Career Portfolio Manitoba - "Let's Get to Work" conference


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As presented in Winnipeg November 21, 2012

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  • funds are flowed to this committee for projects annually Coordinated by Industry Training Partnerships, Manitoba Entrepreneurship Training and Trade – Sandi Howell
  • Federal corporation, HQ in Manitoba Multimedia learning resources for career development, workplace learning and professional development Specialty: facilitating, packaging & disseminating insights of learners, practitioners and subject matter experts Producer of “Career Destination” solutions through community partnerships since 2001 Opened Learning Agents eStudios in 2007 multimedia & video facility for learning resource production, ePortfolio development and webcasting Active voluntary role in community Career Trek and “Let’s Get to Work” conference Don Presant: Chair of Manitoba PLA Network (MPLAN) Community Telecentre COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT: technology literacy, engagement, expression, work Video-conference (in development) job interviews , online learning e.g. classes for prospective immigrants overseas, workplace training Other community learning events (subscribe to other networks) Collaborative Workshop Environment Hands-On ePortfolio and related workshops Digital Production Studios Photos, objects, actions, interviews, simulations Images, audio, video, text Quick set-up, quick turnaround (photo vs. scan, permanent lighting setup, direct to disk recording, etc.) Multimedia Post Production Facility : career profiles, ePortfolio resources, training videos Production and Facilitation Support Services: staff, freelance & partners
  • Employers were quite positive…
  • Employer managed Human Capital tool… like ePortfolio, but without learner ownership Bell, Alcan
  • QUICK NOTES Collection of your work thru your college life – you learn from your experiences Flexible, revisable, reviewable Learn who they are what they can do, focus on their growth and present to outside audiences EG: Mech 101 – model of bridge Easy to use, learn in 10-15 minutes Students express selves in their portfolios – look and feel – very important Education, projects , course internships, jobs.. Documented, archived work – analyze back and plan forward Keep track of progress – improvement in writing, calculus, etc. Keep work stored in one place, helps make a resume (and for interview), help move to a new college Holistic picture of who you are, what you’re interested in – career, extracurricular, - and how well you did your work Use portfolio to present selves to help transition (to new school, job, etc.)
  • Career Portfolio Manitoba - "Let's Get to Work" conference

