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How Understanding Your Audience's Mindset Will Drive More Engaging Relationships
Tuesday, September 17, 2013
2:00pm – 4:30pm MDT (Followed by Cocktail Reception)
Edmonton, AB

Designed especially for marketing leaders, this event will provide an overview of marketing in the digital landscape and actionable information about how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions can be a critical part of your company's marketing mix.

Gain unique insights from LinkedIn's experts that will help you understand how to leverage LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and seamlessly integrate them into your business.

Network with other marketing leaders to share insights and expertise.


• 2:00 - 2:30pm: Registration
• 2:30 - 3:30pm: How Understanding Your Audience's Mindset Will Drive More Engaging Relationships
• 3:30 - 4:30pm: Building Your Brand on LinkedIn
• 4:30 - 5:30pm: Cocktail Reception and Networking


Edmonton EXPO Centre
7515 116 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5B 4X5
Mtg Room: 105 & 106

Featured Speaker:

Jason Miller
Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Social

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • So, what else are they doing?They are reading news, following thought leaders and influencers, participating in groups, there are activities they are undertaking which are professionally oriented. Like, looking for leads, finding references for business opportunities.
  • “Sell Something and You Make a Customer Today. Help Someone and You Create a Customer for Life” – Jay BaerChange the mantra of “Always be Closing” to “Always be Helping” and in order to be helpful marketers need remarkable contentMarketers need to make this change due to the shift in how professionals engage with each other, brands and services.Buyers are now in control. They’re tired of being sold to. By helping you are better able to build a relationship with them. All other things being equal, people are more likely to buy from a company with whom they have a relationship. Building a relationship requires you to create remarkable content that people love. Mediocre content won’t get the job done. Remarkable content is content that inform, educate and inspireJay Baer Quotes – Jay will be keynoting the day before and recently published his new book Youtility which is all about this mentality:“The Difference Betweent Helping and Selling is Just 2 Letters” – Jay Baer“Sell Something and You Make a Customer Today. Help Someone and You Create a Customer for Life” – Jay Baer
  • Having great content isn’t enough – Marketers also need to understand context.On LinkedIn, the context is professional and aspirationalMarketers who match their remarkable content messaging to the aspirational mindset on professional networks will deepen relationships and have a much larger impact on their target audience.If you’re genuinely helping customers be more productive and successful, they will line up to consume your content again and again, and you will in turn build relationships and ultimately earn their trust and consideration
  • Buyer behavior has shifted dramatically since the onset of the social eraBuyers are in control; they’re highly skeptical and fed up with companies talking about themselves. Buyers are 60% of the way thru their purchase process before they initiate contact with companiesBut buyers want and need information relevant to their important business and personal decisionsSo you need to help them, not sell to them. This will help you build relationships early and stay top of mind.
  • There’s clearly an Opportunity to deliver a much better Content Experience 
  • The Irrelevant Content Journey (The Mask)Constantly bombarded with marketing messages that hit and miss in regards to relevance. It’s a terrible experience that is only getting worse.That means creating compelling content that speaks directly to your target audience. Or, in the words of online marketing expert Bryan Eisenberg, ”speak to the dog, in the language of the dog, about what matters to the heart of the dog.” ( can yield a much better experience by delivering content that understands the motivations behind one's thoughts or behavior.
  • Tactic 1: Customers first approach.
  • River Pools, for example, grew their company from almost out of business to the largest pool seller in the US in four years. They set up a blog an used it to answer the most frequently asked questions, which then became a popular e-book. Now, 75% of their customers complete a purchase without ever talking to a real person.The atomic half-life of content is much longer than that of advertising; your content pays off far after you’ve created it.
  • Tactic 2: Creating an emotional relationship with content. Connecting emotionally
  • Tactic 3: Inbound + Outbount
  • Innovative content does not need a billion dollars, or global brand recognition, or a situation monitoring room. I never miss an Ann Handley session. She’s my go-to content marketing expert for inspiration and original ideas. Ann’s presentation showcased several examples of how seeding your content with inspiration and honesty that’s empathetic is the best type of content that will attract customers. One of the best examples she referenced is Lowe’s “Fix in Six” campaign. She points out how Lowe’s uses six second Vine videos to illustrate home improvement hacks. Doing so attracts customers and keeps the brand top of mind. The next time those folks need to make a purchase, they are likely to go directly to Lowe’s because they have built a relationship with the brand online.  Ann also hit home with me as she talked about how inspiration is all around us and that content innovation comes from our environment. She suggests finding that thing that inspires you and applying it to your industry as a great tactic for content innovation. I have a background and love for music, so I have found success in bridging the two and applying it to some of the content that I create in the B2B world. It’s an easy way to add personality and originality to content while not taking yourself too seriously, which I have found to be a winning combination.
