Technopreneurship - Getting It Right, Understanding the Business of Setting Up New Technology Business


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Technopreneurship - Getting It Right, Understanding the Business of Setting Up New Technology Business

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Technopreneurship - Getting It Right, Understanding the Business of Setting Up New Technology Business

  1. 1. Managed various private sector, public sector, and development projects. Empanelled withWBG ADB AfDB ITU UNDP UNIDO CTO (United WTO EU (Internationall (United Nations(World Bank (Asian Dev (African Dev (C’wealth (World Trade (European Telecom Nations Dev. Industrial Dev Group) Bank) Bank) Telecom Org) Org) Union) Union) Program) Org) Widely respected management advisor affiliated toTHE INTL INST. THE SOCIETY INTL OF THE COUNCIL, REUTERS OF INDUSTRY COMPUTING IEEE MANAGEMENT GLG GROUP INSIGHTS LEADERS SOCIETY CONSULTANTS
  2. 2. Authored seven popular books and numerous reports, articles and papers for various Reputed Publishers (incl. top 2), Consultants (incl. big 5), Journals, Magazines and Websites. Extensively covered various subjects including but not limited toTECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP INNOVATION MANAGEMENT STRATEGY BUSINESS INTL TRADE
  3. 3. Very well recognized globally as an innovative technology strategist.Spoke on topics related to Technology in Banking & Finance, Telecom &Wireless and Enterprise domains at various reputed platforms as inviteddelegate.Delivered key notes, workshops, and tutorials at top events like IT Comdex,TelecomAsia, Mobile Malaysia, Outsourcing in Telecom Summit,CommunicAsia, WiMAX World, and CTIA.Delivered keynote presentations at ITFINANCE AFRICA and ITU Americas asinvited expert panelist.Visiting faculty at top institutions like IIT, IIM, NIBM (India), KITA (S. Korea),KPSA (Kenya), IBBM (Malaysia).
  4. 4. Profiled by ITU in their Who’s Who list for 2005 and 2006 asInternational ICT Visionary.The Economist conferred “Certificate of Achievement” for greatcontribution to global technology landscape.Among the first few in Asia to be certified in “Cyber Law” by AsianSchool of Cyber Law.Lead CSIR Diamond Jubilee Award and Government of India’s ICT AwardWinning Team.Awarded by General Electrical {GE} for extraordinary efforts as a part ofHoneywell-GE consortia.
  5. 5. The Road Least Taken
  6. 6. NurserySchoolCollegeUniversityJob at MultinationalMarriageHigher Education/Academics
  7. 7. Entrepreneurship
  8. 8. Creates A New Business, Process And Technology For Business
  9. 9. The pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources one currently has under control
  10. 10. They Change The World
  11. 11. They Take High Risk
  12. 12. All successful companies you hear about never failed
  13. 13. Thomas Edison
  14. 14. Traf-O-Data (it failed)
  15. 15. NetMeridian Software and SponsorNet New Media
  16. 16. Steve Jobs
  17. 17. What Caused The Failure
  18. 18. If We Fail To Get The Learning
  19. 19. Believe In Yourself
  20. 20. Of Failure
  21. 21. This Is Not Reality
  22. 22. Start Ups cost nothing to buildThe average tech start up founder is a25 year old male ivy league dropoutStart Ups get funded on a napkinsketch and passionA good idea wins every timeLocation doesn’t matter
  23. 23. Start Ups Are Cheap To Build
  24. 24. Lean Or Not, It Costs Money ToBuild Something Significant. And Savings Run Out
  25. 25. The Average Tech Co-founder Is A 25 Years Old Male Ivy League Dropout
  26. 26. Average Founder Is 40 Years Old Married With Children 6-10 Years Work Experience
  27. 27. Start Up Founders Look A LOT Like Themselves (Come From MANYBackgrounds). Looking For Patterns Is The Antithesis Of Innovative Thinking.
  28. 28. All You Need Is A Napkin Plan And A Bunch Of Passion And You’ll Get Money
  29. 29. The Examples That Are ToldAround Start Up Campfires AreThe Outliers...And There Is Way More Than Passion + Napkins Involved.
  30. 30. “We think you are too early for us.”“We have too many deals in our pipeline.”“We don’t understand the market.”“We’d like to see some local investment.”“We’d like to see some interest from a usfirm.”“You are raising too much.”“You are raising too little.”“If only you did a + b, we’d be a better fit...”
  31. 31. The Fact Is YOU Build The Goddamned Future.
  32. 32. A Good Idea Wins Every Time
  33. 33. A Good Idea, Good Execution,Good Timing, Perseverance AndNerves Of Steel Will Win.
  34. 34. A. Those That Go PostalB. DictatorsC. Serial KillersD. Start Up Entrepreneurs
  35. 35. Find Your Product/Market Fit Before You Run Out Of Money.
  36. 36. Your ONLY Job Is To Keep TheCompany Going Until You Find Product/Market Fit. YOUR ONLY JOB.
  37. 37. Where You Build Your Startup Doesn’t Matter
  38. 38. It Does Matter, Could GoogleHad Done So Well If It was aIndian Start Up.
  39. 39. There Is Nothing Fair About This Path
  40. 40. (Though There Is Hard Work Involved)
  42. 42. (Though We Hope For Both)
  43. 43. Why Are We Doing This Again?
  44. 44. Extend Your ReachCALL + 91 98982 69489SKYPE deepak.pareekE-MAIL