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Tech Savvy REALTORS - How to be Tech Savvy when you are NOT!

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Tech Savvy REALTORS - How to be Tech Savvy when you are NOT!

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Doug Devitre presents Tech Savvy REALTORS - How to be Tech Savvy when you are NOT to the Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS 2009 Expo and Trade Show in St. Paul Minnesota.

Doug Devitre presents Tech Savvy REALTORS - How to be Tech Savvy when you are NOT to the Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS 2009 Expo and Trade Show in St. Paul Minnesota.

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  • 1. by Doug Devitre TECH SAVVY REALTORS®
  • 2. How to Look Tech Savvy When You’re Not. 2
  • 3. Social Media Strategy • What is the content? • What is the right tool? • Where does it go? 3
  • 4. What is the content? • Articles • Pictures • Videos • Favorite websites • Audio • PowerPoint presentations • Online documents • Status update 4
  • 5. Where does it go? • Facebook • Linkedin • Blog • Website • Email • RSS reader • Friendfeed • Widgetbox 5
  • 6. RSS
  • 7. Example RSS Feeds • Blog • Blog comments • YouTube • Twitter • Slideshare • Flickr • FriendFeed • Del.icio.us • Google Calendar
  • 8. www.FriendFeed.com
  • 9. Add Social Media Profiles
  • 10. Available Social Websites Choose frequently used
  • 11. Friend Feed RSS Feed
  • 12. Blog Example
  • 13. Features of Blogs •Title •RSS Feeds •Post •Widgets •Page •Categories •Comments •Plugins •Permanent •Membership links
  • 14. Why www.WordPress.com • Create self hosted blog • 100% customizable • Embeddable widgets and IDX feed • Built in RSS feed • Pages, posts, and multimedia • Authorized users upload content • Easy to use
  • 15. Feedburner www.FeedBurner.com
  • 16. Advantages of FeedBurner • Readers subscribe to feed by email • Readers subscribe in RSS reader • Track subscriber count • Track multiple feeds within profile • Optimize feed using other social media sites
  • 17. Integrate RSS Feeds • Every blog post automatically updates: • Facebook • Linkedin profile • Twitter • Plaxo • FriendFeed
  • 18. www.Conduit.com
  • 19. What is the right tool? • Blog • Flickr • YouTube • Delicious • Hipcast • SlideShare • Box.net • Ping.fm 19
  • 20. www.YouTube.com •Create profile •Design the Channel •Upload video •Marketing videos •Playlists •Favorites •Subscriptions •Custom video players
  • 21. Create YouTube Profile •Select username •Enter password
  • 22. Design the Channel
  • 23. Upload Video
  • 24. Title, Tags, and Description
  • 25. Marketing videos
  • 26. Playlists
  • 27. Custom Video Players
  • 28. What is the right tool? • Blog • Flickr • YouTube • Delicious • Hipcast • SlideShare • Box.net • Ping.fm 28
  • 29. www.SlideShare.net •Create a profile •Upload presentations •My Slideshows •Share presentations •Create a slideshow Presentation Pack
  • 30. Create a Profile
  • 31. Upload Presentations
  • 32. My Slideshows
  • 33. Share Presentations
  • 34. Create a Slideshow Presentation Pack
  • 35. What is the right tool? • Blog • Flickr • YouTube • Delicious • Hipcast • SlideShare • Box.net • Ping.fm 35
  • 36. www.Box.Net • Create a profile • Create folders • Upload files • Sharing documents by email and hyperlinks • Embed widget to blog or website
  • 37. Documents by Folder Buyers Sellers Marketing Company Broker disclosure Broker disclosure Flyer templates Broker policy manual Buyer presentation Listing contract Postcard templates Referral agreements Buyer agency Listing presentation PowerPoint Training exercises agreement Homeowner templates Company roster Loan application warranty Business card Company logos Sample sales contract Condo supplement template Press releases Homeowner warranty MLS listing sheet Social media Sellers forwarding Lock box template address authorization List of suppliers Title and survey Flood letter Signs and riders authorization Moving checklist Custom design Inspection notice Utility transfer Moving checklist Vendor list Utility transfer Relocation package Vendor list Relocation package
  • 38. Box.net Folders • Share documents by hyperlink • Share folders by hyperlink
  • 39. Sharing Documents
  • 40. Embed Widget to a Blog or Website <embed src="http:// www.box.net/static/flash/ box_explorer.swf? widgetHash=2t04hfpk40& cl=0" width="460" height="345" wmode="transparent" type="application/x- shockwave-flash"></ embed>
  • 41. How to Look Tech Savvy When You’re Not. 41
  • 42. $19.95/ month VIP Membership $199/ year •5 videos weekly that explain how to use tools you already own specific to real estate. •Weekly Downloadable PowerPoint presentation to edit, share, and use to present in your office, association, or workshops. •Monthly Webinar that explains advance concepts in real time allowing for question and answer specific to individual needs and video/audio archive of entire session. •Recent Blog Posts reminders of new thoughts, ideas, and concerns on the impact technology has on real estate. •Updates on Event Recaps of live sessions Doug Devitre presents at conventions, workshops, and seminars that include video, pictures, viewable PowerPoint presentations, handouts, etc. 43