  • MarketoLowes Example
  • MarketoLowes Example
  • 18K views on Slideshare alone, not counting the other places. Slideshare introduced new optimized viewing for Infographics.
  • Rel authorInfluencersLittle Bird
  • If you’re genuinely helping customers be more productive and successful, they will line up to consume your content again and again, and you will in turn build relationships and ultimately earn their trust and considerationKD Lang sums up all of our desires in this late 90s hit and that can play into your content strategy
  • Repurpose, reimagine don’t just hand it down. Pre-loved content. There’s always another audience waiting for it.
  • Another Big Key to Relevance is being Real Time and we have identified three types of content examples.
  • Another Big Key to Relevance is being Real Time and we have identified three types of content examples.
  • Content that’s Waiting for the MomentA content repository is a crucial part of the marketer’s playbook. This content may be evergreen, and with better targeting can be extremely relevant. Marketo, Openview Partners, and Kissmetrics all have substantial content repositoriesKeeps content organized and eliminates the problem of having content scattered across your website. Hosted, categorized, optimized, searchable, ready to be deployed at a moments notice in a variety of formats. In addition to being a publishing channel, SlideShare can also act as content library/ repository with the added benefits of being embedable, sharable, and trackable. Links to examples above: Openview Partners
  • Content that’s In the Moment, for the MomentArriving late to the conversation means you’ve missed your opportunityDelivering content that capitalizes on buzz in real-time is tough. Here’s where social listening tools become even more valuable.When one Twitter user joked that a bit of pigeon excrement had totaled a smart car, some number crunching led to the calculation that it would actually take 4.5 million pigeon “craps” to do in the Tridion Safety Cell, which provides the main structure of the car. When an infographic with this research was tweeted, everyone from Buzzfeed to Mashable picked up the story. It even hit the top spot on Reddit twice in a 24-hour span. Almost overnight, this “Humor the Haters” social media campaign turned negative comments about the Smart USA brand into respect.Virgin Holidays launched a great piece of content marketing when gay marriage passedTide had some great In the Moment content during Shark Week
  • Content that’s Anticipating the MomentPredictive analytics allows companies to make better decisions on what marketing content to run, where to run it, and who to target it to. Predictive analytics also helps suggest products customers might like, figures out what devices to optimize your campaign for, and devises the most effective calls to action for driving sales.Predictive publishing helps shape your message and allows you to angle it onto the social net­work pond in such a way that you will get the most skips (reposts) of your effort. What’s more, those messages will drive your target to action.Example: TrendIn – Predicting where conversations are heading within LinkedIn based on insights around the data that is being consumed.
  • Imagine being able to predict the next trend that matters to your customers and prospects, create content that addresses that trend, and beat your competitors to the punch. It will be like Minority Report, the movie with Tom Cruise.
  • Hello, my name is Leah Sparks and I’m your Account Executive with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.I’m happy to be back in AB, I love the mountains. I used to live in Canmore for 3 years, so Alberta is close to my heart. Today I’m going to talk about how social solutions can drive business results and what LinkedIn is doing in the marketing landscape. But even more importantly, I’ll share interesting take-aways thatwill benefit all of you.
  • Earliest Adopter – The first person to sign up and create a profile on LinkedInMost Connected– The person with the most 1st degree connectionsMost Popular– The person whose profile was viewed the most in the past 30 daysMost Endorsed – The person with the most total endorsements
  • I want to start with this map because its pretty cool. And I’m showing this map for a reason.When you come to visit LinkedIn you will see these spaghetti looking images that each of us have hanging at our desks.I became a LinkedIn member 2 years ago, been with LinkedIn for just over a year, and this is a visual depiction of my 1000+ connections on LinkedIn.Each dot is an individual. Each of these lines represents how I’m connected to this person, and how they are connected into my broader network.I’ve taken the liberty to label mine. LinkedIn Alberta Clientele…And if you hoover with your mouse over each dot the map will actual show you who that person is.Pretty neat.Get your personalized map at the url below. Amazing to see how your network is intertwined. It’s also a great conversation starter.
