FYE Tutorial - An Introduction to the FIU Libraries
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FYE Tutorial - An Introduction to the FIU Libraries






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FYE Tutorial - An Introduction to the FIU Libraries FYE Tutorial - An Introduction to the FIU Libraries Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction to theFIU LibrariesLearning About the Library & Getting Started
    Douglas Hasty
    First Year Experience Librarian
    Office: 305-348-2459
  • As part of an academic institution, the FIU Libraries are dedicated to helping students use the library as part of their higher education experience.
    We are here to help you. Online. In person.
    Ask. Write. Call. Chat. Visit.
    The Library’s Role in Your Education
  • Going to the Library is aVirtual Experience.
  • Going to the Library is aPersonal Experience.
    Send Directions and Contact Information to Your Phone
    Green Library, MMC Hubert Library, BBC
  • Some of the Tools & Skills You’ll Need
    Laptop / Computer / Smart Phone / other devices
    Textbooks and Required Readings (print or electronic)
    Time Management Skills
    Excellent Study Habits
    Patience & Stress Management
    Focusing on the Task and Reducing Distractions
    Enthusiasm and Commitment
  • Sooner or Later,You’ll Need the Library
    We Can Support You by:
    Answering questions, providing guidance for research and assignments
    Suggesting relevant databases and sources
    Offering research strategies for success
    Teaching ways to evaluate reliability of sources
    Providing online resources
    Providing a building with meeting and study spaces in a modern, comfortable environment
  • Be Ready to Explore
    • The FIU Libraries have a wealth of information located on different floors and in various areas.
    • You may need to travel about the library to locate materials.
    • Please don’t let the location of an item detract you from getting it. Usually, it is worth the short distance.
    • Visit us at library.fiu.edu – you’ll find Worlds Ahead library resources.
  • Not really, not yet.
    Media sources and common belief may have led you to accept that this is true.
    Don’t believe everything you read or see on a screen.
    Many materials have already been online for many years.
    Every day there are new online sources emerging.
    But many more won’t be online by the time you graduate.
    Don’t be tempted to use online sources just because they are quick and easy.
    Everything’s Online – Right?
  • The Library –
    Offers objective advice
    Helps you understand how the library works
    Helps you understand how research works
    Gives confidential assistance & guidance
    Has your best interests in mind
    Understands your situation – we were freshmen once
    How Does the Library Support You?
  • Waiting to the last minute?
    Plan ahead if possible. A little time spent planning will save a lot wasted time later on.
    Research well done comes from good planning rather than last minute efforts.
    Develop a research plan. Strategize. Read critically. Ask questions. Choose sources carefully.
    Contact us at any time – don’t hesitate to ask for help.
    I Need It Now
  • Sometimes you with one topic and discover that another topic is better or more interesting.
    Don’t be surprised if this happens
    Starting in one direction may lead you to another outcome.
    This is part of the research process: Discovery.
    When this happens you may have found a better way to write your paper.
    The Perfect Topic
  • Writing a paper is not about repeating someone else’s opinion.
    Writing a paper is more than using one source for an entire paper. (Hint – see above)
    A paper is a collection of opinions united together that supports and proves your thesis statement.
    Don’t rely upon one or two sources – you’ll need more.
    The Perfect Source
  • Authors – Objective or Subjective? How Can You Tell?
    Is the writer of an article or book objective or subjective?
    Do they present objective findings?
    Are they marketing their opinion disguised as “research”?
    Hint - consider the background of the author. Experience affects peoples’ interests and intentions. This only natural – just be aware of their perspective when you decide to use their material or not.
    Whose Dog is in the Fight?
  • It Is What You Say -Searching for Information
    Think about the best way to describe your topic
    Identify 2 or 3 words that best represent your idea
    Search with those select words, then review the results
    Select a one of the results (a record) that best fits or closely matches the types of records you want
    Go into the record, and see what terms or subject headings is used to describe this record
    Take those words, do a new search, and you should have a better set of records displayed
  • For Example
    Your Topic:
    “The influence of William Shakespeare’s writings on the English Language.”
    Your Must Find:
    Books in the FIU Libraries
    Articles or papers published in peer reviewed publications
    A peer reviewed publication is a scholarly work containing papers reviewed and approved for publication by scholars and professionals in the same field as the author.
  • Go to the libraries home page at library.fiu.edu
    Click on the CATALOG tab
    Go to the BOOKS tab and use the Basic Search option
    Search words: Shakespeare English effects
    In the search results, go to the record with the book title: Shakespeare and the Origins of English
    Click on the title to enter the record.
    Searching for Books
  • Is this an e-book or a print book?
    For e-books – follow the link to open and read it.
    For print books – look at the end of the record for the campus, collection, call number, and availability information.
    Hint – to find more books like this one, go into the record and scroll down to the Subjects section, then click the subject links for more searches.
    Lost? Ask a librarian or the circulation desk for help.
    Searching for Books, continued
  • Go to the libraries home page at library.fiu.edu
    Click on the RESEARCH tab
    Try a quick search in the middle box,
    Not Sure Where to Start?
    Or, search by subject in the left-hand side box,
    Browse by Subject
    Lost? Go to the Need Help box for online tutorials and librarian contact information.
    Searching for Articles
  • For more online help, go to the library home page at library.fiu.edu to the “Research Help” section.
    Contact us at any time by phone:
    Green Library, MMC – 305-348-2454
    Hubert Library, BBC – 305-919-5726
    Online via library.fiu.edu
    More Help…