. How to intervene?A decision tree
  • 13. How to intervene?More technology creeping in Performance Management Systems Talent Management Systems eRecruitment tools •(Resume proc., ATS) •(Onboarding tools) HRIS/payroll
  • 14. How to intervene?An integrative technology ePortfolio Performance Management Systems Talent Management Systems eRecruitment tools •(Resume proc., ATS) •(Onboarding tools) HRIS/payroll
  • 15. Process overview
  • 16. Sourcing - just use Google?Sourcing on a BudgetGlenn Gutmacher 2007 Arbita02
  • 17. Applications to mine the Internet Arbita01 p2
  • 18. Orientation/
  • 19. Retention HRTalentPro01 p9
  • 20. Performance management• Set career and learning goals aligned with needs of job, company• Analyze current competencies vs. learning needs, identify gaps, opportunities• Develop learning strategies to close gaps & meet goals• Track progress to goals• Set new goals
  • 21. Talent management, successionplanning• Identify high potential employees early• Develop individualized strategies for retention and development• Track individual progress through learning and career advancement, fill their leadership learning gaps• Aggregate the stream of future leaders in dashboard views for strategic management
  • 22. Case studyThe New Face of Talent Management (ASTD 2009)ASTD01 p7
  • 23. Human Capital ManagementA competitive marketplace
  • 24. Human Capital Management…but consolidating
  • 25. Workplace RPLWhat is Recognition of Prior Learning?• A workforce development strategy based on: – authentic and transparent assessment – documentation of relevant skills and knowledge, regardless of where they were acquired.• RPL can help: – Capture and recognize verified skills and knowledge – Document skills & competencies required in the workplace – Provide practical assessments • through demonstrations, interviews, work samples, portfolios and formal testing. – Document evidence of skills & learning: • to assist workers in finding and keeping employment • transition through their workplaces and to other jobs
  • 26. Employee development by RPL (Australia) MMAL RPL Process Support from RPL advocate MMAL Gap training undertaken employee Contracted by perspective Assessor & prepare Development Book into schedule for validation needs identified for initial profiling Reports: Competency Overview matching Validation Qualifications evidence appointment for specific qualifications (2-4 hours) Yes I’m interested Letter of In RPL 1 hr profiling discussion confirmation of with RPL advisor awards/unit attained issued 2-3 days. 10-15 mins Competency Conversation. Statement of 45-50mins Skillsbook profile & Attainment evidence identification (1 hr) and Qualifications Validation issued in due Buddying with appointment course. lead RPL Facilitator (2-4 hours) to understand process & tool (0.5 day each) RPL Coaches, Mentors & Individual Reports TAFE SA Staff Competency Conversation record evidence identification Initial Professional Development on model & Skillsbook Tool (0.5 day)Wendy Perry & Associates Pty Ltd. 2008WPAA01
  • 27. ROI of workplace RPLProductivity Tool (Excel) 35:1 n=246 10:1
  • 28. ePortfolio: key tool for RPLePortfolios and resumes (Courtesy FuturEd)
  • 29. ePortfolio: product and processA system to manage informal learning• Assessment of/for learning• Reflection, self-assessment• Transferring skills, making transitions• Coaching, collaborative learning• Learning plans• Knowledge ManagementFuturEd 2004
  • 30. The “e” factorAdvantages and opportunities• Information Management – Collecting, archiving, making different versions• Measureability – Frameworks, rubrics, summative tracking• Interoperability – Communication with other ICT systems via APIs, open standards• Sharing – “One to many”, digital copies, links to specific pages• Multimedia – Video, audio, digital images, online presentations…and scanned docs• Internet skills – Online research: documents, networks, Internet literacy• Collaboration – Easy to add comments, edit, mentor, coach• Personal Learning Environment – Integrated learning environment, professional network, digital identity
  • 31. ePortfolio: Human Capital toolFor individual & employer
  • 32. ePortfolio examples• Theo Ramsey – Technical sergeant > manager –• Michael Woolley – Industrial mechanic –• Michal Kopera – Engineering PhD –• Kevin Fisher – Accountant –• Sarah Stewart – Nurse/educator –• Ted Johnson - Senior VP/Chief Marketing Officer –• Mark Farand – Executive Director – more at:
  • 33. RPL and ePortfolio around the worldUK: NVQ, WBL, PDP, CPD...
