DPC2007 CodeGear, Delphi For PHP (Pawel Glowacki)


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Dutch PHP Conference 2007

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DPC2007 CodeGear, Delphi For PHP (Pawel Glowacki)

  1. 1. Where Developers Matter Delphi for PHP Paweł Głowacki Technical Evangelist Benelux / Italy / Spain pawel.glowacki@codegear.com
  2. 2. Agenda CodeGear Update Delphi for PHP VCL for PHP Demo Summary
  3. 3. CodeGear Update
  4. 4. CodeGear Dedicated 100% to developer community Focused on optimization of code, individual and team processes Breadth of technical innovation across languages and applications
  5. 5. CodeGear – Where Developers Matter 14th November Announcement • CodeGear – Formerly Borland’s Developer Tools Group – Expected to Become a Separate Wholly Owned Subsidiary • CEO Jim Douglas “Too many companies don’t think about quality in terms of the entire user experience..”
  6. 6. CodeGear Strategy Continue to deliver innovation for established, pervasive languages Provide innovative solutions for new languages and emerging applications Help developers leverage open source to increase productivity and create success Bring developers together in new ways to enable more productive communication and collaboration
  7. 7. CodeGear: 2007 So Far… Product innovations • JBuilder 2007 • Delphi for PHP • Delphi 2007 for Win32 Open source • Partnerships, collaboration, contributions • Eclipse Mylar, DLTK, MySQL, Indy, VCL for PHP, Fastcode, 20+ open-source projects in JBuilder
  8. 8. CodeGear: 2007 So Far… Developer outreach • CodeRage virtual developers conference • 60+ seminars worldwide • Webinars • New Developer Network & Web Site • www.codegear.com • dn.codegear.com
  9. 9. CodeGear Technologies Client/ ISV Server Enterprise Industrial SOA Sci/Eng Delphi Java Web C++ ASP.Net C#, Delphi, VB Glue Database Managed Ruby Compiled Code On Rails SQL Domain PHP Dynamic Scripting Specific
  10. 10. CodeGear Product Portfolio Client/ ISV Server Enterprise Industrial Delphi JBuilder SOA Sci/Eng Delphi Java Web C++ C++ Builder Delphi .Net ASP.Net C#, Delphi, VB Glue Database Managed Ruby Compiled Code InterBase On Rails RoR IDE technology SQL Domain PHP Dynamic Delphi for PHP Scripting Specific
  11. 11. Delphi for PHP
  12. 12. What is PHP? PHP stands for quot;PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor” Widely used, Open Source, general purpose scripting language A dynamic language that combines elements of Perl, C, and Java PHP code is executed on the server PHP is available on Windows, Linux, Solaris and other platforms
  13. 13. Delphi for PHP - Mission Offer Delphi/C++/VB developers an easy solution for Web Development Designed to help PHP developer to increase your development productivity Designed to help you blend Open Source Scripts/Libraries with commercial vendor products
  14. 14. PHP developers - Challenges No Visual RAD IDE(s) Lack of integrated debugging capabilities Many dissimilar frameworks and libraries Many different MVC implementations No component model standard Hard to create Web 2.0 interfaces using AJAX
  15. 15. Delphi for PHP RAD environment for PHP • First IDE with Visual development for PHP • Integrated PHP debugger • Integrated PHP Source Code Editor • Integrated Deployment Component Architecture • VCL for PHP • Create your components • Inherit from VCL for PHP • Wrap existing PHP libraries • Encapsulate script and HTML code
  16. 16. Visual RAD Development Delphi’s proven visual (RAD) framework for PHP accelerates development 12+ years of experience in component-based programming
  17. 17. Productivity gauge 4. IDE Integrations Wizards, editors and designers for increased productivity 3. Components Manipulate objects at design-time 2. Object-Orientation Object model hides complexity and enables code reuse 1. Procedural code Hard to reuse
  18. 18. VCL for PHP
  19. 19. What is VCL for PHP? Component Architecture for PHP Inspired on VCL for Delphi Set of components for RAD development 100% PHP 5 code Create/Integrate components into the IDE Based on popular OS PHP scripts/libraries
  20. 20. VCL for PHP and Open Source VCL for PHP VCL for PHP JS Calendar PHP Language Delphi Core IDE
  21. 21. VCL for PHP – Component Model Components contain: • Properties • Methods • Events • JavaScript Events
  22. 22. VCL for PHP Component Structure Object
  23. 23. VCL for PHP – Components Over 50 reusable components Seamless Ajax integration Extendable Database support Browsers supported • Internet Explorer • FireFox
  24. 24. Delphi for PHP Source Code Editor Write, debug, and execute PHP code Code Insight Code Explorer Code Templates
  25. 25. VCL for PHP - Internationalization Full I18N support for applications • Visual components • Gettext support Dictionary support for data-aware controls
  26. 26. Delphi for PHP - Application Deploy Integrated wizard for application deployment Automatically detects required files
  27. 27. Out-of-the-box database support DataExplorer for MySQL and InterBase • Drag-in-drop tables and fields Simple Database access through VCL for PHP components • Database, Table, Query, Stored Procedure Bundled InterBase Developer Edition • Native InterBase access • High performance
  28. 28. Delphi for PHP Demonstrations
  29. 29. Summary
  30. 30. Delphi for PHP – Free Trial http://www.codegear.com/downloads/free/delphiphp Free, fully functional 14 day trial Give it a try TODAY!!!
  31. 31. VCL for PHP is Open Source You can find the Source OpenSource library at http://vcl4php.sourceforge.net/
  32. 32. Delphi for PHP – Resources http://www.codegear.com/products/delphi/php http://dn.codegear.com http://www.qadram.com/vcl4php/ http://delphi-php.net/ Newsgroups (borland.public.delphiphp.*) Where to buy? Check CodeGear Partners
  33. 33. Questions & Answers
  34. 34. Thank you