Downtown Camden Guild<br />Executive Committee Meeting<br />Tuesday, June 1st 2010 @ 9:00 AM<br />First Community Bank Boa...
Approval of Minutes
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Dcg meeting minutes executive board 06152010


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Dcg meeting minutes executive board 06152010

  1. 1. Downtown Camden Guild<br />Executive Committee Meeting<br />Tuesday, June 1st 2010 @ 9:00 AM<br />First Community Bank Boardroom<br />In Attendance: Edward Hinson, Wade Luther, Gail Carter, Betsy Greenway, Jamie Bennett-Bane, Dot Goodwin, Beth Lee-Moeller, and Jonathan Bazinet<br />Agenda:<br /><ul><li>Call to Order/ Roll Call
  2. 2. Approval of Minutes
  3. 3. Officer Reports
  4. 4. DCG Financials
  5. 5. 5 Points Association Summary
  6. 6. TRF Check Presentation
  7. 7. Director Reports
  8. 8. Old Business
  9. 9. Lemons Parade
  10. 10. Café Ordinance
  11. 11. Halloween Committee
  12. 12. New Business
  13. 13. Sidewalk Sale
  14. 14. Adjournment</li></ul>Meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by Edward Hinson and roll was taken, all members were present. The minutes were approved by Betsy Greenway with exception of the spelling of Dot Goodwin’s name. It was seconded by Dot Goodwin.<br />Officer Reports:<br /><ul><li>DCG Financials- Total Revenue $11,720.00 as of April ; $7,573 total expenditures - $4,147 is our net (this is including the donation to the TRF)
  15. 15. 5pts Association Summary: Wade met with Merritt McHaffie. All funding comes from St. Patrick Day. Funding also comes from ATax Grant. (We could qualify for ATAX, but we need to have a non-profit status. Also we could qualify for Park, Recreation Grant) Wade would like a follow up with Mary for more information. Also we are still looking for an Executive Director who is willing to volunteer about 3 hours, 3 days a week. Once we start generating revenue we could pay a part-time salary. We need to obtain quotes for liability insurance for events and officers.
  16. 16. TRF Check Presentation: Needs to be closed out by the end of the fiscal year, which is the end of June. Wade will get with Beth for a comprehensive list to collect the outstanding monies.</li></ul>Directors Reports<br /><ul><li>Lemons Parade - There was roughly 1200 people in attendance and it was a great success. The overtone from the event was the people are looking forward to next year. Betsy and Jonathan gave ideas on what we could do that will be “Our Event”. Jonathan suggested something Patriotic and Betsy told us about the success of the White Squirrel Event and that we could emmulate something like that.
  17. 17. Café Ordinance- Wade will talk to Johnny Burns about the ordinance of selling food, and he will find out exactly how that would work.
  18. 18. Halloween Committee: First meeting we will schedule for the end of the month. Please forward possible names, for people to chair the event, to Wade. One idea that was mentioned was to transition the event over to an adult block party.</li></ul>Side note: On June 8th the budget will be approved and money has been set aside for assistance on events. <br />New Business<br /><ul><li>Sidewalk Sale- Reenactment Days @Historic Camden before the Halloween Event
  19. 19. At- Large Meeting June 15th place to be announced
  20. 20. End of August Deadline for Membership Campaign Drive
  21. 21. Meeting was adjourned at 10:15 am