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Gregg Fraley

Gregg Fraley






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    Gregg Fraley Gregg Fraley Presentation Transcript

    • Innovation Foundations A keynote by the Author of Jack’s Notebook Finnovation 2008 November 20th, 2008 Buy this book Now Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Disclaimer • I’m not going to be politically correct • I apologize in advance if I offend any person or organization, there is no malice intended • This is my truth, and, there is more than one right answer Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Innovation • If it were easy everybody would do it • Innovation is holistic, we must “be” it, not “do” it • Best viewed as a complex challenge • Best process would be designed for complex problem solving Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • One Big Difference Between Motorola and Apple. Visionary Leadership. There is no substitute Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Under Past Leadership Apple looked like Motorola does now Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Once Upon a Time Now a visionary company without a visionary leader Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • RAZR Success Not Sustained Incidental innovation is an indication that something is right -- and something is wrong. Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Coping With Complexity • The “Four P’s” • Working a deliberate innovation process continuously • A Holistic Approach Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • The Four “P’s” Mel Rhodes, 1957 Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • People • Talent matters – Who is Jonathan Ive? • Diversity matters – Who is Michael Kirton? – Includes Consumers & Outside Experts • Training matters – What is CPS? • Practice matters – What is “IO?” Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Jonathan Ive is. . . A designer who makes a big difference Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Michael Kirton theorist of creativity • Adaptors think better • Innovators think different • You need both styles on Innovation teams • Myth: out-of-the- Created a measure of box thinking is all creative style, the you need KAI (Kirton Adaptor- Innovator Inventory) Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Suggestion • Assess your teams using measures like the KAI or the FourSight Online Measure • This will tell you if you have the right balance of: – Clarifiers – Ideators – Developers – Implementors Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • CPS is. . . The Osborn-Parnes Model of Creative Problem Solving Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • IO is. . . • Improv Olympics – Based in Chicago – Founder: Del Close • Three year journey to trusting my own spontaneous thought Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Product • Must be novel • Must be useful • Design – A key to perception of value • Work with consumers all the time to dialog regarding product ideas Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Press (Environment) • Leadership sets tone • Innovation should be part of all you do, not just products • If it’s not fun -- you’re not doing it right • Impacts the three other P’s Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Process • Innovation is informal • Innovation is “hosed” or augmented by other processes – Six Sigma! – Old Financial models – Toyota “kaizen” • CPS is designed for complexity • Idea Management is appropriate as the glue -- – gathering, recording, sorting, evaluating, preserving Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Idea Management Or Idea Pipeline Management • IPM Systems: – Save money – Make process continuous – Invite broader participation – Make efforts measurable – Work well with structured problem solving process Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • BrightIdea.com • Enabled Cisco to implement I-Prize competition • Experian grows revenue from 500M to 1B • Value of IPM is not just idea tracking -- it’s project mgmt. and financial tracking Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Overview of CPS The Osborn-Parnes model Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Overview of CPS The Osborn-Parnes model • Without structure problem solving tends to “spin” • CPS provides a structure to be spontaneous within • Serves well as a communication tool/common language Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Mel Rhodes, 1957 Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Summation • Somebody needs to be in charge of Innovation and needs to tend to all 4 “p’s” • It needs to be a continuous, deliberate, holistic effort – Informal efforts beget inconsistency • If you need process help, by all means get it! Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Deliberate Innovation Process Fly Through Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Step One: Objectives • You’ve got to have a dream • It’s not all about money • A business without soul dies • Innovation needs to be integral with all organizational goals Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Step Two: Facts • There is no substitute for knowing your market, consumers, customers inside out • And, you must be able to think for them, ahead of them, with them for breakthrough’s • Take facts and ask what they mean for the future… • Insights are more meaningful when projected into scenarios Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Step Three: Challenges • Framing the consumer need in fresh ways is a path to innovation • Researchers need to challenge assumptions to do more meaningful work Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Step Four: Ideation • Is not an event • It’s a way of living, breathing, thinking, being • EVERYONE inside, and many people outside, should be involved • And why not virtual? Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Open Innovation Means Open Ideation • P&G has been transformed by innovation glasnost • Cisco is doing open ideation, annually $250,000 prize, I- Prize • Adobe “Champion Showcase” • Ideation sessions are almost always better when outsiders participate Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Step Five: Solutions • Gets back to research • Refine ideas with consumers, iteratively, continuously • Requires its own round of ideation/problem solving • It’s about a complete solution Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Step Six: Action • Time waits for no man (or woman) • Failure is a good thing • Excitement internally first • Internal Operations/Logistics of product deployment is an opportunity area for researchers Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • The Bottom Line • Innovation springs from creativity • Creativity happens with talented people who are empowered • Leaders do the empowering • Diversity of thinking and market knowledge are pre-requisites • Structured process and idea management are essential • Passion and motivation can overcome a lot of other challenges Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley
    • Innovation Foundations A keynote by the Author of Jack’s Notebook Finnovation 2008 November 20th, 2008 Buy this book Now Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley