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What is a Database?
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What is a Database?


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A simple guide to understanding database and applying your knowledge of it to everyday life. …

A simple guide to understanding database and applying your knowledge of it to everyday life.
Powerpoint by: D. PIttman

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Goals: Explain what a database isExplain how databases can be used ineveryday lifeExplain types of databaseExplain the basic information ofdatabases
  • 2. Exact Definition: an electronic filing system that stores and retrieves information.
  • 3. World ofDatabase Database
  • 4. Some Examples of a Database Include:Phone BookReceiptsDictionary, EncyclopediasAddress BookAutomated Card Catalog
  • 5. Stores can use a database to see who bought whatand how much they bought it for.Banks can use a database to keep track of differenttransactions.Restaurants managers can use a database to see howmany hours employees worked.Food companies can use a database to see how manyitems from their company were sold. They can alsomeasure inventory.
  • 6. There are three types of views when using database.• Design View: allows you to create field names and data types• Datasheet View: allows you to enter information. It displays the field names in a row and column format• List View: displays more than one record at a time
  • 7. There are three parts to adatabase. They include:1. Field2. Entry3. Record
  • 8. Field, Entry, and Record A field is a category of information in a database. A record is an entire set of field entries An entry is the information being entered into a field or record. Example: There are 5 fields, 3 records, and 15 entries. 5x3=15
  • 9. • There are three major database functions:1. Database Report2. Sorting3. Filter/ Query
  • 10. • A database report allows you to organize and summarize parts of a database• Sorting allows you to put information in alphabetical or numerical order (a-z, z-a or 1-10)• A filter/query displays records that meet a certain criteria
  • 11. • Can find a specific file quickly • Accurate• Can make reports and show which goals and criterias are being met • Can sort and put files in alphabetical order
  • 12. • What is are some advantages of database?• What are the 3 parts to a database?• What are some examples of a database? How do you use them in your everyday life?• What do businesses, such as a restaurant, use a database for?
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