Dovetail The Marketing Database Company Overview


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Learn more about a marketing database solution and how it can benefit your direct marketing needs. Without marketing data integration, marketers are unable to access all of their valuable marketing data to learn more about their target market and best customers.

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Dovetail The Marketing Database Company Overview

  1. 1. The Dovetail Marketing Database Solution
  2. 2. It’s All About the Data 92% of organizations suspect that their customer and prospect data is inaccurate in some way 90% of organizations state that at least some of their budget was wasted due to inaccurate data On average, organizations estimate that 25% of their budgets are wasted due to poor data
  3. 3. Marketing Database Solution Essential Components Our marketing database solution consists of 4 core data precepts TRUSTWORTHY ACCESSIBLE FRESH INTEGRATED Data-driven marketing starts with TAFI data
  4. 4. Dovetail is a Marketing Database Solution Provider Marketing Database Development Marketing Database Maintenance Marketing Database Access Email or SMS and Text Messaging Database Enhancement Services The marketing database is the foundation
  5. 5. Dovetail at a Glance
  6. 6. System Architecture
  7. 7. Marketing Database Data Flow Cleansing Marketing Database We make your marketing data integrated and accessible • Customers • Email Subscribers • Loyalty Programs • E-Commerce • Email Results • Web analytics • Social Media • Prospects • Website Sources • Hygiene • Validation • Standardization • Correction • Individual Level • Household Level • Address Level • Phone Level • Email Level • Account Level Integration • Contact Data • Transactional Data • RFM Data • Multi-channel Data • Derived Data • Touch Tracking Data • Demographics & Lifestyles • Predictive Models • Suppressions • Counts • Lists (Email, Direct Mail, SMS & Telemarketing) • Analysis • Custom Reports • Other Mktg. Apps Access
  8. 8. A Dovetail Prospect……… Needs their disparate data integrated Needs easy and technical access to their data Has leads, prospects, and customers Extracts lists, performs analysis, runs reports, and consumes marketing data in other systems Has a sound multi-channel marketing strategy that adapts and improves continuously
  9. 9. Marketing Database Access • Web-based • Campaign Management (Lists, Counts, Segmentation, Analysis) • Reporting • Data Management The Dovetail Application • Use your own tools to directly access your marketing database Direct Access Marketers need easy access to their data
  10. 10. Infrastructure Scalable & flexible Application is fast & responsive Proven, refined architecture Secure, redundant Marketing data optimized for quick easy access
  11. 11. The Client Experience Tenure • Client tenure average: 7 years • Dovetail employee tenure average: 8 years Service • Account team is stable and consistent • Client-side experience Agile • Fast implementations • A Dovetail implementation has never failed We have numerous impeccable client references
  12. 12. An Ideal Dovetail Client……… Is a serious and seasoned database marketer Understands the need for and requires a marketing database specialist Has an analytical datamart Has proficient stakeholders and a solid “Owner” of the marketing database Is highly interactive, collaborative, and engaged with Dovetail; an excellent relationship exists
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