Dropping Off The Grid: A Growing Movement In America: Part II: http://tinyurl.com/b89y8fp


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Dropping Off The Grid: A Growing Movement In America: Part II: http://tinyurl.com/b89y8fp

  1. 1. Dropping Off The Grid: A Growing Movement In America Part IIby Monty Henry on Friday, November 2, 2012 at 04:21pmPlease Do Not Request Additional Information.Complete Article Can Be Found Here: http://tinyurl.com/cbgogkqSo youve decided you want to drop off the map and leave Big Brother behind.Its harder than ever in our always-connected world, but if youre ready to planyour big vanishing act, here are a few tips to get you started.Now is your chance to flee society. Drop off the grid. Pull a Thoreau. Be you asurvivalist, an environmentalist or a cheapskate-ist, you can join the growingmovement of Americans embracing off-grid living."Theres a desire to step out of the rat race, and in America, that goes verydeep in the national psyche," says Nick Rosen, author of "Off the Grid: Insidethe Movement for More Space, Less Government, and True Independence in ModernAmerica" and editor of www.off-grid.net . "You know, the pioneering spirit andsturdy self-reliance -- these things which define the American character."For some off-griders, its a matter of having little or no impact on theenvironment -- literally living off the power grid. This lifestyle has beenchampioned by celebrities Daryl Hannah and Ed Begley Jr. Then there are thosewho no longer want to be a blip on the societal radar.Who hasnt thought about how nice it would be to start fresh somewhere new,preferably with nicer weather and cheaper drinks? Whatever your reasons forwanting to disappear maybe you just want to get The Man off your back withenough diligence and planning you can vanish and start anew somewhere else.For the low down on disappearing and starting your life over, we turned to thebook How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, andVanish without a Trace by Frank M. Ahearn and Eileen C. Horan. Frank Ahearn isthe grizzled grandfather of the vanishing act. After 20 odd years working as askip tracer an investigator who specializes in finding people who dont wantto be found he realized he could make just as much money and incur a lot lessrisk helping people avoid investigators like himself. Weve culled a few ofAhearns tips below, but if youre really serious, his book is a great pocketguide to getting lost.How Not to DisappearThe cardinal sin in any serious disappearance is drama. You dont successfullyvanish by staging an elaborate disappearing act that ultimately involves a tri-state search, police dogs, and your home town believing that you were mauled bya bear and dragged off into the dark night. Ahearn stresses the importance ofdisappearing in a legal fashion. You shouldnt, for example, try and securefalse papers: Its a felony to use false identification, and you have no idea ifthe papers you secured are legitimate. (What if your new social security numberbelongs to a dead guy or a criminal? What if the passport you bought is bogusand now youre staring down a customs agent?). Instead, you want to obfuscateyour identity in a way that its so difficult for people to follow you thatanything short of a government task force will lack for the patience or fundingto keep doggedly trying to find you. Heres a little about how that might work.Minimize Your Social ConnectionsPeople who hurriedly throw all their crap in a suitcase and run out the backdoor are the ones who fail at disappearing. Instead, one of your most importantjobs, prior to your successful disappearance, is to slowly cut the fat from yoursocial life. Stop using Facebook ditch all social networks maybe under thepretense that youre spending too much time online (or any other pretense thatpeople around you will accept besides "Im going to torch my crappy life and
  2. 2. move to Belize").You want to minimize the social footprint you occupy so that when suddenlyyoure not standing in it anymore, few people will notice or care. If youre themost prominent member of the local social scene and you vanish tomorrow, peoplewill notice. Minimizing your virtual trail is more important than minimizingyour real life trail. It takes mere minutes for an investigator to comb throughsocial networks and search results, but hours and additional expenses toinvestigate on foot and by phone.The one social connection most people are unwilling to ditch is communicationwith their immediate family. Unless your immediate family is the reason yourepulling a vanishing act, chances are youll still want to talk to your parentsor siblings. This can the toughest communication to break, and its where almosteveryone fails. All the planning in the world is worthless if you call yourrelatives from your new location and a skip tracer gets her hands on the phonerecords. If you want to communicate with your family or best friend after youvevanished from the less desirable people in your life, then you need to figureout, well in advance, how you will do so. Never communicate with them directlyfrom any account linked to your new life or new residence. Anonymous emailaccounts and prepaid phone cards and cellphones are the only way youre going tobe finding out if Grandmas hip surgery went well.Ditch the Plastic: Cash Is KingGet used to the idea of ditching the luxuries you had in your former life. Goneare the credit cards, the convenience cards and loyalty cards, even simplethings like a video rental card. Pay cash for everything and dont use anythingthat could link your new life and your plans to your old life. Dont check outbooks about Chile from your local library or buy them with a credit card. Dontuse a credit card or frequent flier miles to book a flight out of the country.Your goal in everything you do is to minimize the number of connections betweenyour old life and your new life. Whenever you undertake an interaction withanother person or business, ask yourself "Is this the least traceable method Icould use?" Paying cash for a cup of coffee at an old coffee shop? Obscure.Paying with a credit card for a cup of coffee at an airport kiosk under the eyeof four different security cameras? Not stealthy in the least. Cash is king.Lie, Lie, and Lie Some MoreAhearn goes into intense detail on the topic of disinformation and itsimportance in disappearing. He notes that the thing skip tracers hope for mostis just enough information too little and theyll never find their prey, toomuch and theyll waste all their time and funding looking in the wrong places.Your goal is to create disinformation.