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This Slide Show presents the BRIA value proposition for BRIA Business Risk Connect Program Mentors

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Bria Mentor Information

  1. 1. Mentoring has its rewardsCopyright 2012 Business Risk Institute AustraliaCopyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  2. 2. BRIA’s Higher Purpose – The why Australia has 1.8 million SME Business’s 90% of SME Business are yet to implement an appropriate risk mitigation strategy. 1. Financial Protection of their Human Capital Asset Value. 2. A Business Succession Plan that underpins the partners objectives. We believe the time is NOW for a change in thinking and the process of engagement. “BRIA is committed to supporting the SME business community with a fresh, new and innovative approach providing Positive Risk Management Solutions , that makes a very real difference for SME business and the lives of so many”.Copyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  3. 3. The Business BRIA Mentors are drawn from the ranks of the most Risk Institute successful and senior risk advisers in the country. of Australia would like to invite you to join us as a Mentor for the BRIA mentors are selected after careful research and is BRIA Business exclusively by invitation only. Risk Connect Program. An invitation to join BRIA as a mentor shows that you are held in the highest regard by the risk advising community.Copyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  4. 4. BRIA’s Business Risk Connect Program is fresh, new and innovative. Why BRIA is a new dimension for the Financial Services Industry, offering training, mentoring, learning BRIA? and coaching for the next generation of leading Risk Advisers. Best practice business coaching – Feel , Think, Know We believe in ‘Positive Risk Management Solutions’ – not ‘just’ insurance. BRIA provides a platform for Mentors to deliver their knowledge and wisdom. The BRIA Business Risk Connect Program and Positive Risk Management Solutions are our commitment to bringing best practice programs, support and intellectual property to the field of Business Risk. As a key BRIA team member your are central to the success of BRIA and BRIA will help you expand your professional horizons.Copyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  5. 5. Who are Mentors are experienced business risk advisers who have built successful practices mitigating and managing business owners’ risk. They know the value of what they BRIA Mentors do and want to give something back. and what do they do? Strategise effective solutions. Mentors work with Advisers Meet with clients and their other trusted advisers to consider business risks and solutions. to: Provide constructive, ongoing strategic relationship advice and support. Build and support channel management partnershipsCopyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  6. 6. ‘Life Risk advising has been a rewarding career for me, if What I can help someone else to build their career as a life risk adviser then that’s a very satisfying prospect’. Mentors ‘I applaud BRIA as an initiative and looking forwarding to say: supporting the people I will mentor.’ ‘Giving something back to the industry that has been good to me is something that I’d like to do.’ ‘Nurturing the next generation will be a fitting capstone to my career.’ ‘Mentoring a core group in my practice is a good way of ensuring the continued growth of my business.’ ‘I think I have a lot of experience to offer and if that can be of benefit to someone then that’s great.’Copyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  7. 7. The Helping select group of profiled advisers build their business and their careers is tremendously satisfying. Benefits Think of the strategic benefits for your own business. for BRIA Mentors The financial rewards recognise the exceptional value : your group will receive from having you as a mentor. Participate in the financial success of the people you Mentor. Participate in the financial success of BRIA. Significant Mentor learning program value is provided to you.Copyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  8. 8. Mentor Financial Benefits Nos of People being Mentored 5 Annual Premium per person year 1 $30,000 Annual Premium per person from year 2 $60,000 Commission Initial 70% On-going 20% Mentor Payment 20% note - this is 20% of the commission percentage. e.g. 20% of 70% Year 1 2 3 4 5 Initial Commission $21,000 $42,000 $42,000 $42,000 $42,000 On-going Commission $6,000 $18,000 $30,000 $42,000 Total to Mentor $21,000 $48,000 $60,000 $72,000 $84,000 In addition, all BRIA Mentors are offered an equity stake in BRIA via the BRIA Trust. You will directly participate in the financial success of BRIA Hybrid commissionCopyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  9. 9. Mentor Financial Benefits In addition, all BRIA Mentors are offered an equity stake in BRIA via the BRIA Trust. You will directly participate in the financial success of BRIA Hybrid commissionCopyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  10. 10. Your participation • I day mentor orientation program • ½ day per month, with your group and your BRIA Relationship mgr • Strategise sales activity - pre, during, post process • Advise - use your wisdom and experience • Source new profiled adviser participants for the program • Debrief BRIA • Update the program system • Build Channel management partnership relationships with BRIA • Provide ongoing feedback for program enhancement. • Learn BRIA Related Systems, Process and Business Software Programs • Complete the Risk Profiling assessment.Copyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  11. 11. Module 1 – Channel development– 2hrs Exclusive Mentor learning •Creating a channel strategy for pre-sold leads modules are provided in •The process of engaging •The process for Maintaining return for your participation •Who - TD as a mentor - this represents Module 2- Mentoring Foundation – 2 hrs •Questioning techniques significant value add to you •Profiles •Communication styles from BRIA •Who – TD Module 3 Communication and Delivery – 2hrs Plus you are welcome to •6 Step Communication Process •End to End Delivery Process attend the entire Business Who -TD Risk Connect Program Managing Stakeholders and Adviser Engagement – 2hrs •Roundtable Support •Adviser Pre-During-Post •Keeping the Adviser engaged and holding to account •Who – SC / TDCopyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  12. 12. you Our Commitment to • The team at BRIA are committed to the success of BRIA. • We will engage with you and support you. • The participant advisers allocated to you for Mentoring will have been screened and committed to the BRIA Business Risk Connect program. They will be as serious as we are about their success. • We recognise that your time and experience are valuable, we will not waste them. • We commit to making you experience as a BRIA mentor one of the most professionally satisfying experiences of your career in risk.Copyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  13. 13. Next steps • Mutual agreement/expectations • Kick – off mentor program learning sessions • On-going and joint promotion to the market • Identify program participants • Sales remuneration process • Participants Program starts in Feb 2013Copyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  14. 14. BRIA exists because a team of passionate and experienced industry professionals identified a gap in the market to implement appropriate business succession and mitigate risk for business owners. The Financial Services landscape has changed and the time for BRIA has come. As one of our Mentors you will be one of the select few who are invited to be a part of BRIA’s success. We are greatly looking forward to welcoming you to the team – as an industry leader and as a BRIA Mentor. Thank-you Steve, Doug, Ian, Tim and the BRIA TeamCopyright 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia
  15. 15. If you’d like to know more: • Steve Currie
Managing Director
0419 307 461 • Doug Sumner
Marketing Director
0428 293 858 • Web: • Email: 2012 Business Risk Institute Australia