Costa rica presentation powerpoint.


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Costa rica presentation powerpoint.

  1. 1. Costa Ola! Spanish Trade Army free! Rica Invest Coffee Agrain
  2. 3. To Advertise Our Fair-trade Ideas.... We Created a page on the most well known social networking site, for people of our age group... Find us by searching, ‘Fair trade for Costa Rica’ in facebook search..
  3. 6. Did you know that a lot of your delicious Coffee, Sugar, Rice Banana’s and Chocolate comes from here?
  4. 8. " Without the alternative trade market, the reality for our co-operatives would have been different. The learning process and price premium have made the difference between a group of producers with a chance of obtaining a dignified level of life and those producers without." Carlos Vargas Leiton, Coocafe Manager What better country to lead the way into being fair.. Than one that lives as a community... A country without Army, to corrupt them
  5. 9. <ul><li>We asked Members of staff how many Banana’s and tea or coffee they have per week... </li></ul>Banana’s Per Week...
  6. 10. <ul><li>Costa Rica produces many raw materials to sell to other countries, however people who pick, harvest and package them don't get treaded fairly and don't get the fair pay they deserve. </li></ul>Why Costa Rica? Young Children forced to work! And have no opportunity, to a good education.. We can solve this by fair-trade in this country, with the children's parents getting more pay, children wont have to work... And they can get the Education they deserve.
  7. 11. Costa Rican Food Simplicity is key when dealing with food in Costa Rica. Rice and beans are the primary ingredients in nearly every meal, from breakfast to dinner. If they've been fried in oil and mixed with onions, then you know it's breakfast time - this traditional plate is called gallo pinto and is one of the common and popular foods in Costa Rica. Nothing much changes for lunch and dinner - gallo pinto is now served along side fried plantains, a cut of meat and a small salad. Though you would have to be pretty liberal with what defines a salad, as this version is 90% cabbage, with a couple tomatoes thrown in if you're lucky.
  8. 12. <ul><li>This is a Fair Trade Poem. This poem is made from one hundred per cent recycled words. It has not been tested on animals. It has no additives no artificial colouring. Juanita’s poem is a sweet banana fragrant, glowing. But the price has fallen. ‘Dear teacher’ she says, ‘My children can no longer come to school.’ This poem is made from recycled words, but who is listening? Maria’s poem is a handful of glinting coffee beans. She lets them slide through her fingers. The price has fallen. No clothes, no shoes no medicine for the children. This poem is made from recycled words, but who is listening? The supermarket poem is all noise and colour. A price goes up so we cross the aisle and choose another brand, another packet. Our lives are linked to their lives. Their lives are linked to our lives. This poem is made from recycled words. Listen. </li></ul>