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Singapore is an amazing destination which offers unmatched hospitality and latest, state of the art attractions, cuisine, shopping and many more!

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Things to do_in_singapore

  1. 1. Things to Do in SingaporeSingapore sizzle and dazzle with energy, youthfulness and is a modern country which offersa unique experience to the visitors.Singapore is an unique and modern destination which offers unmatched hospitality; state ofthe art man made attractions; amazing food; rich cultural fusion of entire south Asia; allcombined perfectly to create a glitzy, trendy tourist destination. Singapore, a small islandnation is located at a critical geographic position in South Asia and as a result is an uniquemelting pot of Indian, Chinese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian culture. The Singapore’s unique sellingpoint is its unique man made attractions like Sentosa Island, Singapore Hi-Flyer, Night Safarietc and its professional hospitality and ancillary services add up its charm. One amazingobservation; Singapore, despite lacking any natural attractions, manages to build amazingartificial attractions and have marketed them very efficiently and effectively. This has resultedin huge tourist footfalls in Singapore and why not! When amazing attractions like UnderwaterWorld, Jurong Bird Park, Night safari and Resorts World Sentosa provide memorableexperiences. Spend time admiring the Singapore skyline from Singapore Hi-flyer or see thepulsating Singapore Night F1 race; Get thrilled in the Night Safari or swim with magnificentsharks in the Underwater World, whatever you do, this country will always charm you with itsunique fusion culture, state of the art technology, efficient hospitality and services and top ofthe world amazing attractions which strive hard to offer you the value for money experiences.That is why; the country takes pride by calling it “Your Singapore”. Singapore enjoys tropicalclimate round the year. The average maximum temperature hovers around 32°C while theaverage minimum temperature does not go beyond 23°C. Average relative humidity remainsconstant between 70 to 80 percent. Singapore being multicultural and located in a criticaljunction of Southeast Asia has the influence of entire region in its distinctive cuisine. Singaporehas successfully carved a special place in the world for its unique and innovative cuisine.Singapore’s has five predominantly and distinctive cuisines – Indian, Malay, Thai, Chinese andIndonesian.Singapore destination has lots of attractions meant for all segments of tourist. Singapore’sattraction offers high quality experience and is renowned for its management and quality. Visitthe Night Safari which is an Amazing tourist attraction of Singapore. Watch various animals intheir natural location at night and get enthralled by amazing performances of pyrotechnics,Tribal Dance and fire eating and much more. Visit the Singapore Hi-Flyer and enjoy a joy ride inthe World’s Largest Observation Wheel – Singapore Flyer. Visit the Jurong Bird Park and learna great deal about rare species of birds. Get amazed by watching various bird performances.
  2. 2. See the Universal Studio is one of the popular tourist attractions of Singapore. Visit the uniqueworld of fun, entertainment, thrill and excitement in Asia’s second universal Studios. EnjoySentosa Island, Singapore’s entertainment and hospitality hub. Visit some great theme parksand get enthralled by some amazing performances. 3 in 1 Hippo Tour is a unique way of seeingSingapore and enjoy duck tour, an amphibious city bus tour. Singapore offers so much thatone visit is not enough, you will have to come here again. It is the charm of its culture,traditions and some amazing artificial attractions and activities will attract you again towardsSingapore. Enjoy the attractions and activities of Singapore and have an unmatchedexperience of your entire life.The information in the article is provided by dpauls tour and travel that offer SingaporePackages and Singapore Sightseeing tours at best prices. Get best deals on honeymoonPackages and holiday packages at