  • I want to start with our vision – to create an economic opportunity for all professionals around the globe.Today LinkedIn has over 7 million professionals in Canada alone. Almost 70% of the Canadian workforce is now on LinkedIn.It is the largest professional network in the world.LinkedIn’s mission. We help companies and professionals be more productive and successful. In every stage of their development.
  • In order to do that, we’ve invested in what we call our key content properties: Our influencer’s productOur group productOur news product And our Slideshare acquisitionThese content properties deliver expert insights and help make professionals better at the job that they currently have.
  • You heardin the previous presentation, Thereis a common misconception that LinkedIn is a job site. There has been a major shift. Our members are consuming 6x more Content than Jobs.It’s clear there is value on LinkedIn beyond the job hunt.
  • Over the last couple of years, LinkedIn has become a content marketing powerhouse.We have one of the largest sources of business content on the web – period. More so than companies that have been in business for a long time, publishing business content.You can see here, that LinkedIn has 160 million unique monthly views. Even if you combine all three of these properties, LinkedIn is still king.We are now a major player in the content marketing arena.So, with that, I want to delve a little bit deeper into some of these properties.
  • I’ll start with a product that we launched a few months ago – that I love – and that’s our LinkedIn Influencers product.It allows our members to follow an exclusive group of Influencers and thought leaders who are sharing their knowledge and insights with our 200 million members. We started with 150 high-quality business luminaries on our influencers program. People like Barak Obama, Martha Stewart and Richard Branson.Collectively, these influencers have already posted thousands of original posts on LinkedIn. And these conversations are taking place across the world.
  • Influencers are able to do something special, they are able to post long form content – well beyond 140 characters – to really communicate what’s on their mind. It can be a full multimedia experience.One of the best aspects of the influencer program is that you follow real thought leaders in the business industry. People who are in executive roles today, who haven’t had the platform to communicate to a mass audience – before now.
  • And it’s not just people like Richard Branson who are business celebrities.You can read content from the CEO of IDEO, the CEO of Intuit – experts that you don’t normally hear from when they’re still in their operating roles. At the top of their game. And this is something that only LinkedIn can offer.I encourage you to check out our influencers and choose one that is of interest to you!I just started following Jim Cramer, the guy from Mad Money.
  • Groups are another core product for LinkedIn. There are now over 1.3M groups on the LinkedIn platform. There are so many, because there really is a group for everyone.
  • Looking at the names of the groups and the members within them, you see this incredible diversity.The intent of LinkedIn groups is to enable very specific conversations around your particular profession.And you see high quality conversations – most of which are very strategic and niche.
  • In this case you have a CIO asking a question around a strategy. Anyone herefamiliar with ITIL? I’m not, but that’s the point of groups. Extrodinary that the CIO network has almost 70,000 members. Most impressive is how Lou’s question about ITILgenerated 115 comments in just one month.Groups are valuable to the people who are in them, because they’re having conversations in their language. Around topics that are important to them. They are receivingadvice to help them be better at the job they have today.
  • The 3rd content property that we’ve invested in is Slideshare.The working language of business today is presentations. With the acquisition of Slideshare, LinkedIn was able to acquire the largest collection of presentations – anywhere.There are over 9 million presentations on Slideshare, providing rich content and a powerful marketing tool.
  • While the audience interested in learning about how to scale XenRackspace Cloud Servers may not be large, (again, not sure what Xen is, sounds like a Samari Ninja to me)SlideShare provided 43,000 views against this specialized, hard-to-reach target audience. Only LinkedIn can take all this content – and connect that information with the right people.
  • And, finally, LinkedIn Today. LinkedIn today is our news product, and it starts with our share button. But LinkedIn’s share button is very different from regular share button you’ve experienced. With most, you click and it shares to your network. You see news being consumed by people that are immediately connected to you.
  • But LinkedIn does one more thing – and that’s what makes it powerful.We take all the accurate and authentic data from your profile, your title, the industry you work in, what your peers are readingand serve you a tailored content experience.
  • And the information is different depending on your job. A sales director’s LinkedIn Today is different from a PR executive’s. Each has a news feed specifically targeted to them. And that’sincredibly powerful for driving tailored marketing. You can see this in action if you hack into to a friends or spouses LinkedIn today. (okay, I don’t encourage you to hack, but ask nicely) If you put the computer screens side by side, you will see the difference.It’s like receiving a newspaper made for you, allowing you to cut through the noise.
