Lifelong ePortfolios: Emerging Vision or Cruel Joke?


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  • Federal corporation, HQ in ManitobaMultimedia learning resources for career development, workplace learning and professional developmentSpecialty: facilitating, packaging & disseminating insights of learners, practitioners and subject matter expertsProducer of “Career Destination” solutions through community partnerships since 2001Opened Learning Agents eStudiosin 2007multimedia & video facility for learning resource production, ePortfolio development and webcastingActive voluntary role in communityCareer Trek and “Let’s Get to Work” conferenceDon Presant: Chair of Manitoba PLA Network (MPLAN) Community Telecentre COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT: technology literacy, engagement, expression, workVideo-conference (in development)job interviews , online learning e.g. classes for prospective immigrants overseas, workplace trainingOther community learning events (subscribe to other networks)Collaborative Workshop EnvironmentHands-On ePortfolio and related workshopsDigital Production StudiosPhotos, objects, actions, interviews, simulationsImages, audio, video, textQuick set-up, quick turnaround (photo vs. scan, permanent lighting setup, direct to disk recording, etc.)Multimedia Post Production Facility :career profiles, ePortfolio resources, training videosProduction and Facilitation Support Services: staff, freelance & partners
  • Early adopters of faculty who could advocate on my behalf.
  • Frame of Reference: Matt Elliot and Jennifer TurnsSimple tasks to begin: enter profile information, annotate artefactPrompts for reflection, structured reflection
  • Lifelong ePortfolios: Emerging Vision or Cruel Joke?

    1. 1. Lifelong ePortfolios Cruel Illusion or Emerging Vision? AAEEBL Boston Conference July 30, 2013
    2. 2. Learning Agents ePortfolio, eLearning, eMedia
    3. 3. My viewpoint • Starting outside the institution • Adult learning principles • Access to education – Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition • Employability • Sustainability
    4. 4. 21st Century Skills and Learning
    5. 5. Archive, reflect and project
    6. 6. Benefits of “e” Virtual Binder for 21C • Information Management capabilities – Collecting, archiving, sharing, making different versions – Multimedia evidence • Digital technology, Internet literacy • Learning and collaboration integration – Online research: documents, networks – Easy to add comments, edit, mentor, coach • Digital Identity – Professional Profile, Personal network • Measurement, alignment – Link to frameworks, rubrics, track learning over time • Systems integration and interoperability – Learning management systems, HRIS
    7. 7. University President’s Vision Alan Davis, President, Kwantlen Polytechnic University BC RPL Summit presentation March 2013
    8. 8. Genesis of the Vision Alan Davis, President, SUNY Empire State College “Open SUNY” planning document 2012 p. 8 “Design your own degree”
    9. 9. But what is an ePortfolio? Who gets the final word? The University of Nottingham
    10. 10. Tales from the trenches
    11. 11. Naysayers What one contentious Scotsman says E-portfolios – 7 reasons why I don’t want my life in a shoebox: 1. Uninteroperable 2. Institutionalised 3. Human nature 4. People are not learners 5. Boundary problems 6. Plus ca change 7. Recruitment myth DONALD CLARK PLAN B
    12. 12. Lessons learned • Faculty were not included in initial focus groups and did not want to learn another technology tool; Blackboard was enough • Should have identified some faculty promoters • Underestimated the time to implement and technology problems, don’t choose vendor with most bells and whistles, simple is better • Students did not see the value of the eportfolio • Should have had students pay for eportfolio Lessons Learned from a Failed ePortfolio Pilot Project for Student Assessment Sue Lawler, Rush University
    13. 13. Making it Fail How to effectively screw-up an eportfolio implementation
    14. 14. Making it Fail How to effectively screw-up an eportfolio implementation
    15. 15. Big Data ePortfolios & Learning Analytics Linking up Innovations in Assessment: Eportfolios, Open Badges, and Learning Analytics - Darren Cambridge, ePIC 2013
    16. 16. Questions that need asking • Do you have an ePortfolio? • Is an ePortfolio just another way of getting a grade? • Is ePortfolio just another way of “reporting up”? • If ePortfolios are used for learning assessment, are you prepared to assess for prior learning? • If it is a tool for transition: – What happens when a student brings an ePortfolio to your institution, say from high school? – Will your students want to keep their ePortfolios after they graduate? – If they do, can they? Is this a favour from you, or a deliberate strategy?
