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Teaching and Learning 2.0

Teaching and Learning 2.0

More in: Technology , Education
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  • 1. Trends for Teaching and Learning 2.0 Thoughts, Ideas and Reflections
  • 2. New Forces Blurring and blending the classroom, roles and expectations Mobility - movement, delivery, convenience, reconfigurations Socialization - networking Engagement - each other and technology The ‘Human’ touch Learning contracts
  • 3. The Focus or Shifting Paradigms Co-design Co-teach Co-learn Co-assess
  • 4. Our Choice? Adapt - INNOVATION? to new technologies to new perceptions, expectations, or Adopt - INNOVATION? new teaching environment learning spaces
  • 5. New Technologies Informal learning New/er technologies New/er forms of learning Different solutions and technologies
  • 6. New Pedagogies Collaborative learning Problem-based learning Team-based learning Active learning Pedagogies of engagement
  • 7. Technological Characteristics Shared knowledge Social tagging - “folksonomies” User-created content Social networking Examples include blogs, wikis, podcasts, videos, collaborative groups, shared spaces
  • 8. Literacy Address and enhance (whether Digital Native or Digital Immigrant) Information literacy Technological literacy Visual literacy
  • 9. Web 2.0 O’Reilly - coined term Web 2.0 7 Principles or Characteristics of Web 2.0
  • 10. The “Forces” Friedman - The World is Flat Gladwell - The Tipping Point, Blink EDUCAUSE - Educating the Net Generation EDUCAUSE - Learning Spaces Prensky - Digital natives, digital immigrants
  • 11. Teaching and Learning 2.0 Focus on collaboration Focus on information retrieval, knowledge construction Learning in an environment that is immersive, participatory, social and collaborative
  • 12. Future Directions New technology New terms or concepts New learners or approaches to learning New teaching
  • 13. Reasons Teaching and learning change in response to restructuring of world Teaching and learning change to empower individuals to compete and collaborate Teaching and learning provide lifelong immediate learning skills
  • 14. The Shift Teacher-centered to Learner-centered, to Learning-centered
  • 15. The Next Beginning Instead of teaching and learning for today, we are teaching and learning on the edge of tomorrow We teach for tomorrow’s learners