“Strategies:	  Assis-ve	  Technology	  for	  the	    Elderly	  and	  Homebound	  Individuals”	            Agnes	  Helen	  ...
Overview	  •  Assis-ve	  Technology	  (AT)	  plays	  a	  vital	  role	  in	     developing	  equal	  opportuni-es	  and	  ...
Overview	  •  Losing	  some	  or	  all	  of	  one’s	  vision,	  hearing,	     ability	  to	  func-on	  may	  be	  a	  trau...
New	  Reali-es	  of	  an	  Older	  America	  
New	  Reali-es	  of	  an	  Older	  America	  •  “The	  challenges	  of	  baby	  boomers	  reaching	  old	     age,	  combi...
Introduc-on	  •  Assis-ve	  technology	  can	  eliminate	  barriers	  and	           enable	  	  the	  elderly	  or	  home...
Introduc-on	  •  Someone	  has	  to	  accept	  the	  responsibility	  to	     provide	  assis-ve	  technology	  services	 ...
Background	  “The	  shiW	  toward	  an	  older	  popula-on	  has	  enormous	     economic,	  social	  and	  poli-cal	  imp...
•  Baby	  Boomers	  over	  65	  years	  old	  will	  double	  in	     the	  next	  30	  years-­‐-­‐-­‐40	  millions	  to	 ...
Genera-ons	  and	  Leisure	  Time	  
Service	  Responsibili-es	  •  Service	  Responsibili-es	  •  The	  delivery	  of	  support	  and	  services	  may	  be	  ...
Types	  of	  Assessment/Evalua-on	  •    SETT	  •    WATI	  •    hMp://www.wa-.org/	  •    Wisconsin	  Assis)ve	  Technolo...
AT	  assessment	  considera-ons	  	              Demographics	          Diagnosis/	  Symptoms	            Goals/Objec-ves	...
Assessment	  Considera-ons	  	                   Cost	  	                  Pa-ent	  	                  Family	  	         ...
Amyotrophic	  lateral	  sclerosis	  (abbreviated	  ALS,	  also	     referred	  to	  as	  Lou	  Gehrigs	  disease)	  is	  a...
Background	  	   Frank	  is	  a	  fiWy-­‐eight	  year	  old	  male	  who	      was	  diagnosed	  with	  Lou	  Gehrig’s	  di...
Frank	  Goals	  	  Independent	  around	  the	  house	  	                 Read	  	        Use	  his	  computer	  	        ...
Family	  Goals	  (Wife)	                    Safety	  	                   Happy	  	  Enjoy	  some	  of	  the	  things	  he	...
Due	  to	  the	  progressiveness	  of	  the	  disease	  Frank’s	  AT	  needs	  has	         been	  changing,	  making	  it...
Independent	  around	  the	  house	  	          for	  Cooking	  	                  	        Measuring	  spoons	  –	  He	  ...
Uni	  Turner	  	                                     Etac®	  Uni	  Turner.	  Specially	  designed	  to	  make	  it	  easie...
Uni	  Turner	  	   He	  began	  to	  exhibit	  reduce	  muscle	  tone	  and	  strength,	  this	  allowed	  him	    to	  tu...
Hands	  free	  can	  opener	  	                                           One	  Touch	  (TM)	  Can	  Opener	  Rather	  tha...
Frank	   Due	  to	  his	  reduce	  muscle	  strength,	  it	   allowed	  him	  to	  open	  cans.	  He	  found	  it	  easy	 ...
Future	  Call	  Press	  the	  photograph	  of	  friends	  or	  loved	  ones	  to	  dial	  their	  number.	  This	  phone	 ...
Future	  Call	   Frank	  used	  the	  future	  call	  Program	  number	  and	  put	  in	  number	  (1	  dial)	  –	  reduce...
Chronic	  Heart	  failure	  (HF)	  is	  generally	  defined	  as	  the	  inability	  of	     the	  heart	  to	  supply	  su...
Case	  study	  	     Bob	  is	  a	  eighty	  five	  year-­‐old	  re-red	   veteran	  who	  is	  suffering	  from	  chronic	 ...
Bob’s	  Goals	  	                   Play	  bingo	  	    See	  his	  grandchildren	  more	  	  Independence	  in	  the	  ba...
Family’s	  goals	     Bob	  to	  go	  to	  the	  neighborhood	  center	  to	  socialize	  and	  be	  involved	  in	       ...
ClearSounds	  	    ClearSounds	  ClearRing	  Amplified	  Phone	  Ringer/Signaler	   ClearRing	  offers	  a	  bright	  LED	  ...