  • Over the past couple of years, with our investment in these key 4 content properties, we’ve gone from something that people think about as a place to connect to career opportunities, to one of the largest content publishers and distributors on the web.So what are the shifts on LinkedIn that caused this trend?And what’s in it for marketers? The first shift is that Linkedin looks very different.
  • We’ve spent quite a bit of effort to simplify the experience and create this rich feed-based homepage. We’ve put the content from publishersand the content from marketers upfront and center.
  • The second primary change, is the incredible amount of data that we have on LinkedIn. In example of that, is our recent endorsements product. Who is familiar with this?Awesome. So you know its highly addictive. Those of you that aren’t this is a recommendation at the click of a button.One of my colleagues has Awesomeness listed as a skillset, and she has received over 25 endorsements.Since we rolled out this product, we’ve had 500 million endorsements. Let’s think about this. In order to endorse someone you need to go to that persons profile, find the specific skill and click. Our member have done this 500 million times. So, when you think about the vast amount of data that it takes to make a more relevant experience for our users, whether it’s news, comments or influencer posts, We areable to combine all of this data and make a highly engaging and taillored experience.And that’s the really exciting aspect of what we do.
  • And the last trend, and most certainly not the least impactful is the advance of mobile. Everyone in the room knows about the mobile trend (I hope your ringers are off).Mobile has been key to this transition of Linkedin and Content.
  • We work everywhere our members work and we are part of their everyday.Desktop, Ipad, Smart Phone.And what we find here – usage of LinkedIn ipad vs desktop – and it shows that our members are very active throughout the day.We see a spike in the morning on ipad then it trails off as our members reach the office at 9. Then desktop use picks up.And declines when the work day ends at 5. Then the ipad use peaks at 10pm, long past working hours.The move to mobilehas really been fantastic for us at LinkedIn.
  • How does a marketer take advantage of LinkedIn’s mobile ability? This is how! Get in front of the mobile audience.Our content flows across the screen and network.You can send updates to your follower base, they’ll consume on their mobile devices – and from there they can like, comment and share that content through their network providing the multiplier effect as more consume share content.
  • Why LinkedIn?Brands that engage on LinkedIn - drive relationships and superior results!LinkedIn company followers are 2X more likely to purchase & recommend than non-followersLinkedIn is 4x better for B2B conversions vs. Twitter and FB, and generates 3x more leads than FB And halfof our members are more likely to purchase from a company that is more engaged with its followers. Our clients have seen success with the formula Audience + Context = Results
  • So how do marketers take advantage most effectively? LinkedIn has a proven model for successfully engaging professionals.
  • Our core Engagement framework has 3 componentsThe first is to “Create a Presence”. How? by building your Company Page and by establishing or sponsoring a GroupThen…you want to Attract an Audience to your Company Page & Group with Targeted media like Display Ads or Follower Ads (which encourage members to Follow your Company or Group).Once they are a follower, you can communicate with them for a life, as often as you want, with whatever messaging you’d like. It’s like having your own professional database on LinkedIn.Lastly, You want to Engage that audiencewith Content How? With Company Status updates that are sent to your Followers newsfeed. And with Content Ads that enable you to embed rich media like videos or whitepapers.Or our new product that we are launching late July, which are Sponsored Status Updates that is content that goes directlyto your targets audiences news feed.LinkedIn allows your brand to engage in meaningful conversations with your target audience through a combination of paid and owned media. And all you have to do is follow these 3 steps: Create a Presence, Attract an Audience, and Engage with Content.
  • For each component, the underlying LinkedIn platform delivers Amplification, because the members’ social gestures – liking, commenting, and sharing – can be visible to their entire network.For example. If I comment on a company status update, my entire network of over 1000+ can see my comment and will be enticed to follow your company. And throughout, LinkedIn can offer rich data and insights to help marketers analyze and refine their strategy.
  • So, where does it begin? This first step is building a company page. Essentially this your mini website on LinkedIn. We have almost 3 million company pages. Who here has a company page? More importantly, who here does NOT have a LinkedIn company page?I have a little bit of work to do! First, you want to first fill out each tab. Home, which is general information about your company. It also houses your newsfeed of company status updates.Product & Services tab – which you could imagine, features information about you Product & Services, where our members can recommend them.Insights – we do the work – and provide insights into your employees.Here is an example of an optimized company page in your market. ResponseTek is one of my clients and has done a fantastic job with their presence on LinkedIn.
  • After you have your company page completed, you want to send out company status updates to your Followers (who are your brand ambassadors).Here is an example of a successful company status update from PCL (again a client in your market). PCL, sent this company status update about “Engaging and useful content” And in 1 day it received:12 likes, 2 comments And almost 13,000 impressions with their audience. Amazing.We recommend one engaging company status update a week from your company page.
  • This is a perfect example of a client that has successfully leveraged of the LinkedIn platformCathay Pacific’s objective was to increase brand awareness and to reach ppl who fly business class between US and AsiaOur Solution?• Display Ads, And Sponsored Polls – targeted to groups related to business travel in AsiaWe even have a “BusinessTraveler” Segment on LinkedIn. Results1,324 responses from sponsored polls97 recommendations from Recommendation Ads
  • The result was a very successful campaign, high click through rates and a very satisfied customer who knew they had reached their target Here’s what Cathay Pacific has to say
  • Now lets look at the Marketing Solutions that help make LinkedIn so successful. Here is our product placemat. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions offers 3 Types of products:Core ProductsSocial ProductsAPI and Off-Platform Solutions Spanning throughout all 3 solutions is LinkedIn’s precise targeting capabilities using authentic profile data.Off platform application that leverages the LinkedIn platform. Sign into an app using a LinkedIn Log-in. Tailored brand experience that simplifies the need for members to enter additional data. More than happy to go into more depth about our products at a later time and how you can build your business on LinkedIn.
  • Our second performance product is Slideshare Content ads. Slideshare Content Ads enable you to distribute SlideShare presentations with embedded lead gen forms in our high impact 300x250 banner ads that run throughout the LinkedIn desktop site. This is a great way to extend the reach of your Slideshare presentations, drive leads, and also jumpstart viral sharing by making your content more discoverable.The engagement rates with these ad units are very high (average 0.50%) because of the visual and engaging nature of the ad units. Additionally, members can expand and view the presentations without leaving the page they are on, which makes it a very natural user flow and reduces drop out. You can still embed the lead collection form within the expanded view of the presentation.
  • Finally, you can use Sponsored InMails to deliver high impact personalized offers to the LinkedIn Inbox of your target audience. Your message will stand out because members can only receive 1 Sponsored InMail per 60 days from any company. Members will be notified that they’ve received your message both at the top of their homepage and in their LinkedIn InBox (they do not receive an email notification). Imagine if you were sending your audience a mail piece and it was the only envelope in their mailbox for two months. They would be much more likely to read it. That is why we see open rates of 20-30% on Sponsored InMails.Within the message, you can customize the CTA and have prominent CTA buttons to drive responses.To further personalize the communication, you can even send the offer from a specific person at your company, which gives your message a very personal touch and results in even higher open and conversion rates.
  • Sponsored Updates extendthe reach of your content to any target audience on LinkedIn (both Followers AND non-Followers).You also gain valuable earned reach when members like, share, or comment on your content, distributing it to their 1st degree connections.
  • The combination of Sponsored InMail, Display, and Sponsored Updates drives incremental engagement.InMail campaigns that were retargeted to members who were recently exposed to display had 2x+ the open rate vs. a control group that was not exposed to display. In fact, we recently analyzed the results of 10 pilot customers who ran both Display and Sponsored Updates simultaneously and we found that members who were exposed to both had a 25%+ lift in CTR on their Sponsored Updates and display CTRs remained the same.
  • Another scary looking slide. Don’t worry I’ll break it down for you.Here is what a report looks like when you advertise on LinkedIn. My clients love this incredible data. We give you deep insights on your audience and who your ad is resonating with And what’s really cool is that when you have a campaign with LinkedIn we receive this reporting bi-weekly and can optimize as the analytics come in. For example, top left … My clients understand their audience and in some cases, learned of new audiences to tap into
  • In the spirit of stats….Lets talk about AB.Out of LinkedIn Canada’s over 7 Million members.Edmonton has 222,000 membersAB has 732,000 membersNot bad Edmonton. When I started at LinkedIn a year ago Edmonton membership was at 165,000. Remember these are educated, influential and affluent professionals. Like yourselves. That you can reach right now on LinkedIn.
  • Top industries that are most common with our Alberta members.Oil & Energy (not surprising)ConstructionHospital & Health Higher EducationGovernmentetc.On a side note, we have the ability to target by industry on LinkedIn
  • Alberta is really in!Alberta members have 24% higher usage than the average Canadian member.6% higher propensity to use mobile.
  • Most followed companies. Many who are our clients.Top 5 companies followed by Edmonton members are:The City of EdmontonSuncorShell Government of AlbertaWorley ParsonsUniversity of AlbertaEnbridgeCanadian Natural ResourcesCenovusAnd – not surprising, as you see the trend…We have the ability on LinkedIn to target by company.
  • Most popular groups include:Oil & Gas PeopleAPEGAUniversity of Alberta AlumniLinking EdmontonNAIT AlumniThe City of Edmonton(to name a few)And yes, we can target members in Groups on LinkedIn.
  • Most followed companies. Many who are our clients. Education and Tech are leaders.Top 5 companies followed by Vancouver members are:LululemonAthleticaThe University of British ColumbiaGoogleMicrosoftAppleTelusBC HydroElectronic ArtsSauder School of BusinessAnd – not surprising, as you see the trend…We have the ability on LinkedIn to target by company.
  • And here are our enterprise clients on LinkedIn. I hope you recognize at least a few of these.
  • And it’s not just National clientele.We’re in Alberta. I could only fit 25 companies on this slide. We can scale your campaign Global, National, Local. Whatever your business need there is a LinkedIn Marketing Solution for you!And you can contact me directly for your customized campaign.
  • To reiterate. Marketers build relationships on LinkedIn by accurately targeting to deliver relevant content.LinkedIn is not just about another campaign or another product launch, even though we embrace those things. Brands are able to build relationships by using LinkedIn to Target, Publish and Extend.
  • Thank you for your time and patience this afternoon. I’d like to bring Gary back up to the stage and open the floor to questions.
  • InEdmonton LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Event 09.17.2013

    1. 1. How Understanding Your Audience's Mindset Will Drive More Engaging Relationships
    2. 2. Marketing Solutions 10 Tactics to Turn Your Content Marketing Up to Eleven Jason Miller Sr. Content Marketing Manager
    3. 3. 60% through decision making process Discover Explore Select Advocate 3
    4. 4. Changing the mantra from always be closing to always be helping 4
    5. 5. 5 Marketers Audience Content Relationship
    6. 6. 6 50%87% Use social media for content distribution Effectiveness rating
    7. 7. XX%
    8. 8. Speak to the dog, in the language of the dog, about what’s in the heart of the dog. – Roy Williams
    9. 9. “Everything I do, I do it for you” 10
    10. 10. Helping Not Selling 11
    11. 11. 75% of their customers complete a purchase without ever talking to a real person. 12
    12. 12. “Closer to the Heart” 13
    13. 13. Useful x Enjoyable x Inspired = Innovative Content Ann Handley’s formula:
    14. 14. Useful x Enjoyable x Inspired = Innovative Content Multiplication signs are key. (Thank you, Doug Kessler.)
    15. 15. “Born to be Wild” 16
    16. 16. Inbound + Outbound = Awesomeness
    17. 17. “The Big Money” 18
    18. 18. Lowe’s Fix in Six 19
    19. 19. for the Frugal Content Marketer 20
    20. 20. “These Eyes” 21
    21. 21. Visual Kicks Texts A** 22 328,000Views!
    22. 22. Gets it
    23. 23. The Infographic is not Dead. Claiming that Something is Dead, is.
