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Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
Managing social media
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Managing social media


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An introduction to managing social media.

An introduction to managing social media.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. The Strategic Social Media Plan
  • 2. The time for experimenting is past
    Now need structured approach to online management
    We need a process that we can recommend to clients
    Ensure that all the major issues have been covered
    Get to creating great campaigns without worrying if all the important things have been done
  • 3. 1. Have you got hygiene - the basics before you get too far in.
    2. Defense is the best form of attack - making sure your brand can't be hijacked
    3. Be valued for your values - and making sure you are loved for yourbrand and corporate values
    4. Watching you watching me - monitor, measure, evaluate and be able to share4. Developing cool objectives - to create the right form of heat.
    5. What strategies work for you - some things you may want to do andsome you had not thought about
    6. Spreading tactical crumbs - and capture your share of the £10billion internet bonanza
    7. Looking under the bonnet of what's new - is it bird, is it a planeand does it fly
    The Seven Steps
  • 4. Audit sites and passwords and review for opportunities
    List all the client web sites
    List al the client social media presence
    Look for any other online properties
    List all the people who tweet and blog and do stuff online for the company
    Here are some tools
    Look for all the people who add content about the company and make a list with comments.
    Set up alerts to monitor (
    Be sure you have experts legal and security people to hand (see appendix)
    A big audit is big (see appendix for some of the tools available)
    Basic Hygiene
  • 5. Register everything.
    Client need to register their name and brand across all social media sites (Wordpress & Blogger etc).
    You need to cover the major names/brands
    Need to keep access details and passwords
    Need to keep them very secret!!!!
    Don’t forget to register domain names
    Add the links
    In every social media location you need to describe the company/brand/person (e.g. CEO) and link back to the site/page that sells. Also cross link. Its good for SEO
    For the most part keep dark
    Add occasional stuff or automate (Friendfeed,,,
  • 6. What are your corporate/brand values
    You need these for
    meta tags,
    Copy , photo and design briefs
    To inform social media content
    Use values analysis
    To check your constituencies are contributing to reputation and not letting it drift.
    Values are key
  • 7. Not at the end of the campaign but all the time.
    Use Monitoring to see how well your values are doing and where
    Develop your ‘story’
    Create your target media
    Identify ambassadors
    Use monitoring to identify opportunities to
    Monitoring coverage (yours/competitors)
    Monitoring the media most valuable to your constituencies
    Join in the conversation
    Create/develop new constituencies
    Share your constituent’s contributions, knowledge an enthusiasm
    Monitor, Measure & Evaluate
  • 8. Do not use words like ‘tell’, ‘inform’, ‘drive’ (its the wrong mindset)
    Be ambitious
    Be as precise as possible (woolly is for sheep)
  • 9. Need for strategies to be articulated:
    Monitoring and evaluation strategies (not how, but what – online ‘how’ changes fast)
    Internal information and engagement
    Value chain/publics information/engagement
    Values and messages now, future and migration path
    Who converses with whom, when and where
    Issues escalation policies
    From Objectives to Strategies
  • 10. Yes... Yes.... Yes... We have all heard about Facebook and Twitter.
    Thinking about platforms and channels
    Platforms - laptop[, PC, mobile phone, digital TV, Games
    Channels – from usenet to Xbox Kinect
    Lots of others
    Mobile (and mobile apps)
    Tactical Objectives
    Need to know what each tactic will deliver to meet smart objectives
    Mix ‘n Match
    Social media is never about one channel it is always a combination
  • 11. A big list of Socail Media channels is here:
    The introduction to Social Media PR for charities is here
    Some more resources
  • 12. Web site and digital security
    Steve Armstrong,
    Provides services to helpachieve HMG List X approval
    Legal experts
    Jeremy Holt
    co-editor of "A Manager's Guide to IT Law"published in 2004
    Professional Professionals
  • 13. To cover all the media/channels may have to use automated methods for spreading the word.
    Needs to be carefully done
    Not same message to same constituencies
  • 14. A paper to help Charities enter the social media world:
    Some other helpful content
  • 15.
    Some resources – for when you go to work