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Police department
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Police department


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  • 1. Safety SecuritySIUE Police DepartmentCommunity
  • 2. General InformationSIUE Police officers are sworn police personnel under theauthority granted by Illinois law and have the power tomake arrests.The SIUE Police Department is composed of 39 swornpolice officers and 9 civilian employees. The main policefacility is located at 99 Supporting Services Road, justsouth of the main campus.Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.SIUE Police Department
  • 3. EAST ST. LOUISHIGHER EDUCATION CENTER ALTONCAMPUSEdwardsvilleCampusMain Police FacilitySub-StationSatellite StationSIUE Police Department
  • 4. Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P.)Philosophy• Proactive vs. Reactive– Focus on prevention• Responsive to campus community• Partnerships within the campus community– Weekly meetings– Presentations & Programs– Academics, Human Resources, Police Depts.SIUE Police Department
  • 5. C.O.P. Philosophy (cont.)• Highly visible and more approachabledelivery of services.– C.O.P. programs and presentations– Use of bicycle and foot patrols in addition to vehiclepatrol.• In the past 3 years (’10-’12), SIUE police:– Provided 180 programs & presentations;– Were present at +900 campus events;– Performed +250 bicycle patrols;– Performed +50,000 foot patrols; and– Conducted +53,900 building checksSIUE Police Department
  • 6. TrafficEnforcementSafety Objectives:PedestriansMotoring PublicDeer PopulationCrime DeterrentSIUE Police Department
  • 7. Escort ServiceUniversity Police provide an escort service topersons who are apprehensive about walkingalone on campus. The Police will escort you fromcampus location to campus location or to yourvehicle in a campus parking lot.SIUE Police Department
  • 8. VehicleLockoutsIf you lock your keys in your car, you can call the PoliceDepartment and an officer will be dispatched to yourlocation as soon as an officer is available to help retrievethem. To receive this service, you will be required to sign aRelease of Liability Form.SIUE Police Department
  • 9. Vehicle Jump-StartsJump-starts to inoperable vehicles are available throughthe Parking Services Department, or jumper cables can beborrowed from the Police Department.SIUE Police Department
  • 10. SIUE Campus IssuesProperty & Miscellaneous Crimes (92%)• Theft– Unattended items• Burglary (Building, Residence, M/V)– Unlocked doors (rooms/vehicles)– Items left in plain view– Unfamiliar guests• Parking hangtags, cell phones, purses, laptops, CDsSIUE Police Department
  • 11. SIUE Campus Issues (con’t)Crimes Against Persons (8%)• Very rare• Almost all are:– Acquaintance related;– Domestic related; or– Involve the use of alcohol and/or drugs• Few, if any, involve aggression by strangers.SIUE Police Department
  • 12. • Located in a variety of locationsthroughout campus.• The emergency button automaticallydials an emergency line which will putyou in direct contact with SIUE Policeand notify dispatch of your exactlocation.• The non-emergency button can be used for car trouble, toobtain an escort, or any other non-emergency situation.These calls also go directly to the SIUE Police Department.SIUE Police DepartmentEmergency Telephones
  • 13. Campus Wide EmergencyNotificationsStudents can receive notification of campus wideemergencies via one of the following media:• Email;• SIUE website at; or• “E-lert” text messaging service– Free service– Available to students, staff, & faculty– Student must register for service at Police Department
  • 14. Jeanne Clery ActThe “Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policyand Campus Crime Statistics Act” is a federal law thatrequires institutions of higher education in the UnitedStates to disclose campus security information includingcrime statistics for the campus and surrounding areas.For SIUE Clery information and statistics, go Police Department
  • 15. SIUE Police our website for more information about: Mission, Values, and Focus Annual Security Report Daily Media Log Crime Alerts Staff General Information & ServicesSIUE Police Department
  • 16. SIUE Emergency• “Campus Violence Prevention Plan” link.• “Emergency Management Plan” link to generalinformation on how SIUE will respond to and manageemergency situations.• “Emergency Procedures” link to general emergencysafety procedures & policies.• “Emergency Training Videos” link to “Flashpoint” and“Shots Fired on Campus” videos.SIUE Police Department
  • 17. Campus Safety Tips• Never let your guard down!• Be alert to your surroundings.– Visually scan the area while walking.– Stay vigilant even when talking on your cell phone.– Walk with confidence.• Be prepared – have your keys in hand.• Trust your instincts.– If uneasy, request an SIUE Police Escort.• Don’t walk alone at night.SIUE Police Department
  • 18. Campus Safety Tips (cont.)• Wearing earphones connected to CDplayers, radios, i-Pods, etc., while walking can:– distract you.– reduce your ability to hear peripheral noises.– significantly decrease your ability to sense danger.• Walk toward oncoming traffic so a car can’t ease upbehind you.• If you’re getting robbed, give it up!• Lock your room and vehicle doors.SIUE Police Department
  • 19. Campus Safety Tips (cont.)• Don’t leave unfamiliar guests alone in your room.• Don’t leave valuables unattended.• Keep an inventory of valuable items.• Don’t give out passwords, security codes, keys.• Never give out personal information over the Internet (SSN,credit/debit card), unless the contact was initiated by you.• Beware of Internet scams & don’t believe everything youread.SIUE Police Department
  • 20. Campus Safety Tips (cont.)• Phishing scams– Banks and credit card companies won’t ask foraccount/personal information over the Internet(unsolicited).• Avoid meeting an Internet acquaintance in person.– Never meet an internet acquaintance alone.– If you must meet in person, take a trusted friend.• Do not let alcohol or drugs cloud your judgment andmake you a victim!SIUE Police Department
  • 21. SIUE-PD General InformationEmergency Telephone 911Non-Emergency Telephone (618) 650-3324Fax (618) 650-3250Email police@siue.eduSIUESIUE Police Department