  • 34. National, regional initiatives Careers Wales Online
  • 35. National, regional initiatives The Netherlands Competency Atlas CAPLA Nov 2009
  • 36. EuropeEuroportfolio, Europass CV, Language Passport
  • 37. United StateseFolio Minnesota, Pennsylvania, “World”
  • 38. CanadaEmployability Skills 2000+, Essential Skills
  • 39. Web 2.0, social software“Publish yourself”
  • 40. LinkedIn Example
  • 41. Talent acquisition & Web 2.0 Bersin04 p8
  • 42. Learning Forum London 2010 European Institute for E-learning (EIfEL)
  • 43. General impressionsTechnology• Open Source – Mahara/Moodle/Sakai/Drupal/WordPress• Open Standards – Leap2A, Europass, HR-XML, XCRI• Web 2.0, social software – YouTube, Twitter, Delicious• Mashups and “combo platters” – Mahoodle, Gahoodle,• Mobile applications – ALPS, others
  • 44. General impressionsEmployability and workplace• School to work – University of Newcastle, Australia• Accrediting workplace learning – European Initiative for the Promotion of Informal Learning (EIPIL)• Professional accreditation – Health professions• Workforce Adjustment, regional strategies – Limburg Province, The Netherlands• Adult employability – Career Portfolio Manitoba
  • 45. Internet of SubjectsPAOGA
  • 46. ePortfolios for HealthIncreasing uptake• Continuing Professional Development (CPD)• Revalidation• Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing...• SkilSure in Ontario – 6 regulated health bodies• Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland• Royal College of Surgeons of England
  • 47. Royal College of Surgeons of IrelandDetail
  • 48. ePortfolios for HealthReflection on action
  • 49. EuropeEIPIL-PAN, ALPS
  • 50. Australia Flexible Learning Framework Gen Y vs. Gen X & Boomers
  • 51. A plethora of ePortfolios…
  • 52. Open Source/Web 2.0 growing…
  • 53. The “Mahoodle” ecosystemBlended learning•Synch/asynch, in class/online•Exposition•Assess for comprehension•Build knowledge INSTRUCTOR LED Export artefacts (learning products) “Single Sign On” Submit for recognition Links to artefacts & views; assignments, evidence for outcomes USER DRIVEN Mahara tools: Blog, forum, views Human capital Collect, Select, Reflect… Employability Networks Artefacts, commentary, dialogue Skills transfer Peers, mentors KSA asset building Other Web 2.0 tools:
  • 54. CanadaCareer Portfolio Manitoba• Adults in transition• Community based• Open source, open standards• Life stories and assessment• Socially aware• Globally inspired...locally relevant
  • 55. Career Portfolio Manitoba
  • 56. So...takeaways from today• RPL and ePortfolios can reduce waste and increase productivity in workforce development• Workplace RPL doesn’t have to cost a bomb, and can easily pay for itself – Even baby steps can help your bottom line – Implementation can be phased to reduce risk• Technology can help, but: – not for its own sake – beware of paving cowpaths: rationalize your current processes• Public use of the Internet and Web 2.0 are changing everything...
  • 57. Phased approaches• On the beach – Watching brief, further research• Toe in the water – Get hands-on with Google, Web 2.0 tools – Investigate HRIS capabilities, local support• Wading in – Proofs of concept, small implementations in particular areas (e.g. talent management) – Develop business plans for senior management• Full immersion – Develop an RFP for a fully managed system
  • 58. Current local traction in RPL• WPLAR & Workplace Education Manitoba –, (Beyond MB)• Career Portfolio Manitoba –• Centre for Education and Work –• Red River College’s RPL Practitioner Program –• MPLAN: Manitoba PLA Network –
  • 59. Worth following• EIfEL -•••• – Jay Cross, Harold Jarche, Jane Hart••
  • 60. Don (204) 219-5933