    24. 24. “I’m Your Man” 25
    25. 25. Claim Your Content with Google Authorship:
    26. 26. “Constant Craving” 27
    27. 27. Blogging Food Groups Categories of Content Content Specifics Raisin Bran content: The basic, everyday content that you can dish out quickly How-to posts (e.g. SU videos) Sharing Influencer/ third-party posts Useful, relevant topics for marketers Repurposing of old content Spinach content: The stuff that’s good for you, even if it’s difficult to chew Thought leadership pieces Guest Topics/ Blog Posts Case Studies Roasts: The valuable, time-consuming projects that leave your guests begging for more Strategic research and analysis LI MKTG Trends POVs Big Rock content Chocolate cake content: Everyone wants a second piece of this sweet treat Light-hearted, easily-digestible content Cultural content (e.g. Day in the Life) Amusing videos, graphics, stories Tabasco* content: Sometimes you just need a little fire on the tongue Bold statements with strong POV Thought leadership pieces Calculated and strategic The Blogging Food Groups Categories
    28. 28. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Raisin Bran Spinach Roast Raisin Bran Spinach Roast Raisin Bran Spinach Tabasco Raisin Bran Chocolate Cake Raisin Bran Spinach LMS Blog Content Calendar
    29. 29. “Hand Me Down World” 30
    30. 30. Repurpose, Repurpose, then Repurpose Some More
    31. 31. “A New Day Has Come” 32
    32. 32. Social Signals Influence Google
    33. 33. “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” 34
    34. 34. If we need that extra push, we go to eleven…”
    35. 35. 3 types of real time content
    36. 36. Waiting for the moment
    37. 37. In the moment
    38. 38. Anticipating the moment Catching trending topics Defining content strategy Time period Popularity
    39. 39. What is LinkedIn doing to advance relevance? 41 Highlight types of content Quantify content influence Provide recommendations
    40. 40. How can I Measure Success? 42
    41. 41. Social Engagement Increased referral traffic How do you know if your content strategy is working? 43 Higher quality leads
    42. 42. Leah Sparks Account Executive, Global Marketing Solutions LinkedIn Canada
    43. 43. Edmonton Most Popular Most Endorsed Earliest Adopter Most Connected Shelley Henschel Brad Prince Richard Buchfink Kevin Weidlich
    44. 44. LinkedIn Canada LinkedIn Alberta Clientele Media Professionals LinkedIn BC Clientele LinkedIn International
    45. 45. Our Vision. Create economic opportunity for every professional in the world
    46. 46. Influencers News Groups Slideshare 4 Key Content Properties
    47. 47. Jobs Jobs Content
    48. 48. 0 20,000,000 40,000,000 60,000,000 80,000,000 100,000,000 120,000,000 140,000,000 160,000,000 180,000,000 LinkedIn Global Monthly Uniques
    49. 49. Influencers 1Nobel Prize Winner 2M+People Follows 1MacArthur “Genius” 29 NYT Best Seller books 11 Countries
    50. 50. Groups 1.3Mgroups
    51. 51. A Truckload, Trucking, Logistics, Supply Chain group The CIO Network group The CPG Supergroup The Rotary Kiln Refractory Problems and Solutions group
    52. 52. CIO Network MEMBERS 67,551 Lou Marcoccio A CIO and IT advisor Many CIOs are abandoning ITIL, while others use it religiously. Is it still appropriate and why? 1 month ago See all 115 comments >>
    53. 53. Slideshare 9M+Content Upload
    54. 54. 43K Views
    55. 55. LinkedIn Today
    56. 56. Who’s clicking Where they work Company’s size Industry Title Education Tailored Content Experience.
    57. 57. Relevance driven by your professional profile Sales director Public relations exec VS.
    58. 58. One of the Largest Content Publishers on the web.
    59. 59. Working everywhere our members work
    60. 60. From coffee to couch. Everyday. iPad12am 1am 2am 3am 4am 5am 6am 7am 8am 9am 10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 5pm 6pm 7pm 9pm 10pm 11pm Desktop
    61. 61. Content flows across screens
    62. 62. 2x more likely to purchase and recommend1 Company Followers 4x better vs. Twitter and Facebook2 B2B Conversions 50% are more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn3 Company Presence Sources: 1. Client Follower research study in the U.S., 2012; 2. Hubspot study of 3,128 B2B companies in 2011; 3. LinkedIn Follower Research, 2012
    63. 63. What does LinkedIn's content ecosystem mean for marketers?
