Social Media Proposal For Realtor Associations


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Take a look at an effective approach on determining how Realtor Associations Can use Social Media. This proposal includes quantifiable results using social networking sites such as linkedin, facebook, and twitter for marketing, communication, and advertising.

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Social Media Proposal For Realtor Associations

  1. 1. Strategic Objectives Position REALTOR® Association Website as premier destination for content for REALTOR® Association members, REALTOR® members, course providers and consumers using social providers, media. Create, maintain, and support online communities among t target audience. t di Allow members to share innovative ideas freely to help one another build a sustainable and valued p buyer representative business. Increase value of REALTOR® Association to existing members members. Market services to more REALTOR® members.
  2. 2. Social Media Action Plan Define D fi goals l Select S l t social il Create Ct media sites accounts • 60 minutes • 60 minutes • 120 minutes Add content Multi author Multi-author Syndicate with Blog other sites • 120 minutes • 120 minutes • 120 minutes Marketing Maintenance/ Tracking risk analysis • 180 minutes • 60 minutes • 120 minutes
  3. 3. Define Goals • D fi th goals, di ti Define the l direction, and d responsibilities of how each site will impact the th market. kt • Select staff members involved in incorporating social media strategy. • Estimated time 60 minutes
  4. 4. Select Social Media Sites • Prioritize which sites will generate the most exposure in the least amount of time. More attention, focus and detail will be placed on those sites. This will determine how many staff hours needed to maintain each site. • Determine which sites will be member only benefits. • Estimated time 60 minutes
  5. 5. Social Media Websites • Multi-author blog M lti th bl • YouTube TV Channel • LinkedIn • Facebook • Twitter • Slideshare Slid h • BoxNet
  6. 6. Create Accounts • Create profiles passwords, and a list of profiles, passwords links to each site that will be used in social media marketing marketing. • Each social media site will be optimized to brand REALTOR® Association to integrate existing website, and extend communication to each online community. y • Estimated time 120 minutes
  7. 7. Add Content • St ff will receive a Microsoft Word Staff ill i Mi ft W d document prior to the meeting to create a template for content to be used in social t lt f t tt b di il media sites. • Staff will transfer information from existing marketing materials and upload multimedia to social media sites. • Estimated time 120 minutes
  8. 8. REALTOR® Association Blog • C t multi-author bl f REALTOR® Create lti th blog for Association members, REALTOR® members, course providers, and b id d consumers to market, promote, and advocate buyer representation. d tb t ti • Select and invite potential authors to become writers of blog. • Estimated time 120 minutes
  9. 9. Syndicate With Other Sites •It Integrate online social profiles with another t li il fil ith th using HTML source code, RSS widgets, and li k exchanging. d link h i • Estimated time 120 minutes
  10. 10. Marketing Plan • Create effective sales copy website integration copy, integration, and email marketing plan specific to REALTOR® Association members, course providers, and consumers to increase exposure and participation in social media. • Implement promotional campaigns to increase awareness of social media. • Integrate social media sites into existing website g g • Estimated time 180 minutes
  11. 11. Maintenance •DDevelop checklists, systems, and assign l h kli t t d i responsibilities for each site and whom will perform each t k f h task. • Create recurring appointments to ensure when each task will be performed. • Estimated time 120 minutes
  12. 12. Risk Analysis •GGenerate possible outcomes as a result of t ibl t lt f participation of social media. • Develop a system for responding to questionable items. • Estimated time 120 minutes
  13. 13. Tracking • S t benchmarks t review possible Set b h k to i ibl outcomes, number of participants, and compare against existing real estate i t i ti l tt affiliated offerings. • Implement a schedule to review performance and strategic social media objectives. • Estimated time 60 minutes
  14. 14. REALTOR® Association Investment • Two full day meeting with management staff management, staff, and those who will assist in the creation, development, and execution of social media plan. • Supporting documents, videos, and tools will pp g be distributed to streamline communication and execution. • Contact phone and support available at selected times.
  15. 15. Isn t Isn’t it Worth It? Tipping the Scale Assumptions • X agents in your Members Investment renewing association • 10% of REALTORS® use social media • X * 10% members will b ill use these sites Social media has longest shelf life compared to other forms of marketing
  16. 16. REALTOR® Choices “How ill “Ho will members choose between which organization to renew their dues?” Build organization value using social media before it is too late.