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1900 1910
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1900 1910


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  • 2. The 1900’s 1900
    • Carrie Chapman Catt succeeds Susan B. Anthony as president of National Woman Suffrage Association
    • The International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) is founded
    • The Association of American Universities is founded
    • Hurricane ravaged Galveston, TX killing 6,000 – 8,000
    • Compulsory laws
    Did you know. . . The US currency went on the gold standard in 1900. Yale unanimous college FB national champion.
  • 3.
    • President William McKinley assassinated. Theodore Roosevelt sworn in
    • First Community College in US opens in Joliet, IL as Joliet Junior College
    • College Board introduces its first standardized test, the precursor to the SAT
    • Australia becomes a commonwealth
    • Queen Victoria dies
    • First Nobel Prizes awarded
    • First trans-Atlantic radio signal
    The 1900’s 1901 Did you know. . . In 1901, Memorial Day was first observed in the United States . Michigan wins their first college FB championship.
  • 4.
    • Boer War Ends
    • Mount Pelée Erupts
    • Bureau of the Census is established
    The 1900’s 1902 Did you know. . . In 1902, the teddy bear was first produced, named after President Theodore Roosevelt.
  • 5.
    • Wright brothers first Flight at Kitty Hawk
    • Henry Ford organizes Ford Motor Company
    • The Workers' Educational Association (WEA) is founded
    • First License Plates Issued in the U.S.
    • First Message to Travel Around the World
    • First Silent Movie, The Great Train Robbery
    The 1900’s 1903 Did you know. . . In 1903, the first Major League Baseball World Series was played. The Boston Americans beat the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • 6.
    • First popular American film
    • Panama Canal Zone acquired by US for $10 million
    • New York City Subway opens
    • Russo-Japanese War begins
    • Trans-Siberian Railway completed
    The 1900’s 1904 Did you know. . . In 1904, the Olympics are held in the United States for the first time in St. Louis, MO.
  • 7.
    • " Bloody Sunday " leads to Russian Revolution of 1905
    • The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching is founded
    • Florida State College is reorganized as a college for women, becomes coeducational in 1947 as Florida State University
    • Industrial Workers of the World is founded in Chicago
    • Albert Einstein proposes his theory of relativity
    • Sigmund Freud publishes his theory of sexuality
    The 1900’s 1905 Did you know. . . The first movie theater opened in Pittsburgh, PA in 1905.
  • 8.
    • The University of Wisconsin offers extension courses in engineering
    • Finland first European country to give women the right to vote
    • Theodore Roosevelt negotiates Treaty of Portsmouth , receives Nobel Peace Prize
    • President Roosevelt simplifies spelling, Simplified Spelling Board
    • The Dreadnought launched
    • San Francisco earthquake
    • Upton Sinclair writes The Jungle
    The 1900’s 1906 Did you know. . . In 1906, Reginald Fessenden broadcasted the first radio program from Massachusetts.
  • 9.
    • Ten Rules of War established at the Second Hague Peace Conference
    • Oklahoma becomes the country's 46th state
    • Home Economics becomes a university department
    • First electric washing machine
    • Pablo Picasso Introduces Cubism
    • Typhoid Mary captured for the first time
    • Financial crisis sparks the Panic of 1907 in the US
    The 1900’s 1907 Did you know. . . In 1907, radiometric dating found the earth to be 2.2 billion years old.
  • 10.
    • Italian earthquake kills 150,000
    • Petroleum production starts in Middle East
    • The Tunguska Event : A huge and mysterious explosion in Siberia
    • President Roosevelt holds White House Conservation Conference, which leads to establishment of the National Conservation Commission
    • Three year-old Pu Yi becomes Emperor of China
    • SOS accepted as universal distress signal
    • Turks Revolt in the Ottoman Empire
    The 1900’s 1908 Did you know. . . Henry Ford developed the first Model T in 1908. It sold for $850.
  • 11.
    • President Roosevelt holds White House Conservation Conference, which leads to establishment of the National Conservation Commission.
    • National Trade and Professional School for Women and Girls is founded
    • Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching defines a "college“
    • Robert Peary Becomes the First to Reach the North Pole
    • NAACP Is Founded by W. E. B. Du Bois
    • Japan's Prince Ito is assassinated
    • Japan begins 36-year occupation of Korea
    The 1900’s 1909 Did you know. . . German bacteriolist Paul Ehrlich found a cure for syphilis in 1909. Also, plastic was invented.
  • 12.
    • Angel Island , in San Francisco Bay, becomes immigration center for Asians entering U.S.
    • J.D. Rockefeller Jr. retires from US Steel and Standard Oil to devote full time to being a philanthropist through the Rockefeller Foundation
    • First issue of " Crisis " published by editor W E B Du Bois, the official magazine of the NAACP
    • Flexner Report published by the Carnegie Foundation
    • Boy Scouts of America established in U.S.
    • Mexican revolution begins
    The 1910’s 1910 Did you know. . . In 1910, the first middle school opened in Berkley, CA. The Tango first catches on in 1910.
  • 13.
    • Katherine Gibbs founds Gibbs College in Rhode Island as first institution for the career education of young women
    • The Chinese Revolution of 1911
    • Ernest Rutherford discovers the structure of an atom
    • The Incan City of Machu Picchu is discovered
    • Roald Amundsen reaches the South Pole
    • Standard Oil Company broken up
    • Triangle Shirtwaist Factory catches on fire
    The 1910’s 1911 Did you know. . . The first Indianapolis 500 was in 1911 and the Mona Lisa was stolen (it was found two years later).