ClearSounds	  	    Allow	  Bob	  to	  not	  only	  hear	  the	    phone,	  but	  see	  the	  bright	  LED	                ...
Super	  Grip	  	  You	  can	  grip	  and	  grab	  it	  with	  confidence.	  Red/green	  color	   indicator	  buRons	  clear...
Bathroom	  Adapta-ons	  –	  super	   Grip	  to	  assist	  with	  gepng	  into	  the	  tub	  and	  sit	  his	  shower	  cha...
Home	  Modifica-on	  •  Making	  modifica-ons	  in	  a	  home	  can	  be	  costly,	     but	  we	  try	  to	  use	  some	  b...
Hands	  Free	  	  garbage	  can	  with	  mo)on	  detector	  	  	  	  
Hands	  Free	  	  garbage	  can	  with	  mo)on	  detector	  	  	  	  
Elevated	  Garden	  Box	  
Elevated	  Garden	  Box	  
100%	   90%	   80%	   70%	   60%	                                                                                         ...
Baby	  Boomer	  AT	  Kit	  Independent	  Living:	  	  Baby	  Boomer	  Products	  •  hMp://www.independentliving.com/   pro...
Summary	  •  In	  summary,	  research	  must	  con-nue	  to	     address	  the	  “Baby	  Boomers”	  living	  a	  quality	 ...
Baby	  Boomer	  Resources	  (Web	  sites)	  •  Genera-ons	  and	  Leisure	  Time	  (Worlds	  Apart)	  •  hMp://www.boomerp...
Baby	  Boomer	  Websites	  Resources	  •  It’s	  Never	  Too	  Late	  •  hMp://www.in21.com/index.cfm/event/pageview/   co...
Baby	  Boomer	  Resources	  (Web	  sites)	  •  When	  It	  Come	  To	  Leisure	  Time,	  Watch	  Out	  For	  The	     Gene...
Baby	  Boomer	  Resources	  (Web	  sites)	  •  Genera-ons	  and	  Their	  Gadgets	  •  hMp://www.businessofageing.com/www/...
Baby	  Boomer	  Resources	  (Web	  Sites)	  Adap)ng	  Technology	  To	  Help	  The	  Growing	     Elderly	  Popula)on	  • ...
Reference	  •  Boger,	  J.	  Hoey,	  J.	  Poupart,	  P.	  Bou-lier,	  C.	  Fernie,	     G.,	  &	  Mihailidis,	  A.	  	  (2...
FICCDAT (June 2011)
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FICCDAT (June 2011)


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FICCDAT (June 2011)

  1. 1. “Strategies:  Assis-ve  Technology  for  the   Elderly  and  Homebound  Individuals”   Agnes  Helen  Bellel,  Ph.D.   Karen  Pierce-­‐Tibbs   Douglas  Tibbs  
  2. 2. Overview  •  Assis-ve  Technology  (AT)  plays  a  vital  role  in   developing  equal  opportuni-es  and  improving   the  quality  of  life  of  people  with  disabili-es  or   aging  gracefully.  •  AT  can  offer  them  the  opportunity  towards   beMer  societal  integra-on.  
  3. 3. Overview  •  Losing  some  or  all  of  one’s  vision,  hearing,   ability  to  func-on  may  be  a  trauma-c   experience  for  some  “Baby  Boomers”.  Even   day-­‐to-­‐day  ac-vi-es  like  reading  the   newspaper,  watching  television,  paying  the   bills,  exercising,  func-oning  at  work,  or   cooking  dinner  can  be  a  challenge.  
  4. 4. New  Reali-es  of  an  Older  America  
  5. 5. New  Reali-es  of  an  Older  America  •  “The  challenges  of  baby  boomers  reaching  old   age,  combined  with  a  growing  ,  more  diverse   popula-on,  will  drive  major  changes,   challenges  and  decisions  in  U.S.  families,   workplaces  and  communi-es,…”  
  6. 6. Introduc-on  •  Assis-ve  technology  can  eliminate  barriers  and   enable    the  elderly  or  homebound  individuals   with  disabili-es  to  par-cipa-ng  and  contribu-ng   members  of  society  and  work  communi-es.      •  The  elderly  and  homebound  individuals  with   disabili-es  are  en-tled  to  technology  when  a   need  has  been  determined  to  ensure   opportuni-es  for  quality  of  living  and   independence.    
  7. 7. Introduc-on  •  Someone  has  to  accept  the  responsibility  to   provide  assis-ve  technology  services  to  assist   in  maintaining  a  quality  of  life.    This   responsibility  may  be  generated  by  the   individual,  family  member,  caregiver  ,  medical   ins-tu-ons,  or  agency.  