    17. 17. Key Question • Why do 52% of undergraduates have an ePortfolio?
    19. 19. ePIC 2013
    20. 20. 10 ePortfolio Challenges Serge Ravet 2009 1. Universal ePortfolio Repository (aggregator) 2. Universal Competency Identifiers 3. ePortfolio social (PLN) 4. ePortfolio semantic editors (automated) 5. Universal ePortfolio Readers 6. Open & Trusted Service Architecture 7. ePortfolio-based performance support system 8. ePortfolio discovery mechanism 9. URIs as tags 10. Universal Metadata
    21. 21. ePortfolios and MOOCs
    22. 22. ePortfolios and MOOCs
    23. 23. ePortfolios and MOOCs
    24. 24. Open Badges Coming fast down the pike
    25. 25. Rapidly Evolving Ecosystem Open Badge Factory – LMS independence
    26. 26. University President’s Vision 1 Alan Davis, Kwantlen Polytechnic University BC RPL Summit presentation March 2013
    27. 27. What is ePortfolio? Virtual learning companion
    28. 28. Digital Identity Shareski, Couros
    29. 29. ePortfolios and PLEs
    30. 30. Learner controlled assessment Skill/Outcome Match Summary Example
    31. 31. Success Factors Organizational perspective • Burning platform? – Program outcomes > institutional accreditation • Principles of change management – Accelerating vs. accepting the maxim: “change happens one retirement at a time” • Faculty portfolios (“eportfolio is good for you”) – Graduate portfolios – Hiring Portfolios – Continuing Professional Development • Department portfolio to support accreditation – But don’t let this need “drive the bus”
    32. 32. Success Factors Student perspective • Watch the frame of reference – Emphasize “internal” (personal values & interests) over “external” (expectations of employers & recruiters) • Focus on learning, not just assessment – PLE, lifelong companion, personal narrative – Private, shared and public space • Start early and monitor progress • Emphasize content over technology • Opportunities for peer interaction – Peer review, brainstorming, portfolio buddies, presenting portfolios • Take small steps with lots of scaffolding – Simple tasks to begin, provide examples – Provide technical and content support and feedback • Eat your own dog food (i.e. build your own eportfolio)
    33. 33. Future State: the Open ePortfolio “Small pieces, loosely joined” Student Records Online Credential Verification Job Boards, Recruitment Sites Personal Networks, Communities Online Mentoring Services Localized Labour Market Information Employer HR Management Systems Government Information Portals ePortfolio Web 2.0 YouTube LinkedIn Twitter… eLearning LMS Moodle, D2L, etc.
    34. 34. Options for Lifelong Access (not exhaustive, remixable) • Export and import to free provider (Mahara) • Free account supported by state (eFolio MN) • Free account supported by vendor (D2L*) • Individual subscription administered by vendor (PebblePad) • Individual subscription administered by institution (?) • Online community supported by institution’s marketing budgets (?) – Con Ed and/or Alumni Association
    35. 35. Would student take their ePortfolios lifelong? • YES, because: • NO, because:
    36. 36. Learner-owned Lifelong ePortfolio Summary thoughts • ePortfolio as a lens for the world – Personal Learning Environment – Performance support platform – Recursive assessment platform • ePortfolio as a dialogue – Group ePortfolios, PLNs, learning communities – Multiple tools, aggregated by need – Simplify/standardize the touch points • Destination vs. journey
    37. 37. Final thought The future is already here; it’s just not very evenly distributed. William Gibson Creative Commons
    38. 38. This presentation More about ePortfolios and Higher Ed
    39. 39. Twitter: donpresant ePortfolio: