The doula advantage in Vietnamese


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The doula advantage in Vietnamese

  1. 1. Ba mu = Doula Loi ich trong qua trinh sanh de Information Technology in Nursing NR 110. 404 Fall 2010 Trish Bermudez, Kara Cruice, Hai Yen Ho, Lindi Hobongwana, Katya Simon
  2. 2. Doula- “Ba mu” Nguoi giup do de co bang cap
  3. 3. Ban muon qua trinh sanh de nhu the nao?
  4. 4. Nhieu su lua chon
  5. 5. Doulas (ba mu) khuyen khich cha me tuong lai. Cha va me giup do lan nhau
  6. 6. Ung ho ban Khuyen khich ban Chi ban cach hit tho Co mat trong luc ban dau don va sanh de Ho tro va ung ho su lua chon va uoc muon cua ban
  7. 7. Giup do ban trong luc dau don Massage cho ban Cham cuu Dung phuong phap nong va lanh lam bot dau Va nhieu phuong phap giam dau khac….
  8. 8. Tai sao ban muon ba mu (doula)? Giam ti le mo Qua trinh sanh de thuan loi Tang ti le va kha nang cho con bu
  9. 9. Khoa hoc chung to rang doula (ba mu) lam cho qua trinh sanh de khac han voi nhung nguoi ko co ba mu trong luc sanh de, dac biet la nhung truong hop de kho khan.
  10. 10. Doula (ba me) lam giam ti le mo 50%.
  11. 11. Ti le mo de tang len tren toan the gioi. Khoa hoc chung minh rang chich dich mo lam tang kha nang mo de.
  12. 12. Having a doula at an induced birth results in 80% reduction in c-sections!
  13. 13. “Breast is Best”
  14. 14. Women recovering from a difficult birth with a help of a doula breastfeed twice as often.
  15. 15. “Tram cam sau khi de” Cam giac buon va khoc sau khi de con 85% phu nu- “cam giac buon” 15% phu nu- tram cam
  16. 16. Kinh nghiem sanh duoc suong se, an toan, va thoai mai. -> nguoi me vui ve
  17. 17. Noi tom lai, su co mac cua ba mu lam cho qua trinh sanh de cua ban…. • Khong phai chich thuoc gay me hay thuoc ngu. • De tu nhien. • Tang kha nang cho con bu. • Hai long voi qua trinh sanh de. • Troi gian de ngan hon. • Qua trinh de it kho khan hon (Hodnett, Gates, & Sakala, 2007)
  18. 18. Doula = ba mu Cho ban mot qua trinh sanh de hai long va hanh phuc. Me vui, cha vui, va con vui
  19. 19. References ACOG Committee Opinion No. 343: psychosocial risk factors: perinatal screening and intervention (2006) Obstet Gynecol. 108(2), 469-77. Hodnett, ED, Gates, S, & Sakala, C. (2007). Continuous support for women during childbirth (review). The Cochrane Collaboration, (4), 1-72. McGrath, SK., Kennell J.H. (2008). A randomized controlled trial of continuous labor support for middle-class couples: effect on cesarean delivery rates. Birth, 35(2), 92-7. Nommsen-Rivers LA, Mastergeorge AM, Hansen RL, Cullum AS, Dewey KG., Initials. (2009). Doula care, early breastfeeding outcomes, and breastfeeding status at 6 weeks postpartum among low-income primiparae. J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs., 38(2), 157-73 Scott KD, Klaus PH, Klaus MH., Initials. (1999). The obstetrical and postpartum benefits of continuous support during childbirth. J Womens Health Gend Based Med. , 8(10), 1257-64.
  20. 20. Thank you for your time!