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    Presentation1 Presentation1 Presentation Transcript

    • Earth Vision Industries is a material science development company at the forefront of producing cost-effective, biodegradable materials designed to supplant petroleum and Styrofoam products in a multitude of consumer product, packaging, medical and food service applications.Douglas Ivey, CEO, 415-435-1168 Doug@earthvisionindustries.com
    • The Petroleum Plastic Problem• EVI has been formed to commercialize and implement a patented proprietary biodegradable materials technology. This process is the foundation for a new category of biodegradable products.• The transformational technology lends itself to a high-speed, industrial manufacture of biodegradable, unmodified starch based packaging, containers and many product components on standard extrusion equipment. These products can find application on a global scale as single use packaging for food, for electronic parts, as replacements for single use plastic parts in medical services and for the military, among many other applications, The basic raw material is derived from annually grown plants like potatoes, or grains like sorghum, rice, corn, and wheat among others. EVI Brand Products can be used in place of plastic, StyrofoanilM, paper, and wood, because of the low cost of raw materials and elegant process, this technology successfully competes with most cost-effective methods now being used.
    • Earth Vision’s Solution Earth Vision offers a solution to the damaging effects of Styrofoam to ourplanet, with a patented material that costs less that competitivesustainable materials, and has considerably better environmentalattributes that any other products on the the market today. Earth Vision’sagriculture waste-based materials will degrade in a marine environment inless than four days, are backyard compostable, are 100% bio-based andare the only products that are composted in an anaerobic digestingmachine. Earth Vision developed a machinery line in Michigan that willproduce over 30 million thermoform products per year, and is developinga larger machine that will manufacture over 300 million products per year.Earth Vision plans to place a machine in each state in the country,lowering the carbon footprint for numerous verticals. In addition, the onlyby-product from our machinery line is steam, which can be used for avariety of uses, from heating our building to recaptured to use in otherparts of our machine.
    • Earth Vision Customers• Earth Vision owns eleven international patents for our rotary die system, and plans to license our proprietary technology to numerous companies in a variety on industries. Earth Vision is starting our licensing program in the food service industry, as we already own existing molds for plates, clamshells, trays, cups, bowls, and numerous other molds related to the food service industry.• Earth Vision is in negotiations with two of the country’s largest single use disposable product manufacturers, who are interested in licensing our technology. One of the companies is a large manufacturer for the US Government, who want to offer Earth Visions starch-based plates to several branches of the Government, while the other is one of the largest thermoform companies in the country, who are interested in manufacturing a variety of single-use disposable products.• Earth Vision has also received interest from a large packaging company, who are interested in offering Earth Vision’s sustainable food service products to Sysco Foods, US Foods, Aramark and Compass.
    • Earth Vision’s Technology• EVIs patented manufacturing system produces a durable, versatile, moldable material from pure starches or grain meals in a simple extrusion process, One of the unique (and patented) features of this process is the use of a rotary die to twist the polymeric strands into a resilient, pliable sheet with omni directional (biaxial) strength. (A conventionally extruded sheet would show strength only in the extruded direction, causing it to bail with force applied across the grain) Earth Vision owns eleven international patents, for both our revolutionary rotary-die system and for our starch-based materials, and owns a proven machinery manufacturing line in Shelby, Michigan, that is capable of producing over 30 million thermoform products per year.• In addition, Earth Vision is developing starch-based materials that can be injection molded for durables, which opens up the entire petroleum plastics market.
    • Marketing and Sales Strategy• Earth Vision plans to sell licenses directly to manufacturers and distributors, limiting the need for expensive marketing budgets. The licensee will be the companies who manufacture and market these products, and they will assume full responsibility for all sales and marketing costs.• Both companies mentioned earlier have large sales forces, and feel Earth Vision’s bio-based materials would be very popular with both the private sector and the government. Institutions within the Government would be ideal customers, including, the DOE, Dept of the interior, as well as all branches of the Dept of Defense.• The national packaging company has over 300 sales professionals, and have offered full use of their over 40 warehouses across the country.
    • Competition• Earth Vision owns transformational technology that can outperform all other sustainable technologies available today. Most bioplastic and sustainable companies use PLA for their base product, which is corn based. With the drought increasing corn prices, these already expensive products’ cost will rise, while Earth Vision uses agriculture waste materials, which average less than $.30 cents per pound, compared to petroleum costs of over $1.00 per pound.• Ten years ago, a company called Earth Shell created a clamshell container from potato starch and limestone, and went public with an IPO. They had a valuation of over $2 billion dollars, and our technology is far superior to anything they had.• In addition, no other starch based materials have the capability to be injection molded for durables, which opens up huge markets for Earth Vision.
    • Earth Vision Management• Earth Vision brings a wealth of successful management professionals together who share a passion to preserving the environment.• Doug Ivey: CEO, Chairman, hosted national environment radio program called “Meet the Planet”, which was heard across the country.• Sandy Salzberg: Board member, President of Shasta Beverage, as $600 million dollar subsidiary of National Beverage. Very successful background.• Charles Sheppard: Board member, VP of Research for Pennsylvania Trust, Has over 30 years experience with Wall Street investment banks.• Dr. Hans G. Franks: Board member, famous Chemist for Chevron of Europe. Created world’s first starch-based packaging peanuts and all of the intellectual property platform for the rotary die technology and materials.• Dr. Kevin Danaher: Sustainability Director, Has founded Green Festivals across the country, co-founded Global Exchange. Authored numerous books on green economics and sustainable farming practices.
    • Earth Vision Financials• 2013E 2014E 2015E 2016E 2017E$14,4mill $34,5 mill $61,4 mill $107,5 mill $120 milTotal net income from licensing fees. Full financials available in Operations Plan and Business Plan.
    • Earth Vision’s Sustainability• Earth Vision’s mission is to offer the world a sustainable, cost-competitive to petroleum and Styrofoam products. Our products our 100% bio-based, will dissolve in the ocean in less than four days, and are completely backyard compostable, and are the only plates and trays that are compostable in and anaerobic digesting machine. Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel, invested $20 million dollars of the over $40 million development money spent to date. Mr. Moore saw the potential and impact our proprietary technology can have on our oceans, and funded the company for several years. Earth Vision has one of the lowest manufacturing footprints in the world, with our only waste product being steam. Our large manufacturing machines can be placed in any existing building across the country, lowering transportation costs dramatically.
    • Accomplishments to Date• In addition to owning transformational technology using agriculture waste materials, Earth Vision has also developed several sustainable, ground- breaking first-to-market products and materials. Which are listed below:• World’s first biobased shopping bag that is certified to degrade in salt water, is backyard compostable, and composts in a digesting machine.• World’s first compostable bike bottle.• Worlds first compostable reusable stadium cup.• Developed a renewable material for Proctor & Gamble’s outer diaper bag manufacturer, and have a Purchase Order to supply one million pounds of bio resin per month.