    64. 64. Engage with Content Attract an Audience Create a Presence Company Page Groups Followers Targeted Media Company Status Updates InMails Content Ads Sponsored Updates
    65. 65. ANALYZE AND REFINE Data, Insights and Analytics AMPLIFY Followers, Status Updates, Plugins, Sharing, Recommendation Ads
    66. 66. Start by establishing your company presence 2.8M+ Active Company Pages
    67. 67. Send targeted updates
    68. 68. 7MM+ Professional Members Small & Medium Business Professionals Business Decision Makers Financial Service Professionals Sales Professionals Marketing Professionals Startup Professionals Corporate Executives IT Professionals Career Changers Professionals working at companies between 50 and 500 employees Directors & above at a company of any size Finance Professionals, or those who work in the Financial Services Industry Professionals whose job function is Sales Marketing Professionals, or those who work in the Marketing & Advertising Industry Professionals working at companies with 1-50 employees Directors & above at companies with more than 500 employees Professionals whose job function is IT or Engineering Professionals who have changed positions or employers in the last 60 days Job Function Gender Industry # of Connections Company Size DMA Seniority Age Job Title Customized Segment Run of Professionals InCrowds Custom Audience Segments Additional Segments Business Travelers Opinion Leaders Influencers
    69. 69. Target the customer you need to reach “We knew we needed to advertise where business people – and especially the business travelers – are going to be. They’re on LinkedIn.” Dennis Owen VP Marketing Americas, Cathay Pacific Airways
    70. 70. Company Pages Social Ad: Follow Company Social Ad: Recommendation Ads Groups Social Ad: Join Group APIs/Plug-Ins Custom Executions built by LinkedIn Certified Developers (CDP) Mobile iPad Slideshare BlueKai Social API / Off-Platform Precise Targeting Authentic Profile Data Standard Display Ads 300x250, 1x1 text link, 728x90, 160x600 Content Ads Polls Sponsored InMails Sponsored Status Updates Core
    71. 71. Highly-Targeted Display Advertising Easytoplace. Hardtomiss. Hitsthetarget. Reach your audience through prominently placed, high impact ad units across LinkedIn
    72. 72. • Multiple tabs to share content • Include videos, tweets, blogs, White paper downloads • Targetable to all audiences • Shareable • More content ad examples: LinkedIn Shareable Content/ Expandable Ads
    73. 73. Extend Reach  Distribute your presentations and video to your target audience Collect Leads  Efficient lead collection with embedded lead form Reduce Drop-off  Users consume the content without leaving LinkedIn Collect leads through SlideShare content with embedded lead forms
    74. 74. Deliver personal messages  Uncluttered Inbox experience  Members receive 1 Sponsored InMail every 60 days Utilize creative formats  Video and rich media Drive actions  Customize the call-to-action  Use social widgets (optional) Send personalized messages to the LinkedIn Inbox with Sponsored InMail Standard Plus 81
    75. 75. Hand delivered message to member’s LinkedIn inbox with high visibility within inbox • High visibility within inbox • Precise targeting options • Maximum of one message per member each 60 days • Innate credibility as a partner • Only relevant messages allowed LinkedIn Partner Messages
    76. 76. Participation driver • Drive conversations relevant to your brand • Provide professionals with an easy, compelling way to share their opinions • Engage business people and encourage brand-relevant conversation • Target specific audiences at scale LinkedIn Polls
    77. 77. Sponsored Updates deliver rich content across all devices via the LinkedIn feed 84
    78. 78. Display + Sponsored InMail  2x higher InMail open rates Display + Sponsored Updates  Display primes people to click content  25% lift in CTR for Sponsored Updates And drive higher engagement by combining all three in a single campaign
    79. 79. Who Visits Your Page? Who Saw Your Campaign? Who Clicked On Your Ads? Who Viewed Your Ads?
    80. 80. LinkedIn Canada LinkedIn Canada Members 7M+ LinkedIn AB Members 732K+ LinkedIn Edmonton Members 222K+ LinkedIn Internal Data as of Sept 2013
    81. 81. Top 10 Industries among LinkedIn Alberta Members 16% 5% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 2% 2% 2% 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% 16% 18% LinkedIn Internal Data as of April 2013
    82. 82. Alberta is In! 24% Higher Mobile Usage*6% Higher LinkedIn Today Usage* *Page views per member compared to the average LinkedIn member in Canada LinkedIn Internal Usage Data for the month of August 2013
    83. 83. Most Followed Companies among LinkedIn Edmonton Members LinkedIn Internal Data as of April 2013
    84. 84. Most Popular Groups among LinkedIn Edmonton Members LinkedIn Internal Data as of May 2013 NAME Group Members Oil and Gas People 286,046 The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) 11,545 University of Alberta Alumni 9,449 Linking Edmonton 4,936 NAIT Alumni 3,117 The City of Edmonton 2,766 Edmonton IT Professional Community 1,774
    85. 85. Most Followed Companies among LinkedIn BC Members LinkedIn Internal Data as of May 2013
    86. 86. Who’s Advertising On LinkedIn
    87. 87. Alberta On LinkedIn
    88. 88. Brands build relationships with the world’s professionals by using accurate targeting to deliver relevant content Target Publish Extend
    89. 89. Questions?