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Mezeo Introduction

Mezeo Introduction



This is an introduction to Mezeo Software, which has developed and is marketing a software platform – the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform for the deployment of cloud storage by service providers, ...

This is an introduction to Mezeo Software, which has developed and is marketing a software platform – the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform for the deployment of cloud storage by service providers, including IT hosting providers, SaaS providers, VARs and managed services providers, telcos and ISPs. To our knowledge, it is the industry’s first deployable, white label cloud storage platform. It enables service providers to quickly and cost effectively enter the cloud storage market.

Service providers can use the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform and associated clients to quickly deploy a Personal Cloud™ storage online file services solution, giving their customers the opportunity to use the new capabilities for their file server needs. The company believes that mass adoption of cloud storage requires that the services be offered by service providers that already have trusting relationships with end users. Until that happens, people and companies will continue to be cautious about entrusting their data to the cloud.



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Mezeo Introduction Mezeo Introduction Presentation Transcript

  • Mezeo Software Corporate Overview February 12, 2009 Steve Lesem CEO
    • Mezeo Software offers a deployable software platform that enables IT Service Providers to deliver a cloud storage service offering. IT Service Providers include
        • IT Hosting companies
        • Managed Services Providers (MSPs)
        • Telcos (including Mobile operators, Cable Co’s and ISPs)
        • SaaS providers
    • Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform is purpose built for IT Service Providers to leverage industry standard hardware and software
      • Linux
      • PostgreSQL
      • REST style APIs for scalability
      • Linux mountable Storage for back store (storage agnostic, mix storage types)
      • SPML based integration to existing provisioning systems
    • Offers advanced services that go beyond the standard “Store & Retrieve”
      • Flexible Storage organization, hierarchical and tagging
      • Enhanced file sharing and collaboration
      • Notifications
    Mezeo Cloud Storage Software Platform for IT Service Providers
    • Market Validation: Recent Announcements
    • Rackspace/ Mosso
    • The Planet/ Nirvanix
    • SoftLayer/ Mezeo
    • SalesForce.com/S3
    • To be announced
      • Houston based software startup
      • Launched 2.0 version of platform Q4 2008, the world’s first in-production fully deployable Cloud Storage Platform
      • Proven platform, in production at KDDI, one of the world’s largest Telco, for a secure file sharing offering (KDDI SecureShare)
      • Designed for Service Providers, the Mezeo platform is architected to be highly scalable & secure
    About Mezeo Software “ Mezeo comes right out of the gate with two fairly major partners: KDDI, which uses Mezeo for its KDDI Secure Share product, and SoftLayer. Mezeo is eager to sign up additional providers and T1R thinks it's worth a look . The software approach provides hosting providers with a great deal of flexibility when it comes to branding, product definition, pricing, back-end storage and functionality.” - Dan Golding, Tier 1 Research Mezeo Software enables industry leading Service Providers and IT Hosting providers deliver their own branded, innovative cloud storage solutions . Our in-production, deployable Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform, allows the partners to host the solution themselves, or have it hosted at one of our preferred hosting providers.
  • Cloud Storage Definition and Discussion
    • Enables new capabilities for new and existing applications
    • Delivers new functionality to end users
    • Provides an as needed, web-scale development environment
    Cloud Storage: Defined Storage accessed through Web Services APIs via a network (LAN or WAN)
    • Immature and fragmented, yet rapidly growing market
    • No standardization on the required set of APIs
    • A storage alternative for some use cases, not a replacement for all storage requirements
    • May be cheaper than other storage options, and potentially less expensive to use, with richer, end user oriented functionality
    • Scalable, but only if the user of the storage can easily leverage it
    • Enables a pay for use business model
    • Independent from processing, accessible thru a network
    Cloud Storage: Observations Atmos
  • Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform Architectural Overview
    • Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform
    • Deployable, Linux based
    • Massively Scalable
    • Stateless Architecture
    • Multi-Tenant Support
    Pre-built Brandable Access Clients Open APIs for other Access Points
    • Services
    • Rapid Scalability
    • REST-style APIs
    • Storage Agnostic – connects to any Linux mountable storage
    • Easy Deploy ability
    • Connects to existing provisioning system via SPML APIs
    • White labeled clients to promote provider brand
    • Multi-user concurrent access
    • Multitenant deployment capability
    • High Security
    • Authentication via PAM
    • SSL in transit and 256 bit AES encryption at rest
    • Rich User services
    • Handle files of any type and size
    • Flexible storage organization
      • Hierarchical (nested) storage for folders and files
      • Meta data tag based
    • Share files – inside and outside an organization
    • Notifications for shares and project assignments
    • Collaborate with permissions and file locking
    • Publish URL links to files
    • Manage permissions
    • Retrieve deleted files form Patented Online Recycle Container
    BlackBerry®, iPhone®, Windows Mobile® Native Windows® Desktop Client WebDAV for MAC and Linux Clients Rich Web 2.0 Client SSL Encryption NAS SAN GFS
    • Storage Agnostic
    • Supports any Linux mountable storage
    • Supports mixed storage within the same cloud
    256 AES Encryption Meta-Data Store & File Catalog SaaS Application Integration Social Networking Sites Fan Club Experience Enhancement Special Purpose Clients
  • Solutions built on the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform
    • Mezeo Cloud ™ storage (Cloud Storage Platform for Advanced Services)
    • Mezeo Access Cloud™ storage (Flexible File Access for Hosted Servers)
    • Mezeo Personal Cloud ™ storage (White-labeled Online File Storage Services)  
    • Mezeo SaaS Cloud ™ storage (Web Services Integration for Existing and New SaaS Applications)
  • Storage Alternatives for IT Service Providers: Cloud Services vs. Attached Storage Storage
    • Connecting to 3 rd party cloud
    • Flexible
    • Scalable
    • Pay for what you use
    • High Network Latency
    • No control over quality of service
    • Utilizing attached storage (SAN/NAS)
    • No latency
    • Can be more expensive
    • Inflexible
    • Pay for what you expect to use
    • Limited Scalability
    • Developers need to account for the actual hardware
    Web servers App servers Web servers App servers Computing Abstraction Cloud Storage Attached Storage
  • Storage Storage
    • Offer your own cloud
    • Flexible
    • Scalable
    • Enables “pay for use”
    • Eliminates network Latency for in-house servers
    • Provider controls the quality of service
    • Simplifies integration and development of new products
    Dedicated or managed service providers cannot afford to be just resellers for someone else’s cloud, they need to offer their own cloud Mezeo Cloud Storage Cloud Storage Platform for Advanced Services Web servers App servers Web servers App servers Computing Abstraction Storage Abstraction
  • Solution: Cloud Storage Platform for Advanced Services
    • What is it?
    • Mezeo solution built upon Mezeo’ s Cloud Storage Platform that
      • exposes storage via Web Services APIs
      • enables Service Providers to rapidly build their own cloud and offer cloud based storage services
      • achieves web-scale for a storage service offering
      • simplifies integration for application developers
      • Includes APIs to manage acceptable use and multi tenant use
    • How does it benefit the Service Provider?
    • Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform
      • enables rapid time to market
      • allows Service Providers to meet the customer demands for “pay for use” storage
      • promotes customer retention by providing developer customers a cloud based development environment
      • may enable the reuse of decommissioned hardware
      • can reduce overall storage costs
      • keeps Service Providers from being just a reseller for the large cloud providers
  • Mezeo Access Cloud Flexible File Access for Hosted Servers Managed Server
    • Mezeo enables secure access to files via
    • Web
    • Windows & MAC
    • Mobile phones
    Server Windows/ Linux Customer Customer Customer Files are stored via Mezeo Server Attached Storage Server Windows/ Linux Server Windows/ Linux P R O V I D E R P O R T A L Mezeo adds access points & provides file sharing & collaboration
  • Solution: Flexible File Access for Hosted Servers
    • What is it?
    • Mezeo solution built upon Mezeo’ s Cloud Storage Platform that
      • enables users to access files stored by dedicated and virtual servers; from their internet connected devices – Web; Windows Desktop; Smartphones – iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile based phones
      • exposes stored files to full complement of Mezeo services, like enhanced file sharing and collaboration
      • ensures the highest levels of security for stored files
    • How does it help IT Service Providers?
    • Mezeo Access Cloud
      • increases ARPU by offering another service with minimal development effort
      • offers a highly differentiated service
      • is designed specifically for IT service providers, the Mezeo Access Cloud runs on and connects seamlessly to existing architecture
      • enables Linux and Windows servers to store files via Web Services APIs or via WebDAV and Native Windows clients
  • Mezeo SaaS Cloud Web Services Integration for Existing and New SaaS Applications Web access to SalesNexus Sync basic info to phone No native phone application SaaS Application
  • Enhanced file services accessible anytime, anywhere, on any web connected device. Mezeo SaaS Cloud Web Services Integration for Existing and New SaaS Applications Web access to SalesNexus Sync basic info to phone No native phone application SaaS Application Secure Storage Private and Public Sharing Collaboration Publishing Mezeo PCS TM Platform 2.0 Native BlackBerry®, iPhone®, Windows Mobile® file services SaaS Application
  • Solution: Web Services Integration for Existing and New SaaS Applications
    • What is it?
    • Deployable software solution built upon Mezeo’ s Cloud Storage Platform that
      • enables SaaS providers to enhance their offering by connecting to cloud storage
        • Web-scale Storage
        • On-demand storage
      • adds enhanced online File Sharing and Collaboration capabilities to the SaaS offering
      • organizes user storage the way users prefer – hierarchical or tagging
      • offers extensible platform and APIs allow SaaS developers to leverage its capabilities to create significant new offerings
    • How does help the SaaS providers?
    • Mezeo SaaS Cloud
      • improves the value of the SaaS provider offering
      • can be deployed at the same location as the SaaS offering, eliminating network latency
      • easily integrated into their application via the Web Services APIs
      • increases ARPU
  • Example: Highly Scaled SaaS with Mezeo Cloud Storage Implementation Network Access Subnet RedHat Linux MCSPServers DMZ PostgreSQL Cluster Storage Private SSL Encryption Native Windows Client White Label Mezeo Web Client Native Applications for BlackBerry®, iPhone®, Windows Mobile® SaaS Application Access Clients for Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform (MCSP) Load Balancer SaaS hosted in your datacenter 256 AES Encryption
  • Increase ARPU with Advanced Services Collaboration Private and Public Sharing Secure Storage Publishing Service Provider MCSP 2.0 BlackBerry®, iPhone®, Windows Mobile® Integrated Windows® Desktop Client Mac & Linux WebDAV Rich Web 2.0 Mezeo Personal Cloud Storage TM Your brand here
  • Solution: Online File Sharing & Collaboration Solution
    • What is it?
    • Deployable software solution built upon Mezeo’ s Cloud Storage Platform that
      • enables customers to store their files online and share and collaborate
      • provides out-of-the box access through
        • Windows desktop
        • Web
        • Smartphones via native clients
          • iPhone
          • BlackBerry
          • Windows Mobile devices
        • WebDav for Mac®, Linux® or any WebDAV enabled OS or software tool
      • white labeled clients that can carry the Service Provider’s brand
      • Organize your storage the way the users prefer – hierarchical or tagging
    • How does it help the IT Service Providers?
    • Mezeo Personal Cloud Storage
      • enables the provider to offer a differentiated solution to traditional file servers
      • increases ARPU, cross sell / upsell existing customres
      • Improves customer retention – the service provider hosts the customer data
      • can be hosted by the provider, or by one of Mezeo’s Premier hosting providers
      • creates a service with long term reliable monthly recurring revenue – typical market price is $8-10/user/month
  • Sample High Availability Deployment at a Service Provider Bandwidth from 1GB to 10GB Network Access Subnet Load Balancer RedHat Linux MCSPServers Apache Web Server Mezeo Web Client Apache Web Server Mezeo Web Client DMZ PostgreSQL Cluster Repurposed Storage RedHat Linux GFS Private 256 AES Encryption
  • The Mezeo Platform: Planned Enhancements
    • Sync capabilities
    • Versioning
    • Anti-virus
    • New APIs
  • Summary
    • Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform based software solutions entry into the cloud storage services market with proven, in-production technology
      • Mature technology, platform in use for over 3 years at KDDI, one of the largest Telcos in the world
      • 4 solutions with well-defined applicability – Mezeo Cloud; Mezeo Access Cloud; Mezeo Personal Cloud; Mezeo SaaS cloud
      • Enables Service Providers to increase their ARPU from existing users and reach new customers with these solutions
      • Very easy to implement, low cost, solution includes provisioning and billing support
      • Promotes provider’s brand via white labeled clients
      • Hosted by the provider or by one of Mezeo’s premier hosting partners
      • Reseller opportunity via the MSP and small hoster channel
  • Ask us how we can set you up with your own demo accounts! www.mezeo.com Thank You