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Alex and Emma's HTC Platform

  1. 1. presented to you by Alex Pozin and Emma Zhu
  2. 2. Alex Pozin & Emma Zhu Alex Pozin & Emma Zhu1 2 WHAT IS YOUR HTC MOMENT Pearls of wisdom from Class of 2011 WHAT WILL BE YOUR HTC MOMENT? Dear Tech Leaders: We come to Haas with different stories. We join HTC for different reasons. Some come to switch careers. Some come to start up a business. Some may have known their focus. Some may not. This is your moment to explore. This is your moment to act as leader. This is your moment to push the limits. Of technology and yourself. We are inspired and committed to cultivate a community where you can not only nurture meaningful relationships but also develop solid skills and industry insights. So when your moment comes, you know you are ready.
  3. 3. Alex Pozin & Emma Zhu Alex Pozin & Emma Zhu3 4 PROFESSIONAL – PREPARE TODAY FOR TOMORROW Provide a platform for you to explore your professional interests across industry areas as well as develop solid skills to capture targeted opportunities Gain Insights Develop Skills Internal Resources (Students of All Classes, Career Coaches, CSO) Outside Resources (Berkeley Schools, Companies) Function 101 Career treks Speaker series Tech faculty lunch Industry 101Professional conference Resumes for tech Interview practice Electives info session Tech 3+1 breakfast Career wiki page New initiatives Established initiatives Real-life project sharing Build industry knowledge • Industry 101 workshops - collaborate with MOT and other Berkeley schools to coach HTC members on industry trends and useful frameworks. • Tech elective info sessions and cheat sheets - tap into academic resources and second- years' wisdom so members can make better-informed decisions. • Lunch with Rich Wong/tech faculty - create opportunities for members to interact with industry veterans hidden in the school. • Weekly tech breakfast (3+1) - 3 free topic discussions (members only) + 1 selected topic in-depth discussion (alum/professors invited) every month. (Kudos to Marissa and Brad!) • Speakers series - invite speakers from most wanted companies of your choosing. Prepare for internships/jobs • Resumes for Tech - How to create a tech-friendly resume. • Interview practice - e.g. crack the Google cases; small group mock interviews. • HTC career wiki page - capture and share information about career-related topics, including employers, interview processes and questions, etc. Strengthen your connections with industry • Career treks - formal company visits before the recruiting. • Professional conferences - connect with prominent industry conferences and create opportunities for members to participate top-notch industry gatherings. Become a PM black belt • Function 101 workshops - invite second-years to share their "on-the-job" training. • Real-life project sharing - invite alums to share their daily life, project process, challenges, etc. on various functions. PROFESSIONAL – PREPARE TODAY FOR TOMORROW Descriptions of key initiatives (new initiatives in blue)
  4. 4. Alex Pozin & Emma Zhu Alex Pozin & Emma Zhu5 6 EW/Full- time Mixer Alum company visit/lunch Tech round table dinner Alum happy hour Club wine party HTC networking cheat sheet Hiking, Surfing, Cook-off, you name it! SOCIAL – BUILD TIES TO LAST Cultivate an environment for you to not only connect with a vibrant community of members and alums but also build deep relationships with like-minded people New initiatives Established initiatives Build Relationships Expand Connections Among Members With Alumni SOCIAL – BUILD TIES TO LAST Descriptions of key initiatives (new initiatives in gold) Get to know each other • EW/Full-time mixer – integrate with another class, share your experiences and grow your Haas network focused on technology industry. • Club wine party – meet and mingle with technology fans and leaders. Get excited about latest technology news and club initiatives over wine and cheese! • Alum happy hour – a club-wide social event with HTC alums every semester and during the summer. • We aim to offer a balance between large events where you expand your industry network through trusted connections and a variety of small social activities where you develop strong relationships. Share knowledge and experiences • HTC networking cheat sheet – help you find people with similar interest and connect with like-minded members to build intimate relationships. • Integrated HTC communication platform – streamline club communication channels to deliver information of your interest productively. Reinvigorate HTC blog into a marketing/knowledge-sharing space while innovating social media delivery. (Have you heard the first volume of HTC podcast from Dev? That is awesome!) Build a stronger connection with HTC alums • Informal company visit/lunch – visit the company and spend quality time with alums on their campus. Learn what happens behind the scenes. E.g. Lunch at Facebook. Dive into your area of interest and have in-depth interactions with alums • Alum round table dinner – an intimate group setting of students mixed with 2-3 alums based on interest areas (organized by company, vertical or role).
  5. 5. Alex Pozin & Emma Zhu Alex Pozin & Emma Zhu7 8 Alex has more than 5 years of experience in Product Marketing and Product Management. Prior to Haas, he worked as the Director of Product Marketing for eLynx and Product Marketing Manager for Open Text. In these roles, Alex developed marketing and competitive strategies, launched new products, and redesigned user experiences. Before discovering his love of tech marketing, Alex worked for WaMu and Deloitte Consulting. Alex is the lucky husband of Dr. Rebecca Green. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, advising start-ups, exercising, reading, and travel. Alex attended University of Washington where he studied Psychology, International Studies, and Information Systems. Co-PM for HTC Facebook page Co-led a panel at >play conference ALEX Tech Enthusiast/Hard-Core Product Marketing Manager Driven by an unstoppable passion for technology, Emma determinedly switched career from financial services to the design consulting world - frog design. Emma focused on product innovation strategy in the technology and telecoms industries. She worked with designers and engineers to create compelling consumer products. Her client portfolio includes GE, Samsung, LGE, Lenovo, Intel, Qualcomm, China Mobile, SC Johnson, and Huawei. Emma majored in Management Information System at Shanghai International Studies University and minored in Law at Fudan University. She has traveled throughout China and other Asian areas. Now she’s excited about adventures in both American continents. Co-PM for HTC Wine Party Co-PM for HTC/DMEC Alum Happy Hour Co-led sponsorship efforts for >play conference Co-leading the hi-tech panel at 2011 Asia Business Conference EMMA Product Innovator/A Mixed Mind of Technology, Strategy and Design
  6. 6. M M A A L E XE M M A A L E X Thank you for your time and support! - Alex & Emma