  • 14.
    • Piltdown Man, the "Missing Link," discovered (Fraud)
    • The Titanic sinks
    • New Mexico and Arizona are admitted as states No. 47 and 48
    • Girl Scouts of America founded by Juliette Gordon Low
    • Woodrow Wilson is elected president
    The 1910’s 1912 Did you know. . . The Oreo cookie was introduced in 1912. Parachutes were invented in 1912.
  • 15.
    • Edward Lee Thorndike 's book, Educational Psychology: The Psychology of Learning, is published
    • Sixteenth Amendment (income tax) and 17 th Amendment (popular election of U.S. senators) adopted
    • Bill creating U.S. Federal Reserve System becomes law
    • Los Angeles Owens Valley Aqueduct opened
    • First crossword puzzle in the New York World
    • End of the Philippine-American War
    The 1910’s 1913 Did you know. . . Henry Ford developed the first moving assembly line in 1913.
  • 16.
    • Archduke Ferdinand assassinated in Austria
    • Congress creates Federal Trade Commission , Clayton Antitrust Act .
    • The Smith-Lever Act establishes a system of cooperative extension services connected to land grant universities and provides federal funds for extension activities.
    • Charlie Chaplin first appeared as the Little Tramp
    • First traffic light installed in Cleveland, OH
    • Panama Canal Officially Opened
    • World War I Begins
    The 1910’s 1914 Did you know. . . The University of Wyoming Department of Education was formed in 1914.
  • 17.
    • The Superior Court in Fulton County, Ga. accepts the charter for the establishment of the new Ku Klux Klan
    • The National University Continuing Education Association is formed
    • The Association of American Colleges and Universities founded
    • D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation released
    • Germans use poison gas as a weapon
    • Lusitania sunk by German U-Boat
    • Second Battle of Ypres and Armenian Genocide
    The 1910’s 1915 Did you know. . . The one millionth Ford automobile rolled off the assembly line in 1915.
  • 18.
    • Albert Einstein completes his mathematical formulation of a general theory of relativity , which includes gravity
    • John Dewey 's. Democracy and Education . An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education is published
    • The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is founded as is the American Educational Research Association (AERA)
    • U.S. National Park Service in the Department of the Interior is created by act of Congress
    • Jeannette Rankin first woman elected to Congress
    • Easter Rising in Ireland
    The 1910’s 1916 Did you know. . . Bill Carlisle, the infamous last train robber, robbed a train in Hanna, Wyoming on April 21, 1916.
  • 19.
    • U.S. Enters World War I when the first U.S. combat troops arrive in France as U.S. declares war on Germany
    • The Smith-Hughes Act passes, providing federal funding for agricultural and vocational education in public schools for adults and youth above the age of fourteen
    • In 1917, the National Education Association (NEA) was reorganized to better mobilize and represent teachers and educational staff
    • First adult education course offered at Teachers College, Columbia University , NY
    • First Pulitzer Prizes Awarded
    The 1910’s 1917 Did you know. . . The famous “I Want You” poster featuring Uncle Sam was created in 1917 by James Montgomery Flagg.
  • 20.
    • President Wilson's Fourteen Points , which assures citizens that that the Great War was being fought for a moral cause and for postwar peace in Europe
    • First full time state supervisors of adult education appointed in New York and South Carolina.
    • 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic
    • Russian Czar Nicholas II and His Family are Killed
    The 1910’s 1918 Did you know. . . Daylight Saving Time first went into effect in 1918.
  • 21.
    • Treaty of Versailles ends World War I
    • The 18th Amendment is adopted establishing prohibition
    • Race riots erupted in 26 U.S. cities during the course of the year, including Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Omaha
    • The Progressive Education Association is founded with the goal of reforming American education
    • The 19 th Amendment passed the house and senate giving U.S. women the right to vote. Ratified by States in 1920
    • New School for Social Research opens
    The 1910’s 1919 Did you know. . . Dial telephones were first introduced in 1919 by American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T)
  • 22.
    • Maturation of a nation and multiplication of its AE institutions
    • Education promote the development of the industry
    • Women’s rights in education continue to developed
    • Women won the right to vote
    The 1900’s Highlights
  • 23.
    • Socialist movement spreads through the education of workers
    • National Women Trade Union League organized first training of women union organizers
    • Society of American Indians formed to promote and reform Indian education
    • Push for “Americanism” and immigrant education
    • Military training
    • Government distribution of public information
    • University extension expands
    • “ Red Scare” investigated individuals allegedly spreading German propaganda
    The 1910’s Highlights
  • 24. Questions
    • Describe the impact of WWI on the development of Adult Education?
    • What role did the government have in expanding adult education in preparation for WWI?
    • What impact did the media have on Adult Education in the era building up to and during WWI?
    • How is immigration important to Adult Education in the 1900’s?
    • In what ways did Adult Education lead to prohibition?
    • Do you think that it is necessary to pass the compulsory laws? If so, what influences did it bring to the adult education?
    • What is Hull House? What are its influences of adult education in 1900-1910?
    • What are the roles that adult education played in the development of industry?