Sound and Motion Activated (GSM-Based) Monitoring System (Buy or Rent!)


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Sound and Motion Activated (GSM-Based) Monitoring System (Buy or Rent!)

  1. 1. SOUND and MOTION-ACTIVATED (Nanny-Catcher)MONITORING SYSTEM(Buy or Rent!)Now open 24/7/365Surveillance and Security Equipment DemonstrationVideos (Watch & Listen): have a life-time warranty / guarantee on allproducts. (Includes parts and labor).This item rents for $195.00per week.Sound and Motion Activated(Nanny-Catcher) Monitoring
  2. 2. SystemOverview:New Feature: Vibration Alert! The unit will call youwhen it detects vibration.GSM Sound and MotionActivated (Nanny-Catcher)Monitoring System or GSM-SAMS, ( is a revolutionarycovert listening deviceincorporating the latest inGSM technology, it canserve both as a
  3. 3. sophisticated listeningdevice while at the sametime it can serve as an anti-intrusion or warning device.Upon receiving sound in thevicinity of the GSM-SAMS,utilizing its built-in, sound-activated* microphone inconjunction with its cellphone module with a SIMcard loaded, an automatic /instantaneous reportingmechanism in either formof text messaging or phone
  4. 4. connection** to the pre-selected number*** can betriggered allowing oneperson to become promptlynotified of any incidents /irregularities going on in thehouse, car or office, etc.Alternatively one can makea direct phone call (forcovert listening/monitoring)to the GSM-SAMS fromanywhere if required.Can also be used as a
  5. 5. wireless back-up to yourwired existing alarm ormonitoring system.There are no wires to cut orpower source for burglars todisrupt.* Microphone sensitivity isadjustable for filtering outbackground noises undermost circumstances. (Whentuned to the highestsensitivity level, any sound
  6. 6. within 10 meters from thedevice can be picked up.)** The central feature of theGSM-SAMS, is that it’s asophisticated, totallyconcealed listening device.Reporting mechanismthrough secret phoneconnection allows anintended receiver to answer& hear what is going onsimultaneously in thevicinity of the GSM-SAMS
  7. 7. without alerting anyone.*** A pre-selected numbercan be set up in a SIM cardbeing loaded into GSM-SAMS. Done by sendingspecially arranged textmessages to GSM-SAMSfrom the pre-selectednumber.Features:1. Ability to change the pre-
  8. 8. selected number if required.2. Ability to turn offmicrophone while onstandby for power saving.3. Ability to choosereporting mechanism eitherin text messaging or phoneconnection mode.4. Ability to adjust sensitivityof the microphone.5. Ability to activate ordeactivate phoneconnection mode.6. Ability to operate up to
  9. 9. five consecutive days onbatteries.7. Compact size, easy tohide, and without rangelimitation (Utilizing GSMtechnology).8. Suitable for placement inthe house, car or office, etc.convenient monitoring.9. Three-digit identificationfor each unit allowingmultiple-units installation.1~6: Done through text
  10. 10. messaging.Options:* PIR Sensor for MotionActivation.New Feature: Land-Line Monitoring Capability!Connect to a land-lind telephone and call in andmonitor discreetly. Also, when someone makes anoutgong or receives and incoming call the unit willcall is a worldleader in providing
  11. 11. surveillance and securityproducts and services toGovernment, LawEnforcement, PrivateInvestigators, small andlarge companies worldwide.We have one of the largestvarieties of state-of-the-artsurveillance and counter-surveillance equipment
  12. 12. including BiometricIdentification Systems, Anti-terrorist-related equipment,Personal Protection(recommended for ourfemale customers) and BugDetection Products.Buy, rent or lease the samestate-of-the-art surveillance
  13. 13. and security equipmentDetectives, PIs, the CIA andFBI use. Take back control!Phone: (1888) 344-3742 Toll Free (USA)Local: (818) 344-3742Monty@DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.comTwitterDPLSURVEMSNMonty@DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.comAOL Instant MessengerDPLSURVE32SkypeMontyl32
  14. 14. Yahoo Instant MessengerMontyl32Alternate Email Addressmontyl32@yahoo.com Inquiries Only!International OrdersFOB Los AngelesDelivery: Within 5 days in receipt of T/T wiretransferPayment: T/T wire transfer (See Website)Purchase Orders:Accepted upon credit approval.Fax References w/Orders to: (1775) 249-9320My RSS Feed: