How are animals different
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How are animals different



Animal groups, grade one

Animal groups, grade one



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    How are animals different How are animals different Presentation Transcript

    • How are animals different? Al Sahafa International School Prepared by Khadija Saadeh
    • Mammals
    • A mammal has fur or hair
    • 4 Mammals
    • 5 They have hair and they feed their babies milk.
    • 6 Porcupine Marmot Squirrel
    • 7 • Mammals breathe by lungs. • Whales and dolphins are sea mammals. • Some mammals walk, others swim or fly.
    • 8 • Bats are the only flying mammals
    • 10
    • Birds have : 1- feathers 2- Beaks 3- Wings
    • Peacock’s feathers
    • Eagle’s wings
    • Toucan’s beak
    • How do birds move? • Most Birds fly by wings • Big birds can’t fly
    • How do birds reproduce? • Birds Lay eggs. • Birds find food to feed their young.
    • How do Birds Breathe? • Birds breathe by lungs. •
    • Reptiles
    • What covers a reptile’s body? A reptile has dry skin. It is covered in scales.
    • How do reptiles move? • Most reptiles have 4 legs.
    • How do reptiles move?
    • How do reptiles move? • Snakes are reptiles with no legs.
    • How do reptiles move? • Turtles have legs to move. • Sea turtles use flippers to move.
    • • A turtle has a shell on its back.
    • How do reptiles breathe? • Reptiles breathe by lungs.
    • How do reptiles reproduce? Reptiles lay eggs.
    • Amphibians
    • What covers an amphibian’s body? • Most amphibians have smooth, wet skin. • Toads have rough, bumpy skin.
    • How do amphibians reproduce? Amphibians lay eggs in water. Young amphibians live in water. Most Adults live on land.
    • How do amphibians breathe? Young amphibians breathe by gills.
    • How do amphibians breathe? • Adult amphibians breathe by lungs.
    • How do amphibians move? • Amphibians use their legs to move.
    • Thank you
    • Fish
    • What covers a fish body? Most fish are covered with scales.
    • How do the fish move? Fish have fins to swim.
    • How do fish breathe? Fish breathe by gills.
    • How do fish reproduce? Fish lay eggs in water.
    • Insects
    • Insect’s body • - An insect has 3 body parts. • - It has 6 legs.
    • Is the spider an insect?