Employability for Graduates and Post-Grads: Get That Job


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Summary of successful Employability workshops for Graduates and Post Graduates run by two work psychologists, out of Cardiff University UK.

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Employability for Graduates and Post-Grads: Get That Job

  1. 1. E mployability Skills for Graduates and Post- Graduates• 200 students between 2010 - 2012• 3 day bootcamps• Well over half of attendees got jobs soon after• Designed and delivered by Manjula Bray and Philippa Davies as consultants to Cardiff University, UK• Funded by HEFCW
  2. 2. What We Attended To…"If we get the mindset right, it is more likely to lead to skills being developed as a consequenceI think of mindset as a lens through which you see the world - and that lens can be adjusted."James Reed, Chairman of Reed International from survey of 800 employers. Times Higher Education supplement, Sept 2010
  3. 3. Aims Were: Feedback Said:• Market yourself effectively • ‘you’ve given us hope again’• Identify your personal preferences, • ‘I’m much more confident’ strengths and skills • ‘feel I’m not alone anymore –• Implement research strategies to and I’m alright’ anticipate the needs of employers • ‘much better cv’• Explore to the ‘hidden’ employment • ‘can handle any interview now’ market • ‘scales have fallen from my• Consider self employment eyes regarding networking’• Understand the key skills that • ‘much more definite idea of who employers want I’m selling’• Evidence and sell your unique qualities• Produce effective CVs and application forms• (i n t e r e s t i n g Create a realistic plan for your continuing search for employment d i ffer en ces h e r e !)
  4. 4. Programme• Day 1: Know Yourself: Psychometrics• Day 2: Recommend Yourself : Performance, presentation and networking• Day 3: Team Work and Entrepreneurship
  5. 5. Day I: PsychometricsJung-Type Indicator: to help identify strengths (or Myers-Briggs. www.jungtype.com)Schein Career Anchors: to help the ‘don’t knows’ get focussed ( www.careeranchorsonline.com)Belbin Team Roles: to help find language to describe team contribution (www.belbin.com)
  6. 6. Day 1: Strength ConversionContent - shape cv items & strengths into AAAs:• Assignment ( what situation was )• Action ( what you did)• Achievement ( what resulted – as quantified as possible)With aim of brain having mental carousel of these during job search
  7. 7. Day 2: Recommend Yourself • Presentation • Organization • Evidence
  8. 8. Day 2: Your Offer• What have been your life’s defining moments?• What gives you a buzz?• What does that convert to in what you offer people?• Can you get this down to a short intent, like a Google tagline?
  9. 9. Day 2: N etworkingWho can help?Who works?Who gossips and whereare they?Where would you liketo be?
  10. 10. Day 2: Stealth N etworking • 3 targets to action • Locate yourself right (hangout where people you would like to work with go) • Ask them for informal advice • Show what you do well online
  11. 11. Day 2: Bootcamp Your AnswersGive Assignment/Action/Achievement answers for• You as team player• You as problem – solver• You as ace learner
  12. 12. H ow Do You L ook? • Reassuring? Comfortable body language, eye contact, open expression • Enthusiastic? Responsive, lively, reactive • Like someone they’d like to see most mornings?
  13. 13. H ow Do You Sound?Breathe lowPauseWarm up your face muscles beforehandHave energy, enthusiasm and purpose in delivery
  14. 14. Does Your E vidence H ave• Vividness and clarity? Does it tap into the zeitgeist? (what employers believe they need currently)
  15. 15. Day 3: Team Playing• Team invent new product/service with assessment criteria of:2. Task engagement3. Can do attitude4. Communication5. Organization• Feedback given individually on a ‘theme to take forward…’ basis
  16. 16. Day 3: Motivation• Locus of control: to what extent do you believe you have self-efficacy? That you can make things happen…• Guest speakers on motivation and entrepreneurship
  17. 17. Follow-Up• Ning and facebook groups started by some grads and post- grads• Very visible increase in social networking from some participants : linked-in groups and twitter especially
  18. 18. Day 3: Resources• Worksheets• E-book• You tube video• Free resource at www.mrsmotivator.com from Philippa Davies and www.selectif.co.uk from Manjula Bray• Any queries please contact mrsmotiv@gmail.com