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Sony Clock Radio Nanny Spy-Camera W/Built-in Motion-Activated DVR
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Sony Clock Radio Nanny Spy-Camera W/Built-in Motion-Activated DVR


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  • 1. SO N Y CL O C K RADI O NAN N Y-C A M E R A W/ B U I L T - I N M O T I O N -A C T I V A T E D D V R ( R e c o r d s inT O T A L D A R K N E S S ! ) (Buy, Rent, Rents,Rental, Rentals)Now open 24/7/365This Item Rents For $95.00 a Week.Surveillance and Security Equipment DemonstrationVideos (Watch & Listen): have a life-time warranty / guarantee on allproducts. (Includes parts and labor).Introducing the all new Sony Clock Radio Nanny-Spy-Camera w/Built-in Motion-Activated all-in-one selfrecording DVR it renders all others obsolete .( - The only cube styleclock radio that records high quality 30fps video 30 ft. inTOTAL DARKNESS! State-of-the-art high powerinvisible 120 degree micro IR illuminators, coupled withour exclusive dual camera auto switching technologyinsure unbelievable video regardless of lighting
  • 2. conditions. Take a look at all the hi tech exclusivefeatures and we are sure you will agree that this is theonly unit of its type for the serious user. This is a newmodel Sony digital AM/FM Synthesized Tuner Radio thatprovides the most accurate drift-free tuning of allavailable radio stations, with a built in weather band alert.Suitable for any room, office, or warehouse.Features:Real Time (30fps)High Resolution CCD Cameras120 Degree Micro IR illuminatorsDay/Night Dual Camera System w/ Auto SwitchingMotion ActivatedTime/Date StampedUse this solution for discreet covert self-containedapplications!* Modern Sony AM/FM Clock Radio with Weather BandAlert* Invisible High Power Micro IR Illuminators see in TotalDarkness!* Invisible Cameras (no holes in radio)* 16 Gb SD Card Support* Hidden Trap Door for SD Card* Dual High Res CCD Cameras
  • 3. * Internal "Back Up" Battery for clock and DVR.* Day/Night Dual Camera System w/Auto SwitchingExclusive "New Technology" not found on any other unitof its kind:High Power Invisible Micro IR illuminators "light up"entire room- No light? No Problem! When light levelsdrop, the low lux camera and invisible IR illuminatorsinstantly spring into action.Magnetic "Trap Door" - Totally covert! Other units haveSD cards located in battery compartment, resulting in nobackup battery and anyone can open and easily see the"tell tale" SD card slot. Our "Trap Door" technology isvirtually impossible to locate or open unless you know thesecret and have the special magnetic key.Back Up Battery- Other units use battery compartment forSD card slot, if radio is unplugged, or power isinterrupted, the time must be manually reset. Our backupbattery is internal and automatic. Unit may be movedfrom location to location without resetting the time.Dual Camera Auto Switching System: Hi Res (550 LOR)Color CCD and Super Low Lux (600 LOR) with autoswitching in low light/no light conditions.
  • 4. Because Two cameras are better than One! This solutionautomatically and instantly switches from a Sony SuperHAD Hi-Res color camera to a Sony Ex-View super lowlight B&W Camera when light levels drop below .5 Lux.The astonishing results- great color video by day, andgreat low light video at night!No more "Tell Tale" SD Cards glaring out the back (or inthe "easily accessible to anyone" battery compartment), orsuspicious looking out of place jacks. No lights, extraholes or ANYTHING. This Totally Covert line looks andworks, perfectly natural.Security recording made easy and economical with ourline of self-contained covert digital videorecorder/cameras. Motion activated real time video orhigh-resolution "still shots" are recorded on a tiny SDcard, housed in a hidden compartment. All recording aretime/date stamped for professional security applications.Every system includes (2) 1Gb SD cards.Overview:Add Sony Style to any room with thisAM/FM/TV/Weather/Band Large Display Clock Radiofeaturing a Digital Synthesized Tuner. This clock radiorises above the rest with its sleek exterior and vast arrayof special functions.
  • 5. Features Include: Space-Conscious Cube Design, aDigital AM/FM/TV Band/Weather Band SynthesizedTuner Radio, and a Stand-By Weather Alert Mode thatcan be activated to provide an alert signal when a specialweather condition is to be broadcast. Now thats cool!Additional Features Include: Large Green LCD Display,3-Level Brightness Control, 25 Random Memory Presets,a Dual Alarm permitting two separate wake-up timesettings, the Snoozinator Extendable Snooze, and a NapTimer. Rise and shine with Sony!Cube Clock / Weather RadioCompletely functional cube style clock radio. Hiddencolor high resolution (550 LOR) and B&W Low Lux(.0001) camera views out front of radio at 94 degree wideangle.Features:Day/Night Operation: Our "Auto-Switching" packageautomatically changes from Sony Ex-View Color to SonyEx-view ultra low light (.0001 Lux) when light levels fallbelow .05 Lux. Invisible IR illuminators result in .000Lux Performance.
