Superheroes and villains

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  • 1. Superheroes and Villains Ms. Douglass Eng IV
  • 2. Fro Fighter  Fro Fighter was born in Barbados  Sent out to sea with nothing but a gold medallion  Parents afraid she would be taken by the government and the medallion would fall into the wrong hands.  Found by a poor fisherman in Honduras  The medallion gives her fantastic vision day or night and the ability to throw her poison-laced golden picks with perfect precision and lightning speed. If the cut is not deadly, the poison will finish them off.  Her weakness is hair relaxer.  At 6’6” tall she is a menacing heroin.
  • 3. Murcielaga  Murcielaga was born in the caves of Honduras.  Her mother was a crocodile and her father was a bat.  She can only come out in the darkness. Sunlight is her weakness. Her red eyes cannot handle the sun.  She can fly and has razor sharp talons.  Her skin is thick like a crocodile.  She is able to travel quickly in the dark by using echo locution (sound).  Her guano (droppings) is like acid and can disfigure any enemy on contact. Her aim is meticulous.  She is small; only 4 feet tall  Her screeches can cause ears to bleed.
  • 4. Murcielaga vs. Fro Fighter Murcielaga and Fro Fighter met in Honduras. Murcielaga was terrorizing a small town near her cave and the people called on Fro Fighter to save them. They were tired of being disfigured by her guano, blinded by her screeches, and ripped apart by her talons. Murcielaga terrorized the town because they were up all hours of the night partying and she could not stand the lights that would creep into her cave; the horrible sounds of Garifuna drove her crazy. She could not stand anything that resembled rap or hip hop. The horrible sounds made it difficult for her to travel at night and bump into trees and mountains because of the sounds of the drums bouncing around the area and the heavy bass. Murcielaga seeks to remove the gold medallion from Fro Fighter and with it her powers. Fro Fighter seeks to chop off her wings with her flying razor sharp, poison-laced picks. Her skin is too thick to pierce. Once the poison enters her veins it should be the end of Murcielaga.
  • 5. Fro Fighter
  • 6. Murcielaga Animal echolocation  Guano
  • 7. Fro Fighter and BeowulfComparison- Fro Fighter and Beowulf both fight for good. They are both called on by people to help in a time of need; they are selfless and fearless. They are both larger than life characters. Although, Beowulf’s exact height is not mentioned, we know he is a large man. Fro Fighter is 6’6” tall.Contrast- Fro Fighter and Beowulf are not the same race or ethnicity. Fro Fighter gets her powers from the gold medallion. Beowulf’s strength was given by the gods. Beowulf uses no weapons, while Fro Fighter has a gun and her hair picks.
  • 8. Murcielaga and Grendel Comparison- Both characters are inhuman. They are both bothered by the people’s “partying” and take revenge on them; both personify evil. They both have very thick skin. Contrast- Murcielaga can fly, slice, and spray her guano to harm others. Grendel’s only defense is his impermeability to weapons and his size. Murcielaga is only 4 feet tall.