  8. 8. Background  “The  shiW  toward  an  older  popula-on  has  enormous   economic,  social  and  poli-cal  implica-ons  for   Americans  of    all  ages.”  “As  people  live  longer  and  healthier  lives,  our  culture   must  create  new  opportuni-es  for  individual  and   societal  contribu-ons  across  all  ages.”  Baby  Boomer  •  80%  personal  financial  assets  •  80%  Leisure  Travel  •  60  %    baby  boomers  over  half  take  medica-on  for   chronic  condi-ons  (Blood  Pressure,  Arthri-s,  High   Cholesterol)  
  9. 9. •  Baby  Boomers  over  65  years  old  will  double  in   the  next  30  years-­‐-­‐-­‐40  millions  to  80  millions   (13%  to  20%)  •  By  2032,  Baby  Boomers  (65  years)  
  10. 10. Genera-ons  and  Leisure  Time  
  11. 11. Service  Responsibili-es  •  Service  Responsibili-es  •  The  delivery  of  support  and  services  may  be  assumed  by  one  or   more  en--es.    The  following  should  be  considered  in  providing  any   type  of  support  or  service  related  to  assis-ve  technology.  •  Evalua-on  of  the  needs  of  the  elderly  or  homebound  individual   with  disability,  including  a  func-onal  evalua-on  of  the  individual’s   home,  work,  and/or  community  environment:  •  A.1  The  agency  or  family  member  should  be:  •  A.1  .1  familiar  with  the  referral  for  assis-ve  technology  processes.  •  A.1.2  aware  of  technical  support  in  the  local  community  •  A.1.3  aware  of  how  to  access  diagnos-c  personnel  
  12. 12. Types  of  Assessment/Evalua-on  •  SETT  •  WATI  •  hMp://www.wa-.org/  •  Wisconsin  Assis)ve  Technology  Ini)a)ve    •  QIAT  •  hMp://natri.uky.edu/assoc_projects/qiat/  •  Quality  Indicators  for  Assis-ve  Technology  Services  •  HATT  •  FEAT  •  GPAT  
  13. 13. AT  assessment  considera-ons     Demographics   Diagnosis/  Symptoms   Goals/Objec-ves   AT  outcome   Data  collec-on  (rubric)   Follow-­‐up  plan      
  14. 14. Assessment  Considera-ons     Cost     Pa-ent     Family     Needs    Ongoing        
  15. 15. Amyotrophic  lateral  sclerosis  (abbreviated  ALS,  also   referred  to  as  Lou  Gehrigs  disease)  is  a  form  of  motor  neuron  disease  caused  by  the  degenera-on  of  neurons  located  in  the  ventral  horn  of  the  spinal  cord   and  the  cor-cal  neurons  that  provide  their  afferent   input.  The  condi-on  is  oWen  called  Lou  Gehrigs   disease  in  North  America,  aWer  the  famous   New  York  Yankees  baseball  player  who  was   diagnosed  with  the  disease  in  1939.  The  disorder  is   characterized  by  rapidly  progressive  weakness,   muscle  atrophy  and  fascicula-ons,  spas-city,   dysarthria,  dysphagia,  and  respiratory  compromise.    
  16. 16. Background     Frank  is  a  fiWy-­‐eight  year  old  male  who   was  diagnosed  with  Lou  Gehrig’s  disease  or  Amyotrophic  lateral  sclerosis   (ALS)  since  2001.  He  lives  with  his  wife.   Frank’s  wife  works  eight  hours  a  day,  therefore  leaving  him  at  home  alone  for   nine  hours.  His  wife  was  concerned   about  him  staying  home  alone  for  long   periods  of  -me.    
  17. 17. Frank  Goals    Independent  around  the  house     Read     Use  his  computer     Cook      
  18. 18. Family  Goals  (Wife)   Safety     Happy    Enjoy  some  of  the  things  he  like    
  19. 19. Due  to  the  progressiveness  of  the  disease  Frank’s  AT  needs  has   been  changing,  making  it   important  to  be  conscious  of   cost  and  the  flexibility  of  the  AT  
  20. 20. Spoons              
  21. 21. Independent  around  the  house     for  Cooking       Measuring  spoons  –  He  would   some-mes  become  confused  with   the  correct  measuring  units  during  a   cooking  ac-vity.  The  spoons  are  color   coded  according  to  unit   measurements.    
