Game industry exam questions


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Game industry exam questions

  1. 1. 1. Explain how the industry you have studied is exploitingnew technology in the areas of production, marketing andexchange2. Account for recent changes in consumption andproduction in the industry you have studied.3. To what extent are media audiences the agents,beneficiaries or victims of change?4. Explain the significance cross media convergence andsynergy, in production, distribution and marketing; theindustry you have studied5. How does your own experience of consumption illustratewider patterns and trends of audience behaviour the industryyou have studied?6. What impact does media ownership have on the industryyou have studied?7. How are audiences effectively targeted in the industry youhave chosen?8. How do institutions in your industry meet the needs andexpectations of the audience?9. What are the issues raised when targeting audiences inyour chosen industry?10. Discuss the issues raised by institutions’ need to targetspecific audiences within a media industry which you havestudied.11. Discuss the issues raised by media ownership within amedia industry which you have studied.
  2. 2. 1 General Points to Mention in Exam23 the issues raised by media ownership incontemporary media practice;• Big company – Nintendo – Mass market products – less or more innovation? – global – Mass market audience• Small company (Indie Developer) – Jonathan Blow – Niche product – Niche audience – more innovative? – Cheaper but just as good? – More freedom to experiment?4 the importance of cross mediaconvergence and synergy, in production,distribution and marketing;• Big company – Nintendo – technology coming together – produce/Distribute games/consoles worldwide in large numbers – Marketing world wide (cross media synergy)
  3. 3. • Jonathan Blow – Produced, Marketed and Distributed from home, then online – Convergence and synergy makes it easier for small developer.5 the technologies that have beenintroduced in recent years at the levels ofproduction, marketing and exchange;• Nintendo – traditional but worldwide production on massive scale – Cross- media advertising possible – Traditional exchange (distribution)• Jonathon Blow – Internet allowed marketing and distribution – Feedback online whilst game being made (production) – New Tech allowed game to be made (software and hardware).6 the significance of proliferation inhardware and content for institutions andaudiences;• Lots of Games/Console choices
  4. 4. • Companies can make more money - some better games/hardware due to competition – Can lead to homogenization (same ole stuff, esp’ from big companies)• Small companies offer more img’ games – hard to be a success.7 the issues raised in the targeting ofnational and local audiences (specifically,British) by international and globalinstitutions;• Different marketing/advertising approaches by Nintendo/Jonathon Blow.• Feels more personal – Products designed for ‘us’.the ways in which the candidates’ ownexperiences of media consumption illustratewider patterns and trends of audiencebehavior • Bought Nintendo products – Family – Wii Sport success – Saw adverts – Liked celeb appeal etc…
  5. 5. • Did not buy Braid – Not in target audience – know techie friend who is obsessed – Won over once played