2013 Syndacast Digital Performance Marketing Overview

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  • 1. Syndacast Company Introduction Find out how we can guide your business to higher ROI
  • 2. • Syndacast is one of the fastest growing performance-driven digital marketing and media firms specializing in driving online conversions and revenue • We are innovators in performance marketing, revenue generation, customer engagement and experience design and offer a broad range of solutions that helps clients to consolidate, integrate and quantify online initiatives and solutions to generate ROI quickly and efficiently for online marketing initiatives. Some Facts about Syndacast Verify: https://www.google.com/partners/#a_profile;idtf=017477926070942078710; 2011
  • 3. • Syndacast believes in using digital media to deliver guaranteed campaign performance, with a strong focus on the travel category • Syndacast continues to believe in the importance of Cost Per Action (CPA) metrics to drive campaign ROI • Syndacast believes in innovative Strategic Planning, data modeling and forecasting in order to develop CPA- or incentive-based compensation • Syndacast’s long-term objective is to reduce and/or remove the risk of low returns on online media campaigns for our clients Performance-Based Digital Media
  • 4. Cost per ‘Like’ Cost per ‘Click’ Cost per ‘View’ Cost per ‘Lead’ Cost per ‘Sale’ Cost per ‘Download’ Cost per ‘E-mail’ Cost per ‘Call’ Cost per Action metrics What is a cost per action? Cost per ‘Action’
  • 5. • Syndacast is an independent, media agnostic solutions provide. Unlike agency groups we are not tied to any particular online network supplier, and are constantly testing and comparing the performance of a variety of new networks and channels • This means we are able to use our tools to test and measure the media that delivers the best results for each individual campaign and adjust on a real time basis to maximize results • Syndacast also helps determine the correct attribution for the campaign (and it’s unlikely to be the last click) by determining the impact and comparative role of other digital media formats, not just search & display *Source: emarketer Digital Channel &Technology Neutral
  • 6. Singapore Jakarta Bangkok  Team of 50 interactive experts  Asia wide presence with offices in Bangkok,Singapore, Jakarta Some Facts about Syndacast
  • 7. Global experience Client market Media target market
  • 8. generated in sales and revenue for our clients in 2012. All through our interactive, performance driven marketing programs. Some Facts about Syndacast 65,000,000 US$ accumulated sales analytics data through the full customer purchase cycle. (and we know how to use it) Over 280,000,000 US$
  • 9. Selected Brand References
  • 10. • Syndacast takes a MacroView of the client’s business not just looking at the impact of the ever changing digital scene • Syndacast evaluates the impact of offline communications on digital content and digital advertising • Syndacast evaluates digital trends likely to impact a client’s business Macro-view
  • 11. Syndacast fields of expertise …drive ROI Online Display Advertising Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Cost per Action Campaigns Mobile Marketing Video Marketing Search Engine Marketing
  • 12. Cost per ‘Like’ Cost per ‘Click’ Cost per ‘View’ Cost per ‘Lead’ Cost per ‘Sale’ Cost per ‘Download’ Cost per ‘E-mail’ Cost per ‘Call’ Cost per Action Campaigns What is a cost per action? Cost per ‘Action’
  • 13. • Online Display Advertising is primarily used to build widespread brand awareness and drive traffic to a website. It is an important channel to exploit to strengthen online marketing initiatives. • Large partner base allows for competitive rate structure/beta tests • Syndacast has built its own DSP solution which connects to the world’s largest exchanges, including mobile and social in addition to having obtained preferential rates with a large number of individual sites: Online Display Advertising Exchanges Websites … and many more!
  • 14. Search Engine Optimization Where SEO results appear: • Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via "organic" or "algorithmic" search results. • Syndacast provides a comprehensive ongoing service of on-site and off-site SEO to continuously improve search rankings for client websites. This is achieved through a number of proprietary in-house techniques, and daily manual intervention.
  • 15. Search Engine Marketing Where SEM results appear: • Syndacast’s search engine marketing (SEM) promotes websites by increasing visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of paid placement. They are charged on a cost-per- click basis. • Our SEM campaigns are performance driven based on ROI or other client metrics, and a team of specialists monitor and optimize the performance of the campaign on a daily basis.
  • 16. Mobile Marketing Mobile Advertising andApp Push Mobile Search and Click to Call Mobile App Development Mobile Marketing Syndacast’s Mobile Marketing services are objective-driven and designed for effectiveness across all mobile platforms.
  • 17. Social Media Marketing SocialAdvertising Products Social Engagement Facebook Marketplace ads: - Increase reach and direct response Facebook Premium ads: - Increase virality and endorsedWord of Mouth Linkedin Button, Banner ads, inMail: - Behaviorally target professionals by job title Twitter SponsoredTweets: - Harness the power ofTwitter influencers … Facebook Page,Twitter Feed,YouTube Channel & CustomTab creation: - Build an online presence Syndacast Guaranteed Fan Recruitment: - Grow your fan base with guaranteed results Lead Capturing: - Capture e-mail and other leads through FB Community Management: - Build measurable engagement with fans …
  • 18. Video Marketing Drive traffic to your video through advertising products e.g.: Facebook PremiumVideo Ads: promote the video through a single premium takeover ad of the Facebook page YouTubeAdvertising: ‘Featured Video’ listings, pre- roll ads, in-video banners Broadcast your video throughout the internet: SyndacastGuaranteed Views service through social media seeding, using proprietary techniques on the following platforms:
  • 19. Syndacast CampaignTracking Partnerships
  • 20. Bangkok 388 ExchangeTower, #32-02, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 Singapore 60B Duxton Road Singapore, 089524 Jakarta Wisma 46, 46th – 50th Floor Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav.1, Jakarta 10220 info@syndacast.com