Technology Leaders Wanted: Acknowledging the Leadership Role of a Technology Coordinator

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  • 1. Technology Leaders Wanted: Acknowledging the Leadership Role of a Technology Coordinator By William Sugar and Harold Holloman Presentation by Doug Strahler GDIT 708: Technology Management and Leadership
  • 2. Overview Technology Coordinator’s Responsibilities Focus on Leadership Initial Investigation & Results Implications of the results
  • 3. Technology Coordinator’s Responsibilities “Multi-hat” “…responsible for promoting technology integration within a school or school district” (p. 66). Leading teachers in developing an effective K-12 environment
  • 4. Four Main Responsibilities Responsibility Task Instruction Model best practices; staff development; effective technology integration Technical expertise Technology Purchases and recommendations; technical and networking support Planning and assessment Technology plans and policies; assessment Leadership Supervision; vision; collaboration
  • 5. A shared responsibility? Within a school district, who is responsible for providing technology leadership? Should this leadership responsibility rest on one person or should it be shared? Is it the school administrator or the technology coordinator? Which school leader or leaders should provide the oversight?
  • 6. “Technology staff need more leadership training and leaders need more technology training.”
  • 7. Nine Leadership Characteristics Corporate vision Development of Others Facilitating Servant Leadership Problem Solving Resource Management School Communications Student Centeredness Systems Thinking
  • 8. An initial investigation Full-time technology coordinator for a middle school with 37 teachers Mixed-method approach ◦ Observations & surveys Trained observer ‘shadowed’ for nine three-hour sessions and recorded each action Assigned one of the nine characteristics to each recorded action
  • 9. Observation Results The technology coordinator did exhibit characteristics of a leader Problem-solving & Facilitating were the top two characteristics observed of this technology coordinator
  • 10. Survey Results
  • 11. Implications Curricular revisions for training ◦ School improvement planning  Corporate vision, Systems Thinking, & Resource management ◦ School’s needs analysis  Student Centeredness & School Communications ◦ In-box tasks  Problem-solving and Facilitating ◦ Leadership development self-assessment  Servant Leadership and Development of Others
  • 12. Resources Sugar, W., & Holloman, H. (2009). Technology Leaders Wanted: Acknowledging the Leadership Role of a Technology Coordinator. TechTrends, 53(6), 66-75.