  22. 22. Uni  Turner     Etac®  Uni  Turner.  Specially  designed  to  make  it  easier  to  turn  on  the  water,  open  or   lock  the  door  or  switch  on  the  oven,  dishwasher  or  washing   machine.  Its  comfortable  handle  allows  both  hands  to  be  used.   The  hexagonal  rods  provide  excellent  grip  and  have  many  uses,   thanks  to  the  large  grip  area.  Latex  free.    
  23. 23. Uni  Turner     He  began  to  exhibit  reduce  muscle  tone  and  strength,  this  allowed  him   to  turn  the  handle  on  the  stove.    He  has  a  velcro  hand  device  and  the   Uni  Turner  ahs  a  piece  of  velro  aMached  which  made  it  easy  for  him   to  hold.    
  24. 24. Hands  free  can  opener     One  Touch  (TM)  Can  Opener  Rather  than  a  using  large  electric  can  opener  to  avoid  having  to  turn  the  knob,   this  small  (6.5"  x  2.5")  unit  sits  on  top  of  the  can  and  automa)cally  cuts  it  open  from  the  side.  You  press  the  top  buRon  to  start  it  and  when  the  lid  is  cut   off,  it  has  no  sharp  edges.  Use  it  on  a  small,  medium  or  large  can.     $23.95      
  25. 25. Frank   Due  to  his  reduce  muscle  strength,  it   allowed  him  to  open  cans.  He  found  it  easy  to  use  when  he  was  cooking  in   the  kitchen.  The  hands  free  can   opener  has  been  added  to  the   kitchen  utensils.        
  26. 26. Future  Call  Press  the  photograph  of  friends  or  loved  ones  to  dial  their  number.  This  phone   has  10  spots  for  a  photograph  and  programmed  number,  and  the  numbers   saved  are  backed  up  for  life,  even  if  disconnected  from  the  phone  line.  No  AC   adapter  or  baRery  is  required  to  use  this  phone.  40  dB  of  volume  control  in   handset.  Suitable  for  users  with  a  mild  hearing  loss.     $48.95  
  27. 27. Future  Call   Frank  used  the  future  call  Program  number  and  put  in  number  (1  dial)  –  reduce  motor  skills  needed,  he  was  able  to  use  a  light  touch  to  ac-vate   the  phone.      
  28. 28. Skype    
  29. 29. Chronic  Heart  failure  (HF)  is  generally  defined  as  the  inability  of   the  heart  to  supply  sufficient  blood  flow  to  meet  the  needs  of  the   body.    
  30. 30. Case  study     Bob  is  a  eighty  five  year-­‐old  re-red   veteran  who  is  suffering  from  chronic   heart  failure.  He  was  living  independently  un-l  he  fail  and  moved   in  with  his  son,  daughter-­‐in-­‐law  and   grandson.  He  is  unstable  in  the   bathroom  when  showering,  doesn’t  hear  the  phone  when  it  rings  and  loves   to  socialize.    
  31. 31. Bob’s  Goals     Play  bingo     See  his  grandchildren  more    Independence  in  the  bathroom    
  32. 32. Family’s  goals   Bob  to  go  to  the  neighborhood  center  to  socialize  and  be  involved  in   recrea-onal  ac-vi-es     Answer  the  phone  when  no  one  is   home     See  his  grandchildren  who  lives  out   of  the  state  more  oWen    
  33. 33. ClearSounds     ClearSounds  ClearRing  Amplified  Phone  Ringer/Signaler   ClearRing  offers  a  bright  LED  flashing  strobe  and  an  extra  loud  ring.  Purchase  the  op)onal  vibra)ng  pad  so  you  dont   miss  those  important  telephone  calls  when  you  are   sleeping  or  if  you  need  a  silent  signal  when  the  phone  is   ringing.  $49.95    
  34. 34. ClearSounds     Allow  Bob  to  not  only  hear  the   phone,  but  see  the  bright  LED   flasher.  Bob  was  answering  the  phone  more   oWen  when  no  one  was  at  home.    
  35. 35. Super  Grip    You  can  grip  and  grab  it  with  confidence.  Red/green  color   indicator  buRons  clearly  and  immediately  tell  you  if  you  have  a  secure  suc)on.  You  can  mount  the  Easy-­‐Install  Bath  Safety  Grip  Handle  either  ver)cally  or  horizontally.  (Note:   This  handle  should  be  used  to  aid  and  maintain  stability;   not  intended  to  support  full  body  weight.)   $10.95    
  36. 36. Bathroom  Adapta-ons  –  super   Grip  to  assist  with  gepng  into  the  tub  and  sit  his  shower  chair    
  37. 37. Home  Modifica-on  •  Making  modifica-ons  in  a  home  can  be  costly,   but  we  try  to  use  some  basic  low  cost   adapta-ons.    