  • 6. Invisible IR Illuminators: Totally invisible, allowsrecording up to 30 feet in total darkness.High Resolution Video at 12 fps: (640 X 480) HighResolution fluid motion recording capability. (useradjustable from 1 to 12 fps).Medium Resolution Video at 30 fps (320 X 240) (useradjustable from 1 to 30 fps).16GB SDHC Card Support- 80 hours recording at full 30fps- (records 5 hours per GB on lower capacity SD cards)Hundreds of hours possible with lower frame rateselections.Firmware Upgrade - New firmware can be quicklyinstalled via USB port.Embedded Time/Date Stamp - Embedded in video- Time/Date stamp is seen on both playback from unit and PC viaSD Card.Enhanced Motion Activation: Not only is sensitivityadjustable, but also features a "grid" setting with multipleblocks to eliminate unwanted triggers in the camera viewsuch as a computer screen or rotating fan.Multiple Playback Speeds: X1/ X2/ X4/ X8/ X16/ X32/
  • 7. Schedule Recording: Record time can be set to record atonly times of interest.Event Search Function: Property and fist image ofselected file is displayed to quickly find a particular event.IR Remote Control: For setting system parameters andarming and disarming unitEverything Included:No extra costs! Our system includes the DVR/Camera, (2)1GB SD cards, USB SD card reader with extension cable,RCA video connector cable for use with yourTV/Monitor, IR remote control, and instruction manual.SHIPPED IN CUSTOM RETAIL PACKAGERadio Features:* Space-Conscious Cube Design* Digital AM/FM/TV Band/Weather Band SynthesizedTuner Radio* Stand-By Weather Alert Mode
  • 8. * Large Green LCD Display* 3-Level Brightness Control* 25 Random Memory Presets - for Radio Stations* Dual Alarm* Snoozinator™ Extendable Snooze (10 Minutes-Per-Tap/60 Minutes Max.)* Nap Timer Radio Specifications:Digital AM/FM/TV Band/Weather Band SynthesizedTuner Radio provides the most accurate drift-free tuningof all available radio stations, for listening to radio talkand music shows, plus audio from TV channels 2-13, aswell as up to the minute weather from your local WeatherBand broadcasts Stand-By Weather Alert Mode can beactivated to provide an alert signal when a special weathercondition is to be broadcast Large Green LCD Displayallows the large-size time numerals to be seen easily evenat night; also shows the date and automatically adjusts forDaylight Savings and Standard time changes.3-Level Brightness Control lets you adjust the displaysbrightness between high, medium and low to suit yourpreference during day and night time.
  • 9. 25 Random Memory Presets offer convenient one-buttontuning to 10 of your favorite FM and 5 AM radio stationsalong with 5 TV channels and 5 weather frequencies.Dual Alarm permits two separate wake-up time settings.Snoozinator Extendable Snooze (10 Minutes-Per-Tap 60Minutes Max.) gives you the freedom to choose yourpersonal snooze time instead of having to settle for thestandard time intervals of other alarms; each press of theSnooze bar adds an additional 10 minutes to your snoozetime, up to a full hour, so with a few quick flicks of yourfingertips you can roll over for more uninterrupted sleepwithout having to re-set the alarm.Nap Timer is a separate button which allows you to take ashort nap and wake up to radio or buzzer withoutchanging your alarm settings (you can select your favoritenap time 10/20/30/60/90/120 minutes).Frequency Range: AM: 530-1710kHz, FM: 87.6-108MHz, TV: Ch. 2-13, Weather: Ch. 1-7.Antenna System: AM: Built-in Ferrite Bar Antenna, FM,TV, Weather: Wire Antenna.Speaker: 2 5/8" (66mm)
  • 10. Power Requirements: AC 120 Volts, 60HzColor: SilverWeight: 1 lb 9 2/3 oz (730g)Dimensions (WxHxD): 4 3/4" x 4 5/8" x 5" (118.5 x116.5 x 126mm) LLC is aworld leader and pioneer ofonline video demonstrationin the Surveillance andSecurity Industry and also,pioneer of renting a fullrange of equipment toConsumers, Government,Law Enforcement, Private
  • 11. Investigators, small andlarge companies worldwide.We have one of the largestvarieties of state-of-the-art(one-of-a-kind) surveillanceand counter-surveillanceequipment includingBiometric IdentificationSystems, Anti-terrorist-related equipment, PersonalProtection and BugDetection Products.Buy, rent or lease the samestate-of-the-art surveillanceand security equipment
  • 12. Detectives, PIs, the CIA andFBI use. Take back control!Phone: (1888) 344-3742 Toll Free (USA)Local: (818) 344-3742Monty@DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.comTwitterDPLSURVEMSNMonty@DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.comAOL Instant MessengerDPLSURVE32SkypeMontyl32Yahoo Instant MessengerMontyl32
  • 13. Alternate Email Addressmontyl32@yahoo.com Inquiries Only!International OrdersFOB Los AngelesDelivery: Within 5 days in receipt of T/T wiretransferPayment: T/T wire transfer (See Website)Purchase Orders:Accepted upon credit approval.Fax References w/Orders to: (1775) 249-9320My RSS Feed: