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S2 u6 workbook
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S2 u6 workbook


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Key to workbook exercises of Summit 2 unit 6

Key to workbook exercises of Summit 2 unit 6

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  • Transcript

    • 2. LESSON 1 – Exercise 4 1. Lindsey: “Thank goodness I ate breakfast before we got to the bus station. There’s nothing good to eat here.” Lindsey would be (be) hungry now if she hadn’t eaten (eat) breakfast before getting to the bus station. 2. Gina: “The flight was overbooked, and they asked volunteers to give up their seats. So I volunteered, and I got a free ticket to fly round trip anywhere in the country.” If Gina hadn’t given up (give up) her seat, she wouldn’t have (have) a free ticket now. 3. Nicole: “It’s a good thing I made our hotel reservation weeks ago. Now it’s impossible to find rooms.” Nicole wouldn’t be able to (be able to) find a room if she hadn’t made (make) the hotel reervations already. 4. Bill: “Too bad Tricia didn’t pack a few essentials in her carry-on. Now she doesn’t even have a toothbrush while the airline finds her bag.” Tricia would have (have) her essentials if she had packed (pack) them in her carry-on.
    • 3. LESSON 1 – Exercise 5 1. I didn’t check the time of the train. We missed it. If Jane had checked the time of the train, we might not have missed it. 2. Jane went to the front of the security line because she’s a flight attendant. If Jane weren’t a flight attendant, she wouldn’t have gone in front of the security line. 3. My passport got stolen, so I have to go to the embassy tomorrow. If my passport hadn’t gotten stolen, I wouldn’t have to go to the embassy tomorrow. 4. She always worry about money. She doesn’t enjoy vacations very much. If she didn’t worry about money, she would enjoy vacations a lot. 5. I don’t have anything to read on the plane because I put my book in my checked luggage. I would have something to read if I hadn’t put my book in my checked luggage. 6. My brother decided to fly to Rio de Janeiro last week because he got a free ticket. My brother wouldn’t have flown to Rio de Janeiro last week if he hadn’t gotten a free ticket.
    • 4. LESSON 1 – Exercise 6 1. If she hadn’t missed the train, she might not have met her husband. 2. If she had bought the tickets earlier, they wouldn’t be so expensive. or If she hadn’t waited to make the reservations, she wouldn’t be paying so much money now. 3. If he hadn’t lost his passport, he would be able to enter the country. or If he had noticed his passport falling, he wouldn’t have this problem. 4. If he had packed more clothes, he woul/might habe something to wear. or If he had bought a larger suitcase, he would have more clothes to choose from.