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Grassroots Marketing (aka- Guerilla Marketing) is a creative way for business owners and marketing managers to effectively and inexpensively market their businesses. Some of the information in the …

Grassroots Marketing (aka- Guerilla Marketing) is a creative way for business owners and marketing managers to effectively and inexpensively market their businesses. Some of the information in the presentation include: marketing plan, marketing calendar, websites, blog/blogging, email marketing, social media, diy seo (search engine optimization), grassroots selling and other ideas related to your grassroots marketing arsenal. Enjoy!

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  • Gist – Jon Felton


  • 1. Grassroots Marketing
    Get dirty.
  • 2. Think of what a “shade tree mechanic” is to a trained technician
    Study smart and follow people with information
    Take matters in your own hands
    Trial & error – learn from it
    NO ONE cares more about your business than YOU!
    Grassroots Marketing (GRM)
  • 3. GRM Sections
    Marketing Plan
    Marketing Calendar
    Grassroots Basics
    Web Presence
    Do-it-yourself SEO
    Social Media
    Grassroots Selling
    Grassroots Marketing Aresenal
  • 4. Sections
    Situation Analysis
    Target Market
    Unique Selling Proposition
    Positioning Statement
    Marketing Objectives
    Marketing Mix
    Implementation Schedule
    Want the 59 Minute Marketing plan? Email dphillips@onemarketingresource.com
    Marketing Plan
  • 5. Are there holidays you can market around?
    Are there busy seasons?
    Do you need to look at certain days/weeks during a month?
    Marketing Calendar
  • 6. Testing and Measuring – find a way
    “Go Deacs!” example
    Negotiate Advertising – squeeze Public Relations
    Grassroots PR - start building relationships
    ie- Follow @kennybeckwxii on Twitter
    Have a list of your top media outlets
    Utilize ALL your resources
    People, money, customer base, bartering, etc.
    Spend money on things you can’t do well but will make a big impact, ie-marketing materials
    Grassroots Basics
  • 7. Website
    Blog – RSS feed to email
    Email Marketing – Mailchimp.com
    Wordpress – Blogs/Plug-ins, lower cost
    Themes – lots of development, low cost, modify for less
    Social Integration – tweetme, links to social space
    Grassroots Web Presence
  • 8. Brick and Mortar – Google Maps, Yahoo local, Bing local
    Yelp! – local reviews
    Superpages – free listing
    Google Analytics – FREE for any website
    Focus on content
    Reciprocal links
    Do some research – Google Keyword Tool
    Online Press Releases
    DIY Search Engine Optimization
  • 9. Which ones do you like?
    How much time do you have?
    WHERE are your customer/prospects? Flowtown
    What are they saying Gist
    New form of communication
    New form of RESEARCH
    You Tube tutorials or other knowledge sharing
    Slideshare presentation sharing
    Grassroots Social Media
  • 10. 30 second pitch +60 second pitch
    List of references in hand at all times
    Retaggr profile on business cards
    Personalized presentation
    PRINT OUT Linkedin with recommendations
    Research with Gist before you meet face-to-face
    *INTEGRATE these new technologies into your selling process.
    Grassroots Selling
  • 11. Public speaking
    Personal notes
    List building
    Treating those lists differently
    Signage – inside & out
    Effective marketing materials
    Personalized emails
    Email signature w/ logo
    Email Automation
    RSS Feeds
    Podcasting or videos
    Communicate value
    Communicate USP
    Phone # in website description
    Grassroots Marketing Aresenal
    • Link sharing with other websites
    • 12. Free seminars
    • 13. Write articles
    • 14. Employee demeanor
    • 15. Sales stories
    • 16. Professional titles
    • 17. A sense of urgency for clients
    • 18. Satisfied customers
    • 19. Surveys
    • 20. Spying on your competition
    • 21. Professional nametag
    • 22. Community involvement w/ target
    • 23. Hours/days of Operation
  • Please fill out the form to let me know how Ican help further.
    David Phillips
    Marketing Advocate
    Follow up & Questions