Innovation in YouTube Captions and Transcripts
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  • 1. Innovative Approaches to Closed Captions and Transcriptsin Blackboard VideosDoug HenryAdjunct Instructor – CIS-101Co-conspirators:Jason Monroe - Videos and transcriptsCheri Coder-Kembell - Videos and transcriptsRebecca Waldo - Transcripts, YouTube, and BlackBoardSummary:We discuss approaches used in the preparation of the training videos forthe new CIS-101 shell. During the shell development, members of theteam considered various closed-captioning and transcripttechniques, finally settling on videos in YouTube, to take advantage ofthe captioning and transcript capability. We mention alternatives toaccommodate students who cannot access YouTube.
  • 2. Some Terminology• Transcript - text of the audio in a video or audio presentation• Captioning - synchronizing the transcript to the video - include meaning and sound effects • Closed Captions - Able to turn on or off (CC) - play in a separate video track • Open Captions - imbedded in the video - always on• Subtitles - Brief, mainly for translation and for emphasis• Post-production – Captions added after the video is created – increasingly being automated• Real time – Captions added during play – typed by someone more focused than I, with really good hearing…
  • 3. Regulatory Aspects• Rehabilition Act – 1973 • Section 508 - All federal electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities • Section 504 - People with disabilities get equal access to any program or activity that receives federal subsidy - includes video and audio class content.• 21st Century Video Communications & Accessibility Act - expands closed caption requirements for all online video that previously aired on television.• OTC Disability Support Services (DSS) - speech-to-text, note taking, visual describing, alternative formats, tape recording
  • 4. Benefits of Captioning• Comprehension - hearing impaired, ESL• Subtitles and translations• Search engines - indexing videos online - repurposing video information• Workplace viewing, noisy surroundings, mobile• Interactive captioning - text search, seeking, bookmarking
  • 5. CIS-101 Videos• Prepared by Jason Monroe and Cheri Coder-Kembell• Video tutorials on first assignment for each weekly lesson - 1 to 3 per unit – 12 units – 5 to 15 minutes each• Screen capture using Camtasia - narration added - posted to YouTube in a CIS-101 channel• Screen capture tools: Commercial (Camtasia, Captivate, Snagit), free (Camstudio), online (Screencast-o-matic, Jing)• Features to look for: • Various window, cursor, options • File save options (quality, filesize) • ‘Callouts’ • ‘Autopan’ • Audio, webcam recording
  • 6. Transcripts• Typed - while listening to narration• Voice Recognition - Dragon, Windows 7 • Self: Train for best results • Other narrator: Play at 1/2 speed, listen and narrate into Dragon or Windows 7 Dragon Win 7
  • 7. • Presenting transcripts in Blackboard • Separate PDF (open in new window) • Scrolling text box in Bb (edit HTML) HTML: <div style=“height:120px; width:100%;overflow:scroll;”>text</div>
  • 8. Adding Closed Captions• Submit file to YouTube• Caption file formats • Plain text with blank lines - example • SRT - YouTube – example • Others (Flash, iPod, DVD, Win Media, QT) Plain Text SRT
  • 9. Autocaption in YouTube (machine processing) – not quite thereyet…
  • 10. More …Translations• Transcripts – Google Translate can do PDF files, and posting translations is easy• Captions – multiple captions can be added to YouTube videosInteractive transcripts• Becoming more popular• Allow highlighting in transcript to jump to a point in the video• YouTube example:
  • 11. Interactive Transcripts – Cool Commercial Example
  • 12. Interactive TranscriptsHome grown (tinkering) - for students who cannot access YouTube –uses <iframe> and Flash player ‘seek’ to start video at certain point
  • 13. Some Lessons Learned • Teamwork under pressure - learning from colleagues • KISS - the technology will catch up fast • Make it FUN!References • 100077 - Adding captions and subtitles • – Options for generating captions • transcripts.html - Adding interactive transcripts • - several good webinars on closed captioning - including Sec 508, interactive captioning, search and accessibility, university examples