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Mahoodle with Mahara on Top


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For Canada Moodlemoot 2013 #mootca13

For Canada Moodlemoot 2013 #mootca13

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  • Federal corporation, HQ in ManitobaMultimedia learning resources for career development, workplace learning and professional developmentSpecialty: facilitating, packaging & disseminating insights of learners, practitioners and subject matter expertsProducer of “Career Destination” solutions through community partnerships since 2001Opened Learning Agents eStudiosin 2007multimedia & video facility for learning resource production, ePortfolio development and webcastingActive voluntary role in communityCareer Trek and “Let’s Get to Work” conferenceDon Presant: Chair of Manitoba PLA Network (MPLAN) Community Telecentre COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT: technology literacy, engagement, expression, workVideo-conference (in development)job interviews , online learning e.g. classes for prospective immigrants overseas, workplace trainingOther community learning events (subscribe to other networks)Collaborative Workshop EnvironmentHands-On ePortfolio and related workshopsDigital Production StudiosPhotos, objects, actions, interviews, simulationsImages, audio, video, textQuick set-up, quick turnaround (photo vs. scan, permanent lighting setup, direct to disk recording, etc.)Multimedia Post Production Facility :career profiles, ePortfolio resources, training videosProduction and Facilitation Support Services: staff, freelance & partners
  • Transcript

    • 1. Career Portfolio Manitoba Mahoodle with Mahara on Top MoodleMoot Vancouver February 13, 2013
    • 2. Learning AgentsAccelerated learning systems E-learning resources & services Learning community support Consulting
    • 3. Agenda1. About Mahara and ePortfolios2. Career Portfolio Manitoba3. Mahoodle configuration4. Next steps / On the horizon
    • 4. Mahara ePortfolioOverview• From NZ to the world• Free Open Source Software (FOSS) – Free (like a puppy) – Controllable, predictable – Extendable, “clusterable” (Moodle, Google Apps…)• Flexible – Digital storytelling machine, not a “tick box”
    • 5. Mahara ePortfolioUnder the hood• Content Archive – Profile, Resume, Files, Notes, Journals (blogs), Plans• Pages, Collections – Different content for different audiences• Embed external content (Web 2.0) – LinkedIn, Slideshare, YouTube, Google Apps, etc.• Groups and collaboration – Shared files, pages, collections• Multi-layered sharing/privacy
    • 6. ePortfolios for K-12MyPortfolio, New Zealand• 1,125 schools, 40,465 active accounts, 7,525 groups• Built on Mahara
    • 7. What is ePortfolio?
    • 8. Personal Planning and LearningOnline Locker, Interactive Workbook• Online archive – Personal & downloaded documents, links• Resources for self-directed learning – Webinars, videos, self-assessment surveys• Learning plans and tracking tools – Set goals and track progress to them (Learning Plans) – Keep records of learning activities over time (CPD)• Personal journal – Reflect on goals and alternative futures – Keep ad hoc “notes to self”, prepare agendas, etc.• Ongoing Personal Learning Environment (PLE) – “Continuous Learning Environment”
    • 9. Employment & related purposesDemonstrate, assess & improve Human Capital• Qualification Recognition – Initial, formative, summative assessment• Academic recognition – PLAR/RPL for courses and programs• Career Development – Gap analysis, exploration of alternatives, building pathways• Employment (Web CV) – Hiring, career advancement, team building tool for employers• Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – Tracking ongoing learning activities and reflection on practice – Recertification
    • 10. Lifelong, lifewideBefore AND after getting the job• Pre-employment – Becoming employable, getting hired• Workplace development – Skills development, performance management, career advancement• Continuing Education, CPD – Recognition of Prior Learning, challenge for credit – Add credentials – Regulated occupations• Knowledge portfolios, Life portfolios
    • 11. Career Portfolio ManitobaCommunity-based ePortfolio• Nonprofit partnerships of Government, Business and Labour• WEM: workplace education in Essential Skills• WPLAR: workplace Recognition of Prior Learning
    • 12. Vision for Career Portfolio ManitobaLifelong career development• All Manitobans• Learner owned• Personal and public purposes• Lifewide: home, community, school, work...• Based on (not restricted to) Essential Skills• Built through partnerships of stakeholders, with WEM and WPLAR as “anchor tenants”• Globally aware, locally relevant
    • 13. Conceptual ViewCore capabilities, evolving connectivity LinkedIn Profile Picasa YouTube Résumé Slideshare Journals Networking Notes GoogleApps Pages Pages Files Plans CPD My Learning Twitter? Leap2A Export Blogger
    • 14. The “Mahoodle” concept INSTRUCTOR LED Export artefacts (learning products) Single Sign OnSubmit for recognitionLinks to artefacts & views;assignments, evidence for outcomes USER DRIVEN
    • 15. Moodle to Mahara• Items which may be exported to portfolio – Assignment submissions - single and multiple file uploads – Chat sessions – Database activity module entries (##export## tag may be added to list and single templates) – Database activities – Forum posts – Glossary entries
    • 16. Mahara to Moodle• Mahara Portfolio Assignment – Not supported beyond 2.2
    • 17. Mahoodle with Mahara on top First Login, Intake Form Course Introduction Questionnaires Self-Directed Pre-Course Self Course Assessment Post-Course Self Assessment Course Lifelong Feedback ePortfolio Certificate
    • 18. Career Portfolio ManitobaFeatured elements• Portfolio building course – Video tutorials, support• Extensive use of Web 2.0 – YouTube, Screenr, LinkedIn…• Templates and examples – Pages (soon collections) • Job Match Summary – Fictional exemplar – Growing gallery of real examples
    • 19. Next Steps & On the Horizon• Self-directed online course• Encourage Mobile – MaharaDroid, PortfolioUp• Encourage Google Apps – More robust in Mahara 1.6• Open Badges• Extending Mahoodle? – Learning Commons• Skills marketplace
    • 20. The Open Badges Initiative Accessibility and transparencyRichard Wyles, Totara LMS at MaharaUK12
    • 21. On the horizonOpen Badges
    • 22. Metadata• Who was the Issuer?• Issue date• Brief description of how badge was earned• URIs to artefacts, testimonials etc. – i.e. the e-portfolio• Web service for verification. – “Did the Issuer issue the badge?” – “Is it still valid?”
    • 23. Moodle as Issuer, Mahara as Displayer Technical Deliverables Overview 1. Rewrite Certificate module, dispense Open Badge PNGs instead of PDF files. 2. Web service approach (using Moodle‟s web services API) will enable any displayer to verify badges issued by a specific Moodle site. (including social media). 3. Create a new block for Moodle that users will be able to place badges on their profile page. 4. Use the Moodle Portfolio API to push badges to Mahara. 5. New Mahara blocks display either a single badge or a collection of badges. New portfolio „artefact‟ will be created so that PNG files that have badge metadata will be identified as badges (and available to be selected by the new block). 6. Verification – separate library, permissive license (e.g. Apache v2)Source: In alpha as of Feb 8, 2013!Richard Wyles, MaharaUK12
    • 24. Learning Commons Extending MahoodleCourtesy Golden Hills School Division
    • 25. Skills marketplace“Finnishing School”
    • 26. Wishlist• UI/UX – Mahara Wizards? – Direct editing • Like Notes blocks now – precedent? • 1.6: direct journal entry – Flexible theming – more power to the user – Accessibility• More dynamic interoperability – Making use of Web Services?
    • 27. Twitter: @donpresant(SIMILAR) PRESENTATION SUPPORT PAGE