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50 Tools 50 Slides 50 Minutes!


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This presentation got an overwhelming response from marketing professionals. The basis of the presentation is providing an overview of tools available to measure off-site activity for your brand, …

This presentation got an overwhelming response from marketing professionals. The basis of the presentation is providing an overview of tools available to measure off-site activity for your brand, company, or service. Too many folks rely simply on analytics - ignoring the search, social, targeting, optimization and behavioral tools that can really help you take your online marketing to the next level. Updated with over 50 Tools!

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  • Transcript

    • 1. 50 Tools!50 Slides!50 Minutes?
      50 Tools!50 Slides!50 Minutes?
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    • 2. Web Analytics
      Your Site
      Many people focus all of their attention on their analytics applications to monitor the performance of their online marketing. The problem is that website analytics only provides a view into a tiny sliver of your visitors’ activities.
    • 3. Analytics Misses
      Website analytics miss search engine result page (SERP) activity, they miss the conversation that led visitors from social sites, and worst... they miss the actual identity of the people visiting your site. They miss....
    • 7. Analytics Misses
      • Answers!
    • Paths to Your Site
      Analytics paints a picture of simple paths to our site... but the reality is quite different...
    • 12. Real Paths to Your Site
    • Make Paths
      • Ad
      • Search
      • Social
      • Email
      • Web
      It’s the website director’s job to develop those paths and point visitors in the right direction through hierarchy, navigation and design.
    • 17. Visitor Intent
      Not everyone visits your site to make a purchase, so there needs to be multiple strategies deployed that are developed based on the intent of the visitor.
    • 18. Track Paths
      <a href="order.html" onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/special/mypage');">Order Now</a>
      It’s the website director’s job to ensure that campaign tracking is in use so they can monitor the performance of those paths.
    • 20. Set Goals
      Those paths can be realized by implementing Goals within Analytics to monitor the path’s performance.
    • 21. Funnels
      Landing Page
      Confirmation Page
      And Funnels within Analytics to visually display the path’s performance.
    • 22. Webmasters
      But what about SERPs? How does your search engine result perform on a SERP? That’s why we need Webmaster’s Tools.
    • 23. SERP CTR
      We can monitor the click-through rate of our entries on a SERP using Google Webmasters... and adjust meta descriptions to improve CTRs.
    • 24. Monitoring Rank
      We can use tools like Authority Labs to monitor our rank over time to see how site and content changes are impacting our search rankings.
    • 25. User Behavior
      We can use tools like Reinvigorate to see if our users are actually using the paths that we build.
    • 26. User Attention
      We can use tools to see how users view elements on a page and in what order.
    • 27. Improving Rank
      We can use SEO monitoring like SEOmoz, gShiftLabs and BrightEdge to help us improve our site’s optimization.
    • 28. Keywords
      Do you already rank on Keywords? Analytics only tells you the keywords that drew traffic, what about the others? SEMRush
    • 29. Places
      If we’re location-based, we can add our business(es) to Google Places and utilize their Analytics to monitor CTRs from geosearches.
    • 30. Copy
      We utilize Tynt to see how many times people copied content from our site and how it impacted visits and search. Tynt.
    • 31. Social Monitoring
      Other tools provide analytics, natural language processing and tools to monitor how your brand is talked about offsite as well as alerts to notify you of mentions.
    • 32. Social Sharing
      And offsite sharing is HUGE when it comes to driving traffic... second only to search (while impacting search).
    • 33. Social Networks
      How we think of networks:
      The reality of networks:
      • Paul Adams,
      Networks are evolving and becoming more segmented and complex. It’s necessary to utilize monitoring tools to keep on top of your company’s reputation.
    • 34. Facebook Pages
      Facebook insights has released a new version, supplying more information on reach, audience and content.
    • 35. Social Tracking
      Most social traffic, because of URL shorteners and redirects, shows up as Direct Traffic in your Analytics!
      Use URL Shorteners that provide Analytics
      Use Campaign Codes
      Combined with Analytics campaign codes, we can use or Hootsuiteto track how social is impacting our site’s traffic.
    • 36. Social Management
      Social management suites let you view, report and publish your social activity from a single platform.
    • 37. Social Influence
      And now tools are evolving to measure people’s influence and authority in the social space. Klout, Appinions, FollowerWonk
    • 38. Social Analytics
      Just as you measure on-site performance with analytics, now you can measure off-site analytics.
    • 39. Social Segmentation
      People that follow you want to be treated differently based on their dedication to you. Are you treating them differently?
    • 44. Social Conversions
      Tools like Argyle allow you to embed code on your site to measure actual conversions you’ve received by Social Medium.
    • 45. Public Relations
      Tools like Marketwire allow you to check the stats of your Press Releases – measuring clicks and SEO visibility.
    • 46. Email
      Email and RSS Feeds also provide traffic that is often measured as ‘direct’. Using Analtytics for Email and Feeds is key.
    • 47. Feed
      ERSS Feeds also provide traffic that is often measured as ‘direct’. Using Analtytics for Feeds is key.
    • 48. Internal Search
      Google Site Search
      Turning on internal search and understanding what people are searching for within your site will help you improve your site.
    • 49. Trends
      Beware of measuring day to day, week to week or even month to month. Your site’s traffic will change based on behavior that’s often outside of your control. Watch the trends.
    • 50. Businesses
      Businesses can reveal themselves by identifying the IP address where the page was requested from!
    • 51. Mobile
      iPhoney – A mobile emulator
      Consumers are using the web on mobile devices more and more. Are you changing the user experience based on their device?
    • 52. Tablet
      iPad Peek –
      Consumers are using the web on tablet devices more and more. Are you changing the user experience based on their device?
    • 53. Segmentation
      Google Analytics offers basic segmentation for your reporting. Are you segmenting based on prospects, customers, or your own staff’s interactions with your site?
    • 54. Custom Reports
      Google Analytics also added customer reporting.
    • 55. Marketing Ecosystem
      Content Curation
    • 56. Aggregation
      Tools like Twylah, Postana and allow you to aggregate your own links and share them with others.
    • 57. Curation Tools
      Redux,, Curatedby, Keepstream, Qrait, Pearltrees, Bagtheweb, Storify, Equentia
    • 58. Centralization
      Twenty Feet, Webtrends Analytics 10 for centralization
    • 59. Dashboards
      Geckoboard integrates with hundreds of APIs to centralize your business KPIs
    • 60. Content Optimization
      And optimization tools to dynamically change your site based on visitor behavior to improve overall performance.
    • 61. Feed the Senses
      Many people don’t read. Is your messaging paralleled in audio? Video? Are you providing some interactive tools?
    • 62. Podcasts
      You can monitor audio consumption with Analytics on Podcasts (Blog Talk Radio).
    • 63. Videos
      You can monitor video consumption. Vimeo and YouTube all offer video analytics with their packages.
    • 64. Events
      <a href="#" onClick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Videos', 'Play', 'Baby's First Birthday']);">Play</a>
      Or you can program your own events in Analytics tools like Google.
    • 65. What do I measure first?
      What is a conversion?
    • 66. Where do I measure?
      Where do those visitors come from?
    • 67. How do I measure?
      How do I measure and monitor THEM?
    • 68. Can you ask?
      How do I really find out?
    • 69. Thanks to Kevin Mullett for some tips!We help companies reach their marketing potential.Text MKTG to 71813 to Subscribe to our Newsletter
      You can find us on Facebook, too!