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Corporate Blogging Workshop

Corporate Blogging Workshop



We held a sold-out Corporate Blogging Workshop at BlogWorld Expo in Los Angeles. Here's our presentation, walking businesses through the development of a strategy and understanding the efforts needed ...

We held a sold-out Corporate Blogging Workshop at BlogWorld Expo in Los Angeles. Here's our presentation, walking businesses through the development of a strategy and understanding the efforts needed for a successful strategy that drives business results through blogging, search and social medai.



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  • Visit http://www.corporatebloggingtips.com for more information!
  • Understand that the Internet has changed how we are interacting with prospects. Traditional marketing was us telling people. Tradigital marketing was the advent of people researching and finding our products and services. Now, we’re expected to interact with our audiences.
  • Not everyone comes to your corporate blog for the same reason, so it’s important to understand that there are mediums that are optimized based on visitor intent.
  • People think they can ‘sell’ via social, but that’s not how it work. Trust is a primary reason why visitors won’t buy. Blogging and social media provide a way to break down trust issues and increase ones authority.
  • Starting a blog without any preparation is not advised. What keywords are you going to focus your content on? Who are your competitors? How are you going to promote your content?
  • What kind of path to engagement are you going to create for people to come to you and make a purchase?
  • Always host on your own domain. Domains have ‘authority’ with search engines – you want to invest in your own authority… not some other domain’s! Choose a platform wisely that can accommodate all of your needs. Choose a theme that’s optimized for search and provides a professional vision of your brand. Build calls to action and landing pages so people engage with you. Write great content!
  • There are some basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that almost no platforms support – but modules or plugins can be added for. Configure these so that your platform speaks to the search engines effectively.
  • Don’t sell to your audience. Provide value to them!
  • Understand what your audience is looking for and create content that helps them.
  • A lot of folks don’t read web sites or blogs, but they love to devour audio or video. Make sure you have a diverse media strategy. Provide interactive tools as well!
  • Surveys are a great interactive tool and way to find out what your audience wants.
  • Each medium will have it’s own audience with little overlap. Don’t worry about repurposing content and getting it in front of the same people. If the message is important, a new medium may provide the breakthrough to engagement.
  • Don’t forget to cross promote the content… from social to press releases, infographics to webinars.
  • Infographics have taken off as a great means to provide a lot of data in a package that’s easily digestible and transportable.
  • If you want people to share your content, you have to enable means for them to do so!
  • Find new audiences and promote your content!
  • Promote it everywhere!
  • Measure your results and see where your strongest conversions and visitor sources are (the two could be different!).
  • Provide a means to push content to people that leave your blog. Email brings people coming back!
  • Don’t be afraid to re-introduce old content. If it’s still relevant, people will still be interested. Especially if it’s a post that has gone viral before!
  • Understand how blogging fits in the big picture.
  • Generate a process to follow on a weekly basis to improve your program.
  • When you figure out what works, try to find tools to automate and measure the results.
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Corporate Blogging Workshop Corporate Blogging Workshop Presentation Transcript

  • Corporate Blogging WorkshopDouglas Karr @douglaskarr Jenn Lisak @jlisak #corpblogging Text MKTG to 71813 to Subscribe to our Newsletter
  • Marketing (R)evolutionTraditional Tradigital Interaction
  • Visitor Intent Lead NurturingNot everyone visits your site to make a purchase, so there needs to be multiple strategies deployed that are developed based on the intent of the visitor.
  • Understand Influence• Search• Social• Personable• Authoritative• Viral• Integrated• Automated
  • Before You BeginKeywords Competitors Promotion
  • Find Engagement Read Click Contact Buy CRM/Subscribe Email
  • Implementation Domain Platform ThemeCall to Action Landing Page Content (CTA)
  • Optimized Platform?1. Register with Google Webmasters, Yahoo! Site Explorer and Bing Webmasters2. Build a robots.txt file that disallows directories you don’t want indexed, allows the rest, and points to your sitemap3. Integrated an XML Sitemap that automatically publishes4. Ping the Search Engines when your content changes
  • Stop Selling • Provide Value • Capture Attention • Build AuthorityContent should provide the information, trust and authority someone needs to lead them to a sale… but shouldn’t be selling.
  • Find Out What THEY Want! While you were working on a …they just wanted an email new site… or a deal! http://mkt.gs/zoomerangworldsurvey2011Don’t guess about what your customers or prospects want in the way of content or how you present it… ask. Create a Zoomerang Poll or Survey!
  • Feed their Senses • Text • Audio • Video • KinestheticMany people don’t read. Is your messaging paralleled in audio? Video? Are you providing some interactive tools?
  • Make Surveys a Content StrategyAside from providing you with ideas with content, surveys and polls are interactive AND provide you with content when you start and after you analyze the results.
  • Same Message, New Mediums Don’t reinvent the wheel! Turn • Survey results into a whitepaper • Whitepaper into an Infographic • Whitepaper into a presentation • Presentation into a blog post • Blog posts into a webinar • Webinar into a survey • Start over…Different mediums provide different opportunities to explain yourself.
  • Cross-Promote the MediumsSame content: Whitepaper, presentation, press release, infographic, webinar… all started with a Survey!
  • Start a Content Fire! Infographics are HOT! • Aesthetically Pleasing • Informational • Unique • Resources • Easy to ShareExample: http://www.marketingtechblog.com/infographics Infographics provide a unique medium to easily share information. Use them and watch the fire take off!
  • Enable and Encourage Sharing And offsite sharing is HUGE when it comes to driving traffic... second only to search (while impacting search). Use social sharing buttons!
  • Be Vigilante: Hunt New Audiences! Promote, Promote, Promote: • Press Releases • Social Monitoring • Landing Page • Tracking and Analytics • Pitch InfluencersIt doesn’t stop when you click Publish! You must be vigilant and spread the word.
  • PromoteSocial Media Social Network Paid and PR
  • Measure Results and Use What Works!You may not use some of the tools, but others do. Measure which ones work with your audience!
  • Retention and Nurturing• Newsletter is vital• Nurtures leads• Push vs pull• Returns visitors
  • Re-Introduce Content! New Time, New Audience • Press Releases • Social Monitoring • Landing Page • Tracking and Analytics • Pitch InfluencersMost content doesn’t have a shelf-life. Areyou killing your old content or finding newways to promote it? Avoid “dating” content that is timeless.
  • Marketing Ecosystem
  • Corporate Blogging Workflow Automation Analysis Promotion Implementation Optimization
  • AutomationWhat are you ranking on? http://mkt.gs/gotosemrushHow do you track your rank? http://mkt.gs/gotoauthoritylabsHow do you improve rank? http://mkt.gs/gotoseomozHow do you automate posting? http://www.twitterfeed.com
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