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Founder School submission, Summer 2011

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  • combine search and recieve user bullets remove sync group calendars from user
  • - OneCal will first bring on board the Event Hosts (clubs, organizations, sports teams, etc...) who can use the group features to manage the clubs as well as advertise their public events. - With Event Hosts on board, the site has a steady stream of content (events and organization profiles) coming in. - Once the site is loaded with content, users will have a universal resources for cal clubs and events, and club calendars that conveniently sync with their own. There are few other elements of the site that will bring new eyes to the site, as well as retain older users. Posted, liked, and shared events on OneCal can be mirrored on Facebook and Twitter, giving OneCal a common presence on these popular networking sites and high exposure. Online Ticket sales through OneCal also bring more eyes too the site. With the recommendation system, OneCal can offer weekly emails with personalized content per user of recommended events and organizations
  • OneCal’s competitors fall in roughly three categories: Social Event Listings such as facebook, eventful, and other individual college/city specific sites; Calendaring Tools like Google Calendar; and Small Event Ticket Sales sites like Eventbrite and Brown Paper Tickets. Where OneCal’s edge lies in its niche market (college students), unique strategy, and creating a collaboration of these types of tools.
  • OneCal provides a universal hub for st
  • OneCal Pitch Deck

    1. 1. Luke Madera Dhiraj Singh Patrick Rogers [email_address] 925.286.9131 [email_address] 760.468.9779 [email_address] 760.470.1583
    2. 2. Mission We believe people live happier, more fulfilling lives when pursuing their passions. Thus OneCal enables people to connect with the events, organizations, and people they're truly passionate about
    3. 3. Problem Worth Solving... - College Campuses = thousands of students, hundreds of organizations and thousands of events (weekly). - People looking for these events and organizations find results are scattered, outdated, and often not even online. Existing publicity methods are non-targeted and lead to information overload. - There is no standard calendaring platform amongst organizations, especially for group and community wide calendars
    4. 4. Solution - An online resource for club and event management and publicity that enables students to find, and even be recommended, the events and organizations that they’re passionate about. - Advanced calendaring system syncable across multiple platforms and devices
    5. 5. Product Features
    6. 6. Strategy Other Methods: - Virality via Existing Social Networks - Online Tickets Sales - Recommendations
    7. 7. Monetization Featured Event Promotion Based off the model of payed-for weekly advertising ($100 per week). Featured spots on site and in weekly emails to subscribed users. Event Ticket Sales Based off model, small margin ticket sale fees.
    8. 8. Competition Social Event Listings Online Calendaring Tools Ticket Sales & Management Competitive Edge Unique Strategy Niche Market
    9. 9. Customer Testimonials “ With OneCal, I love that I’ll be able to see and sync my personal calendar with all of my club calendars in one place.” - Anuj Verma, AEZ Business Fraternity & Project Rishi “ The student government at Cal has been trying to create a universal calendar of campus events for years, decades even. These projects are left half-done. We don’t have the resources or team to make it happen.” - Miraya Berke, ASUC & Dance Marathon “ This is a seriously useful service. The calendar with auto-text notifications will be a lot of help for Relay meetings. Also, being able to see all the other Greek [organization] schedules in one place will make coordinating KA events much less of a hassle.” - Joe Kim, Relay for Life & Kappa Alpha fraternity
    10. 10. <ul><li>Beta launched and customer testing underway </li></ul><ul><li>Incorporated </li></ul><ul><li>Founder Institute graduated company </li></ul><ul><li>42 student groups signed up to use OneCal for Fall launch </li></ul><ul><li>3 months - Public Launch at UC Berkeley </li></ul><ul><li>6 months - 10,000 users, expand to UC Davis + Stanford, mobile application completed </li></ul><ul><li>1 Year - 10 campuses, 100K users, profitable </li></ul><ul><li>Expand outside of college market </li></ul>Progress & Milestones Progress Milestones
    11. 11. Team Luke Madera (Founder, Lead Developer) - 5 years of Web-Development - President of 2-time Fraternity of the Year - Founder Institute Graduate Dhiraj Singh (Business Development & Marketing) - $0 to $30k sales at student books start-up, - Relay for Life, Berkeley: Pioneered sponsorship program; built 40 corporate sponsors network = 27k in sponsorship Patrick Rogers (Designer, UI/UX) - Head of Product Development for Coasties rims - Over 4 years experience in Graphic design - Congressional Award Winner
    12. 12. Thank YOU! [email_address]