Drupal Product Development
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Drupal Product Development

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Core Developer Lighting Talk for DrupalCon San Francsisco by Doug Green ...

Core Developer Lighting Talk for DrupalCon San Francsisco by Doug Green

douggreen, http://drupal.org/user/29191

I've been involved with Drupal for about 4 years. I've presented something at every DrupalCon I've been to (but won't at SF2010).

I wrote coder, lots of search engine work including d6 core improvements, the new d7 search hooks, views_fastsearch, and dozens of other modules I no longer maintain

I worked for CivicActions for 3 years.

I've work for NowPublic.com, Examiner.com since last October.

More in: Technology
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  • 1. Core Drupal Product Development Who Am I? 1. douggreen 2. coder, views fastsearch (now d6 core search), and dozens of other modules that I no longer maintain 3. CivicActions for 3 years 4. NowPublic.com since 10/2009
  • 2. Core Drupal Product Development Who needs Management? 1. Product Manager 2. Developer Roles 3. Release Cycle 4. Fast Track Bug Fixes 5. Upgrade Paths, Backwards compatibility
  • 3. Core Drupal Product Development Product Manager 1. Agile: timeboxed, best features with limited resources 2. Core committers work for the Product Manager, not the other way around 3. Keeps an eye on balance between killer features and business costs 4. Responsible delivery schedule 5. Responsible for business impact (i.e., low cost upgrades)
  • 4. Drupal Product Development Developer Roles 1. Inventors, work closer with Product Manager and have schedules to meet or feature slips 2. Fixers, have leeway to commit fixes to dev branch, and fast track backport 3. Lobbyists / Politicians, 4. Managers, arbitrate issues and make final decisions 5. Some people will have multiple roles, d.o. can enforce these rules in issue q
  • 5. Drupal Product Development Release Cycle 1. 2007 Barcelona survey 65% want 1 year release cycle 2. Discuss now and agree 3. Publish the hard date, make the deadline 4. Businesses could plan around the date 5. We need to make it less costly for business with major investments, to stay current and upgrade 6. This will be harder for inventors (most of us in this room)
  • 6. Drupal Product Development Fast Track Bug Fixes 1. I don't have know the solution 2. I no longer "politic" my bug fixes, I just write them, apply them to my project, and nudge to them into core ... this can't be good, but I don't have time to "game" the current system. 3. More people with "fixer" role who can commit simple fixes to dev branch. Reputation based, they can be fired. 4. Backport of fixes needs to be simpler, so they too can be fast-tracked
  • 7. Drupal Product Development Upgrade Paths 1. Business invests hundreds of thousands of dollars, and are obsolete in 1-2 years, we can't keep this up 2. We need easier upgrade paths! 3. Coder and Deadwood attempt to solve this, but not good enough tech solution, we need a business solution too 4. When is core good enough? 5. Can we stop all the backwards breaking?
  • 8. Drupal Product Development Discussion 1. release cycle, 1 year? 18 months? 2 years?