    1. 1. Don Presant Phyllis Mann Career Portfolio Manitoba Essential Skills ePortfolio for Employability Let’s Get to Work November 22, 2012
    2. 2. Workplace Education Manitoba& WPLAR• Nonprofit partnerships of Government, Business and Labour• WEM: workplace education in Essential Skills• WPLAR: workplace Recognition of Prior Learning
    3. 3. Learning AgentsTechnology-enhanced learning Video & multimedia learning resources E-learning services Consulting
    4. 4. Agenda1. Why an ePortfolio?2. An Essential Skills ePortfolio3. Career Portfolio Manitoba today4. Next steps / On the horizon
    5. 5. Why an ePortfolio?
    6. 6. @timbuckteeth 20120313
    7. 7. Social Media and Recruiting
    8. 8. LinkedIn statistics: Jan 2012• Started 2003• Currently 175m+• 2 new members per second• 5m+ in Canada (+39.5% 2011->2012)• 2m+ companies have LinkedIn pages• Includes executives from 100% of Fortune 500• 85% of Fortune 100 use its hiring solutions• Acquired Slideshare in May 2012
    9. 9. Managing your digital identity
    10. 10. Employer feedbackePortfolio as a tool to describe skills and knowledge• Majority in favour – “digital matching service, living document, screening tool, digital evidence of credentials and experience” – “Good timing with rising skills shortages, immigration levels”• Potential benefits: – Accessible documents of work accomplishments vs. credentials – Pre-employment bridging tool, linked to LMI – Help standardize the language of competencies – Transparent tool for diversity and equity – Ease/improve recruitment, reduce wrong hires – Early adopters could have hiring advantage 2006
    11. 11. Human Capital ManagementA competitive marketplace
    12. 12. Human Capital Technology • eSourcing/eRecruitment tools – Résumé Importing/Exporting/Searching – Assessments & Applicant Screening – Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) • Onboarding (orientation) tools • Performance/Talent Management Systems • Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS/HRIS)Adapted from
    13. 13. VideoePortfolio at LaGuardia
    14. 14. What is ePortfolio?
    15. 15. Personal Planning and LearningOnline Locker, Interactive Workbook• Online archive – Personal & downloaded documents, links• Resources for self-directed learning – Webinars, videos, self-assessment surveys• Learning plans and tracking tools – Set goals and track progress to them (Learning Plans) – Keep records of learning activities over time (CPD)• Personal journal – Reflect on goals and alternative futures – Keep ad hoc “notes to self”, prepare agendas, etc.• Ongoing Personal Learning Environment (PLE) – “Continuous Learning Environment”
    16. 16. Employment & related purposesDemonstrate, assess & improve Human Capital• Qualification Recognition – Initial, formative, summative assessment• Academic recognition – PLAR/RPL for courses and programs• Career Development – Gap analysis, exploration of alternatives, building pathways• Employment (Web CV) – Hiring, career advancement, team building tool for employers• Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – Tracking ongoing learning activities and reflection on practice – Recertification
    17. 17. Post-secondary RPLModel example: Athabasca
    18. 18. An Essential SkillsePortfolio
    19. 19. Essential Skills ePortfolioProgram overview• For Adults in Transition• Leverage the “e” factor• Accessible and authentic ICT – Free software – Accessible multimedia hardware• Provide ongoing learning support – Gap training / PD for SMART goals using Moodle
    20. 20. Vision for Career Portfolio ManitobaLifelong development• All Manitobans• Learner owned• Personal and public purposes• Lifewide: home, community, school, work...• Based on (not restricted to) Essential Skills• Built through partnerships of stakeholders, with WEM and WPLAR as “anchor tenants”• Globally aware, locally relevant
    21. 21. Career Portfolio Manitobatoday
    22. 22. Featured elements• Portfolio building course – Video tutorials, support• Templates – Pages (soon collections) – Job Match Summary• Extensive use of Web 2.0 – YouTube, Screenr, LinkedIn… – as the glue• Fictional exemplar• Growing gallery of real examples
    23. 23. Demonstration
    24. 24. Notes for Demo• Rommuel – Profile, Professional, MM, Essential Skills worksheet, Job Match Summary• Gallery – Elevators, showcases• Course – Run-through – Essential Skills – Enhancing – Using your ePortfolio
    25. 25. Next steps &on the horizon
    26. 26. Next Steps• Self-directed online course• Google Apps• Mobile – MaharaDroid, PortfolioUp
    27. 27. On the horizon• Skills marketplace• Self assessment tools• Open Badges• Recursive learning – Mahoodle
    28. 28. Skills marketplace“Finnishing School”
    29. 29. The Open Badges Initiative Accessibility and transparencyRichard Wyles, Totara LMS at MaharaUK12
    30. 30. Open Badges Capturing the learning path • Illustrates the learning path rather than aggregated assessments • Badges can be more granular, aligned to a specific achievement • Portable, alternative certification modelWyles, 2012
    31. 31. Open Badges Visual recognition of achievement • Perceived value will differ based on the “use case”, or community. A wide variety of badge systems will emerge; – Formal education – Professional bodies – Peer to peer recognition – Corporate, workplace learning • Infrastructure to support diversity of contexts with better robustness and connection to Issuer.Wyles, 2012
    32. 32. Open Badges Potential for a new skills economy •  Evolve, affect formal education  Employers & learners may prefer it to standard CV structuresWyles, 2012
    33. 33. What is ePortfolio?Where we started
    34. 34. don@learningagents.caPRESENTATION SUPPORT PAGE