  38. 38. Hands  Free    garbage  can  with  mo)on  detector        
  39. 39. Hands  Free    garbage  can  with  mo)on  detector        
  40. 40. Elevated  Garden  Box  
  41. 41. Elevated  Garden  Box  
  42. 42. 100%   90%   80%   70%   60%   low  tec   50%   Mid  Tech   High  Tec  h     40%   30%   20%   10%   0%   age  51-­‐55     age  56-­‐60   age  61-­‐  65   age  66-­‐70     age  71-­‐75   age  76-­‐  80     age  81-­‐  85  
  43. 43. Baby  Boomer  AT  Kit  Independent  Living:    Baby  Boomer  Products  •  hMp://www.independentliving.com/ products.asp?dept=691&deptname=Boomer %20Style  •  hMp://www.independentliving.com/ departments.asp?dept=133  •     
  44. 44. Summary  •  In  summary,  research  must  con-nue  to   address  the  “Baby  Boomers”  living  a  quality  of   life  with  assis-ve  technology,  no  maMer  if  they   live  alone,  choose  to  con-nue  to  work  or  if   they  have  to  be  cared  for  by  a  family  member.  
  45. 45. Baby  Boomer  Resources  (Web  sites)  •  Genera-ons  and  Leisure  Time  (Worlds  Apart)  •  hMp://www.boomerproject.com/images/gen-­‐ leisure-­‐ac-vi-esjpg    •  Free  insights  into  understanding  today’s  Boomer   Consumer  •  www.boomerproject.com  •  New  Reali-es  of  an  Older  America  (Stanford  Center  on  Longevity)  hMp://longevity.standord.edu/node/  •     
  46. 46. Baby  Boomer  Websites  Resources  •  It’s  Never  Too  Late  •  hMp://www.in21.com/index.cfm/event/pageview/ contentpieceid/7644/    •  www.assis-vetech.net    •  This  site  was  created  by  Georgia  Techs   Center  for  Assis-ve  Technology  and  Environmental  Access   (CATEA),  with  funding  from  the  Na-onal  Ins-tute  on   Disability  and  Rehabilita-on  Research  (NIDRR),  and   Rehabilita-on  Services  Administra-on  (RSA).  •  “Aging  in  Place”  is  a  senior  support  network.  To   collabora-ve  group  of  professional  service  providers.  •  www.ageinplacetech.com    
  47. 47. Baby  Boomer  Resources  (Web  sites)  •  When  It  Come  To  Leisure  Time,  Watch  Out  For  The   Genera-on  Gap  by  MaM  Thornhill  •  hMp://www.mediapost.com/publica-ons/? fa=Ar-cles.showAr-cle&art_aid=150104    •  Technology  for  the  Elderly  Maturing  •  hMp://www.businessofageing.com/www/default/ index.cfm/news/?categoryID=3B23E700-­‐1517-­‐ B69D-­‐05D77E611F58B4C1&relatedID=    
  48. 48. Baby  Boomer  Resources  (Web  sites)  •  Genera-ons  and  Their  Gadgets  •  hMp://www.businessofageing.com/www/ default/index.cfm/news/genera-ons-­‐and-­‐their-­‐ gadgets    •  Adap-ng  Technology  To  Help  The  Growing   Elderly  Popula-on  •  hMp://www.businessofageing.com/www/ defaulty/index.cfm/news/adap-ng-­‐technology-­‐ to-­‐help-­‐the-­‐growing-­‐elderly-­‐popula-on    
  49. 49. Baby  Boomer  Resources  (Web  Sites)  Adap)ng  Technology  To  Help  The  Growing   Elderly  Popula)on  •  hMp://www.businessofageing.com/www/ default/index.cfm/news/adap-ng-­‐technology-­‐ to-­‐help-­‐the-­‐growing-­‐elderly-­‐popula-on/    
  50. 50. Reference  •  Boger,  J.  Hoey,  J.  Poupart,  P.  Bou-lier,  C.  Fernie,   G.,  &  Mihailidis,  A.    (2006).  A  planning  system   based  on  Markov  decision  processes  to  guide   people  with  demen9a  through  ac9vi9es  of  daily   living.  IEEE  Transac-ons  on  Informa-on   Technology  in  BioMedicine,  10(2),  323-­‐333  •  Gutman,  G.M.  (2003).  Gerontechnology  and  the   home  environment.    Impact  of  technology  on   successful  aging  251-­‐261.  
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