Downtown camden guild executive board 03022010


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Downtown camden guild executive board 03022010

  1. 1. Downtown Camden Guild<br />Executive Board Meeting<br />Tuesday, March 2, 2010<br />First Community Bank Board Room<br />8:30 am<br />In attendance: Edward Hinson, Betsy Greenway, Jamie Bennett-Bane, Beth Moeller, Gail Carter, Dot Godwin, Jonathan Bazinet, and Wade Luther<br />Agenda:<br />Call to Order/ Roll Call<br />Approval of the Minutes<br />Committee Reports<br />Programming-Wade Luther<br />Jockey Silks<br />Lemons Event<br />Policy- Wade Luther<br />Budget update<br />Bylaws update<br />Officer Insurance<br />Officers Report<br />Directors Report<br />Old Business<br />Schedule Coordination Meeting with FAC & Chamber<br />1011 Galleria Coordination<br />New Business<br />Façade Grant Promotion<br />Jazz Festival<br />Ideas for At-Large Membership Meeting<br />Adjournment<br />The meeting was called to order by Edward Hinson at 8:35 am.<br />The minutes were received into motion by Wade Luther and second by Gail Carter with any necessary corrections.<br />Committee Reports:<br />Programming- Wade<br />Jockey Silks<br />The cutoff date to have the silks turned in will be March 18th. Public works will hang them on the 19th.<br />Betsy will speak to Regina and Ronald about being able to display their silk in their store for $225.00<br />Wade will talk to Hope about how to handle the silks. Edward suggested that we sale the silks now at the Cup instead of waiting until the Colonial Cup in November. Everyone agreed.<br />Just a footnote: William Cox contacted Wade to let him know that he was unaware of the Jockey Silk Campaign and that he heard it from the National Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. They are very impressed with what we are doing and would like to use our idea.<br /> <br />Lemons Event<br />Will be held on May 21 Brian will be organizing this event and our part will be minimal.<br />The streets will be closed from 6-10 for the parade. <br />Mei Bremmer suggested that we have a pinewood derby<br />Marketing will be handled by Edward and Betsy and they will have a meeting with Brian.<br />Securing a band for Dekalb Street<br />Its mandatory for 100 cars to participate<br />It will be planned and coordinated by The Motorsports Park<br />Strategies we can employ to get participation from local businesses<br />A. Requesting them to stay open late during the event<br />Bryan will be responsible for vendors and helping them obtain their vendor permit.<br />Farmers Market: will do live entertainment, Artisan and Arts can have a booth (the discussion is going on now)<br />The AHA presentation is scheduled for as soon as all monies are collected. Jamie is working on collecting the last monies outstanding.<br />Policy Committee<br />Budget Update: Wade made his submissions, for money to go marketing, promotion, radio, print, billboards.<br />Wade will give Beth a formal accounting process. He will be scheduling a meeting with Beth.<br />Bylaws: <br />Rick Todd has agreed to volunteer his services to help with the overview of our bylaws. Wade is in the process of rewriting the previous by-laws. He will have an updated version at our next meeting.<br />Officers Insurance: <br />Kevin, City Manager, said in his opinion that it is not necessary for us to obtain officers insurance, or we can spend $800.00 for a million dollars in coverage, which is not necessary. We are currently operating under the City’s umbrella; therefore, if someone were to sue they would go after the city instead of the individual.<br />Gail motioned that we not purchase officer’s Insurance and it was seconded by Betsy Greenway; however it was a unanimous decision by the board.<br />Officers Report:<br />Edward- Jockey Silk<br />Vice President- Diva Event<br />Directors Report<br />No reports at this time<br />Old Business:<br />City has taken the Chambers’ Hospitality Tax which is about $14,000<br />City has extended the hours at Archives and it will now serve as the Visitor’s Center<br />Wade wants it to be integrated efforts but separate from the tourist efforts. Wade is still working on a meeting with the FAC<br />1011 Galleria Coordination raised $1800 think of how we can bring them into this group.<br />Betsy will talk to Tripp Quinn about being the Ex-offico officer for 1011.<br />New Business<br />Grant Promotion.<br />City will match up to $2500<br />Edward brought up the concept to have some of the restaurants provide outdoor seating during the summer months. Wade will work on that concept.<br />Jazz Festival April 16-18. Dan Riddick will be speaking at our next at-large meeting.<br />Ideas for At-large Meeting:<br />At-large meetings will be moved to a quarterly schedule.<br />Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am<br />Next EC meeting will be April 6, 2010<br />